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March 19 2008

DH 100: Serenity: Better Days Contest variant cover finally revealed. And up for bid on ebay.

I found an extremely cheap, near mint, "Buy it Now" and snatched it up. There are several auctions to choose from if you "have to have this" like I did.

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Is that wasisface with the scar in the background? i.e. the guy who was demonstrating the killer robot.
So, so much better than the regular covers.
On a scale of one to awesome? :)
I have to agree that I like this cover much better than the original. I really would love to have this one, but it's already much more than I can afford.
Yeah, I feel 100% confident in saying that this annihilates the regular covers in every respect.
I still gotta go with the original one. This still looks like inside art to me -- excellent though it is -- while I really want a poster of the three Adam Hughes covers.
I also come down on the side of the originals.
Way to go, TCM. That's quite a steal.

It's a pretty picture, but not for me. I dunno, it's missing some personality. I like the originals.
Much better cover. No comparison.
It's like art is subjective or something. Eye of the beholder and all that.

I like them both. Hughes captures the best or idealized versions of the crew. Conrad is a good comic artist and that shows on his cover.

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I'd like a much better view - I can't really form an opinion otherwise. Well, I COULD, but...
I like both also!
Ship! Always like it when they include the ship cause then people realize it is about a spaceship. Must be science fiction.

Like it isn't a movie about a girl named Serenity and her boyfriend and what is that in her hand???
10th Crew Member,

Thank you for posting. I was wondering what it looked like.

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