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March 18 2008

A Profit in his own time.'s "Re-viewed - Better than New TV" section finds David Greenwalt's Profit in a second look.

"If you were among the few who caught any of "Profit" when it aired in 1996, either you remember it or you did your best to forget it, maybe popping a few aspirin at the time thinking you'd drifted out of some crazed fever dream."

I worked in televison market research back in 1996, and Profit was my favorite show that came out that year. Yeah, even more so than Buffy (hangs head in shame)< although that was based solely on the basis of the pilot episode.
PROFIT is such a great show. We watched it when it first came on, and just watched the DVDs again last year. And, it seems like we are always referencing it. A great show worth another look, and another look, and another look.
I've been a fan since the show originally aired, and I remember rumors flying about that DG would somehow work Jim Profit into Angel nearly gave me a nerdgasm. Shame it never happened.
I discovered it thanks to the Browncoats. Love it. One of my favorite shows of all times. So darkly funny, great acting and writing. It's the only reason I watched the "Heroes" pilot was to see Profit. Joss, is this the reason you hired David?
Profit is definitely one of my all time favorite shows.

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