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March 18 2008

It's double Adam Baldwin month in comic form. As Dark Horse wraps "Better Days", DC Comics brings his character John Casey into comic pages, by releasing "Chuck"'s first comic book miniseries which will come out on June 2008. (Rolldown to over halfway of the page to read the solicitation information.

Yeah, not that much relevant, and it's not exactly slow news week (and I just woke up), so feel free to delete it in case of not being relevant enough. It was a spur of the moment post, if you must.

Yep. My entire paycheck. Direct deposited into the comic book store's account. These comic book people need to be less creative!!!!
Theres going to be a Chuck comic? Cool.

Although it means I have to keep making trips to Birmingham, why can't there be a comic book shop closer? Grr.

Anyone know of any good sites that deliver to the UK?
Awesome! This will totally work, methinks.

Ashley, the trick is to open one. Then you'll always have the comics you need!

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