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March 18 2008

Spike and Buffy make number one in list of TV Guide's Hottest Love Scenes. "According to American TV guide editors, who have put together the top ten list of steamy TV scenes, Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters' lovemaking scene in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' has been named TVís hottest ever love scenes".

Oh lord, I would definitely agree with that. Their sex scenes were totally hot.
I like the kate/Sawyer one too. And Moonlighting Dave and Maddie? BattleStar Galactica?

Good list.
Yes, but they're not specific as to which one. Granted, season six was kind of like one long spuffy sex scene, but...
Pretty impressive since it wasn't the hottest in the series itself ;)

It is better than the Kate/Sawyer scene, though.
I concur with their assessment. That was hot.

I still remember my un-spoiled self leaping off the couch in shock when I heard that zipper.

Then settling back down to rewind and watch it again.
David/Maddie, Kate/Sawyer, Spike/Buffy bringing down the house, hot stuff.
You kinda knew it was on as soon as she kisses him. The zipper was almost too much.
David and Maddie have sex ?!? Spoiler much ?


(*spoilers* for 'Dexter' S2: )
So, KingofCretins, which scenes in the series did you think were hotter? I personally always loved Oz pulling Veruca into that cage. That scene sizzled.

And Spike and Harmony in HLOD. When she was lying there in her blue nighty, saying, "And if my heart isn't beating, what are all these blue veins for? I'm simply covered in these blue veins. See?" That was sexy as hell, but when Spike got on the bed and did that power gorilla walk up to her face, ay caramba!

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Good list. They got it absolutely right.
I think her dream with Angel in "Amends" was hotter, I think Spike's dream (between what was shown and what's in the script) in "Out of My Mind" is hotter, I think Buffy/Riley in "The I in Team" was hotter, and I think that Xander/Faith in "The Zeppo" was hotter -- also the most awesomely filmed, going off the TV like that. On the "Angel" side, I think Fred climbing on Gunn in "Supersymmetry" is hotter and Angel putting... something... somewhere... with Cordy in "Waiting in the Wings" was probably hottest.

I also have a really strange love for the sexiness of Vampire Willow and Xander tag-teaming Cordy in "The Wish" -- that was *hot*.
"Smashed" and "Wrecked" definitely get my vote. Though anything with Shane in The L Word works, too.
Strange, I just re-watched "Waiting in the Wings" last night, mostly to see Summer, and yeah, that scene was hot. It was the only time I saw any sexual chemistry in the Cordy/Angel pairing. Of course, that's because it was Joss writing it. He made me believe in Willow/Kennedy in "Chosen" too, especially when she whispered "C'mon Red, make it happen", right as Willow starts the spell.
Oh, yeah, the Spike/Buffy scene is definetly the hottest. I mean, being like 9 years old when I first saw that episode, it definetly stands out.
I feel like even if you hate Spike/Buffy with a passion (which is legitimate), you have to admit that that scene was sexy as hell.

Good list.
I agree with Xane, despite that zipper sound coming through loud and clear, I still had to rewind it twice to convince myself of what I actually just heard.

"If you see this building a rockin', don't come a knockin'" might have been a good alternative title for the episode.
I still think that Buffy and Riley had some of the hottest scenes; most of the Spike/Buffy ones were just too filled with self-hatred and destruction to be truly hot in my book.
...dude, what about the Buffy dream sequence in S8--the whole Nurse Buffy with naked Spike and Angel?

"I feel like even if you hate Spike/Buffy with a passion (which is legitimate), you have to admit that that scene was sexy as hell."

I recently rewatched Season 5 and quite liked the Buffy/Spike relationship they had there, sort of in the will they / won't they stage. When they consumated, so to say, the magic was gone for me. Doesn't help I don't find either of them very attractive. Skinny blondes fighting/fucking doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid.

I have to think very hard to name a love scene from the series that I thought was sexy. It was all very comic book, or in other ways unrealistic. While some of the people/characters were sexy, I didn't think any of the sex scenes were.

Oh wait, I thought the Xander and Willow vamps in The Wish were a pretty sexy couple. I'd vote for that, even if there wasn't any sex involved.

I agree with Saje's hidden example. That was hot.
I actually agree with you, Caroline. I find their relationship in S5 incredibly fun, mostly hate it in the last two-thirds of S6 because I think they were both destroying each other, and then love what they became in S7. Whenever they were actually having sex, it felt like any sort of meaningful connection they had just disappeared. Doesn't mean I don't find some of their sex scenes hot, though.

BandofBuggered said:

dude, what about the Buffy dream sequence in S8--the whole Nurse Buffy with naked Spike and Angel?

