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March 18 2008

Buffy is Toyfare's number one kick-ass woman. The magazine describes her as "a self-sacrificing heroine who faced the darkest of forces". Firefly's River Tam made number 13 on this pop-culture list.

Jeez, look at that top 3. Buffy, Sarah Connor, and Ripley. I'd put Ripley as #2, but whatever, top 3 is top 3.

I wish the Buffy pic was more of a baddassery nature. The one I've always loved is a shot from when Buffy kills the first Ubervamp.

She's got that awesome coat on, all banged up from the Thunderdome fight, and she's trying her darndest to remove the Ubervamp's head with barbed wire. Even with all that going on, she looks great.
I always liked the shot with that cool knife in "Anne," the one that was in the opening credits for so long.
Or anything of her in leather pants. Man, I wish I had a pair of those.
Dhoffryn, I was just thinking that Ripley is arguably slightly more badass than Sarah Connor. Ripley couldn't run from her baddie, and did not have Terminatorial assistance. Ripley for the Silver!! Biased as I am, I do like Buffy at number one.

Could River take Buffy? That'd be a great fight...
I've never seen the Terminator, but I'd put Ripley at 2 for sure.

I dunno, I quite liked the early/surly picture they chose for the Buffster. I think that is a moving and spot on write-up for her character. My hero.
And nobody mentioning River Tam at 13? (Yeah, the lack of links backwards in the list suck, but still!)

Anyway, river at and the whole list starts at
And nobody mentioning River Tam at 13?

Well I did.
Certainly can't argue with Buffy as #1!! But like some others, I'd put Ripley at #2. And I'd go a step farther and put River at #3, Starbuck at #4 and then Sarah Connor.

I loved that there was no question that they were talking about Linda Hamilton. As much as I'm enjoying the TV series, it's in spite of the seriously miscast Lena Heady and her truly awful performance in the few action sequences she's actually attempted.
Botttomline; Sarah and Ripley aren't super-powered, Buffy is. Does that mean she's automatically ahead, or does it mean she should be moved lower? I think neither, and ranking them all on a single scale is fair.

Shey; I've read Lena is quite conscious that she doesn't measure up to Linda H. physically. She's doing her best to trust the writers and producers on this.

Broken record time; imagine Linda Hamilton and Amber Benson playing mother and daughter in, well, anything. (Or Blythe Danner and SMG for that matter.)

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