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March 19 2008

(SPOILER) The past, present and future of Astonishing X-Men. Marvel editor Nick Lowe chats about Joss' X-Men run and calls it "the most consistently excellent X-story ever". In the second part of the interview, there's some discussion of Joss' Dead End Kids arc on Runaways.

As good as Gifted was, and various moments since then, the story would not be getting praised anywhere near as much if it weren't by Whedon. It could be exactly the same, but because of his name it's getting praise that it arguably doesn't deserve.
Holy Moley, April 9th! Runaways, Giant Astonishing, AND Serenity? What did we do to deserve this? I think the true quality of Joss and Cassaday's run on the X-Men is shown by the fact that it's still relevant, excited, and held high through all the delays. In lesser hands (I'm not saying NO ONE else is capable, mind you), we probably wouldn't care about an X-Men story on the margins of continuity, set months and months previous to the current stories. I think Joss' X-Men legacy (puns!) is his redefinition of Cyclops.
I've enjoyed the Runaways. I started reading from the start so I'd be caught up when Joss took over. Yet I don't know that I'll continue when he finishes. The characters are distinctive and interesting but somehow they will be no longer must reads.
Gouki gotta say I disagree as a life long X-Men fan i have to say this is my favorite depection and writing of the characters ever. Astonishing deserves every bit of praise it's getting. And CaptainB I agree completely about Cyclops. Best Scott ever!

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