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March 18 2008

Morena Baccarin stars in an installment of T Takes. Written and directed by Brody Baker, this is a series of 12 short films shot during the Sundance festival. The latest (and second one) to be released features Morena Baccarin.

The films are meant to be watched in sequence. (First film features Josh Hartnett.) They have a definite arthousey feel to them.

Main site is here.

Love that haircut she's wearing these days :)
Hmm, intriguing. Assuming she's an actual character and not just part of a performance "installation", it's unusual to see female characters with (what appears to be) autism.

(also, if they ever need a young, fresh from the academy Cain on 'Battlestar Galactica', Morena really has the look with her hair short like that)
guess ya have to see them all together
Yeah, my only reaction was "what did I just watch?" Update us if she appears again.

Do love the short hair, though. Totally different look for her. I just finished Ark of Truth with her in it, so it's weird to see her like that so soon.
Funny, I can't see anything - just menu at the top and bottom and a black page.

But I've seen her hair recently, I think its just a whee bit too short.
It looks like OCD rather than autism to me. Which is lots of fun if she's improvising. She does it very well indeed.
I second that, curlymynci ... (on all points)
I'm sure there is an explanation when all the segments are followed and in order.

Ignoring all the Tourette's syndrome-like antics, I think it is a test of fandom, checking to see if all those folks who said, "I'd watch Morena read the phonebook" really meant it.
Clearly we did ;).

It looks like OCD rather than autism to me.

Yeah, you're absolutely right. There's some overlap (some autists exhibit obsessive traits, have rituals etc.) but what Morena's playing is much more like OCD, mea culpa ;).

(which I guess is a bit less unusual - goes back to at least Lady Mac ;)
I got it! "Pretend you have been set up with someone who has been described as 'twice as gorgeous as you.'"

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