What's this? I haven't been reading S8, so I must say I'm intrigued by this, though I haven't heard about it.
It's hard to compete with sex that actually destroys a building. There's not... there's not much sex that does that.
I watched Smashed many times before I even heard the zipper, and then one night I sat straight up in bed and couldn't believe my ears! I had to put on the closed captioning just to be sure I heard right. To this day the sound of that zipper always gives me that little thrill :)
The Season 8 thing is just a one panel view of a dream Buffy has had in the past -- she's wearing a nurse's outfit and has Angel in front of her and Spike behind her, both naked and bound to her by chains. Someone said "I love Horny, Skanky Buffy!", and after that, at least a good number of fans just started calling it "the HSB panel".

Xander and Willow vampires in "The Wish" didn't need to have sex... they *were* sex.

The sex in "Smashed" was hot, but it wasn't even the hottest stuff they put on screen between them, IMO. I think that was Spike's dream, even cut off as it was from the scripted version. It was hotter than the dumpster sex or the balcony sex, both of which I found off-putting.
I'm sure that there are sexier scenes, objectively speaking, but the fact that Sarah is a part of this scene pushes it to #1 on my list!
I actually found both the number 1 and 2 scenes on that list more disturbing than hot. Buffy and Spike sleeping together was just rock bottom for her self-loathing in season 6 and their relationship was more destructive than romantic. Not that I didn't like it though. I thought it was a brave direction to take with the character and it came off mostly well, and I absolutely loved where they took their relationship in season 7.

In Lost, yeah it's hot in the moment, but then Jack finds the cameras and you just KNOW that Ben was watching when Kate and Sawyer were doing it so...yeah. Creepy.

I also find it amusing that they didn't pick out any one Baltar/Six sex scene from BSG.
Anyone else copping to hitting the rewind button more than once in Gone to re-see that split second when Xander walks in on Spike doing his... exercises? /fans self
I thought the scene between Mal and Nandi in "Heart of Gold" was extremely hot. My parents computer is still smoldering after I watched it for the first time on it three years ago.
*hugs* Spikeylover. I miss you.

Buffy/Spike are my all-time favorite couple, the only couple I've ever shipped.
I never really found the Buffy/Spike scenes sexy or hot. More disturbing than anything else. I remember someone telling me once to watch the balcony scene on mute, and no, it still won't have been hot to me. There was definite hotness with other pairings and non-pairings that I found hotter, whether there was sex involved or not. Pretty much any other pairing of Buffy's I can see the hotness and even non-pairing with her, like with Xander & Faith. On AtS, Wesley and Liliah were hot and that scene with possessed Angel & Liliah was yummy.
I've seen several of the other sexy scenes on that list and none come close to the Spike/Buffy scene. The only thing that comes close is the Spike/Buffy balcony scene, the Spike/Harmony bedroom scene in Harsh Light of Day, or the Spike/Crypt Door scene from Dead Things. Anyway you look at it if the pairing starts with Spike you've got a sexy scene. James made that Crypt Door mighty sexy.:)
Buffy and Spike were definately hottest couple on this or any other TV show I can think of.

I'm actually surprised someone found Riley/Buffy hot.
Something for everyone I guess.

Especially the way it was in I in Team where it was interspersed with the fight scene if I am remembering that episode correctly. That totally took me out of the sex scene even if I didn't find their chemistry the opposite of hot. Like cold at the bottom of the Kelvin scale.
Yeah, Riley and Buffy - *yawn*

Matter of fact, any sex with Riley - *yawn*

Spike and Buffy - Sexyhot but no heart.

Angel and Buffy - Whoa. The whole lusty/angsty package.

Heh. I said package.

/juvenile, but still fun. ;)
Mmm, that scene was so hot I made my lil sis skip it and made his guess what happened. She's old enough now, I think I might give her my DVDs so she can actually say that she saw all of BtVS. *snicker*

Another hot scenes which I agree with mentioned here, are when Spike did his what I call panther crawl to Harmony *drool* I was the Dailies for that! And when Xander barged in on Spike's naked "push-ups" in bed. LOL Another scene I want the Dailies of! I wonder if Nicky laughed that first shot?
Ooh Yes!!!! It is absoloutly the hottest sexscene ever on TV.
Kara and Leoben.

I didn't find any sex scene in BtVS hot - they seemed to me to be mostly inappropriate (for a variety of reasons).

Plenty of hot kisses though.
I couldn't agree more. But are we supposed to believe the TV Guide people reached this conclusion based on the original "intercut with the Willow/Amy scenes at the Bronz" version, or can we assume that they've had a peak at the re-edits all over YouTube? ;-)
Oooh forget about Spike, I think Buffy and Satsu are super hot together!

WHAT? Too soon?!

Hot in Joss comics = pg 14 of "Serenity: Better Days" #1. Noooo question.
I consider most of "Six Feet Under" hotter than most of BtVS. Other TV? Parts of Dexter: Debra and Rudy (for only knowing S1).

Plus side with Buffy and Spike is, that they seldomly sex up the bedspread. Cause this conveniently-positioned-bedspread thing in US television/ movies is just ridiculous and - honestly - annoying, and especially sure as hell NOT sexy.
\Stop Rambling
Comic comments don't seem to be relevant here, as this is the "top ten steamy TV scenes".

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