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"Way to go with the keen observiness, Jessica Fletcher."
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March 17 2008

See Seth Green's Doodle. Seth doodled this for the annual Doodle Day auction fundraiser for Gillian Anderson's neurofibromatosis foundation. Bid, win, and help!

Seth has a most excellent contribution here. It looks like a self-portrait, to me. Love the true. Thanks for this nifty link.

I also really like that composer Mark Snow doodled a notation of the most famous part of his X-Files theme.

Yes. Am Music Dork. Will travel.
Hmm. Is this a whimsical plot summary for the X-Files sequel?
That drawing is way better than I expected.
This is interesting stuff!

Kathy Griffin's doodle is surprisingly unfunny.

Barack Obama's doodle could almost fit in with some cartoons in the New Yorker. ;)
It's a doodle. He doodles.

Now I have to see if I can borrow "Deep Throat" from my friend & watch it. I don't remember him in it.

'course, I'm having trouble remembering much about the X-Files as a whole, except for some episodes I watched tons of times, or memorable scenes.

Skinner in his skivvies.

Krycek handcuffed to his balcony.

The vampire episode. "It's a wetlands." "Ayup." "His throat was...kind of...gnawed on."

"Anasazi," "Paperclip," "The Blessing Way," "Tunguska," "Terma." And, heaven help me, "Home." I'll never be able to shake the memory of that episode.

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