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March 19 2008

(SPOILER) Icv2 reveals new details of Spike: After The Fall. We get some intriguing new tidbits about Spike's road to Hugh Hefner-hood and Beta George's role in First Night.

This is also mentioned at, if you would like to add it to the main heading of this thread:)
Thanks, angelic!

Sort of the same info, just with a fluffy exterior.
Cool....Angel #1 is going into a 4th printing.
All good, though I'm not sure why Gwen needs her own issue, but since Brian made me care about a fish, maybe Gwen won't be a stretch.
For a comics newbie (new as of Buffy Season 8), can someone tell me if I'll need to order this separately from the Angel: After the Fall series from my comic book store, or will it be considered part of the Angel series? (I suspect the former, but just want to be sure.)

Which reminds me, man, I need to get to the store - I think there's a Buffy, an Angel and a Firefly all waiting for me for several weeks now... I'm way behind.
Gwen doesn't have her own issue, she has, I think, seven pages.
It's like Joss read my mind!

My collection of fanfic set after "Chosen" is called "After the Fall of Sunnydale." And I had a fic where Giles and Faith worked together with a new Slayer, in New Orleans, close to Mardi Gras. (Yes, I have Faith in a dress. But I wrote my story first.)

But...that's where the similarities end, 'cause...I like happy endings, and Joss is allergic to them. And I haven't done anything with "Angel," 'cause...well, I still haven't seen "Not Fade Away." Or...ya know, most of Season Five. Or...hell, even most of the series. And I don't have any fish.


Never mind.
ShadowQuest;I think maybe you wanted to put that in one of the threads on the 4-issue Faith arc....
DCA Nope, 'cause..."After the Fall" is the series title for the Angel comics, and that's what prompted me to say "Joss read my mind!" - except my title is a bit longer and is for Buffy, not Angel. And I pointed out another instance of Not!mind-reading with the Faith/Giles/new Slayer plot line.

Maybe I'm a bit fuzzy with my posting.
Or just a bit fuzzy *g.
Finally Spike has his own canon series.
I'm looking forward to it.
"Gwen doesn't have her own issue, she has, I think, seven pages."

I love the character of Gwen and still think that it was a real shame that they couldn't do more with her on the show. Gwen at Wolfram and Hart would have been a great addition to season five.

As far as I'm concerned, she can gladly have an issue to herself. Hell, give her a mini series! ;)

Speaking of mini series, I love the fact that Spike finally has one of his own that can be considered canon. I'd love it even more if it somehow makes the previous two Spike series canon, as well. They certainly deserve to be.

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