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March 19 2008

All-time Best Midseason Replacement Shows. Buffy listed as 3rd in MSN's list of best midseason shows.

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I wisht here'd been a anrrative portion along with the lists. To give special Dishonorable Mention to Apple's Way which, just guessing here, was probably the first mid-season replacement picked up for the following fall then cancelled at next mid-season itself.
Dawson's Creek over Buffy? No way!!

Sorry. Was having 1998 flashbacks.
Off to the movies to see Mulan
It wasn't "named 3rd." The list is in chronological order.

But I had no idea most of those shows were midseason replacements! Let's hope The Sarah Connor Chronicles follows in their footsteps!
I think except for All in the Family I'd forgotten that little thing myself. (I should have recalled the JEffersons because I first heard it mentioned at the Thanskgiving table.) Admittedly I watched basically none of the other seven.
It wasn't "named 3rd." The list is in chronological order.

So why the 10 to 1 countdown? That's weird.

Also, "Twin Peaks" isn't there - so the list is bunk! "Homicide: Life on the Street" isn't there, either. *bzzt*

With cable now and all-year programming, mid-season replacements aren't necessarily... well, I'm not sure. What is this list trying to say? They are scraping the bottom of the barrel for lists?
I think that lists in general are just going nuts lately, as evidenced by the other day's surfeit of listiness.
It's sad...most of these shows I've not even seen one episode. BtVS came out when I was 9; I've basically only watched Whedon shows since. Well, that and Ghost Wisperer, but that's because it's Jennifer Love Hewitt.

So why the 10 to 1 countdown? That's weird.
Let's think for a minute about the people who made this list. Yeah, that's a vast barrel with a large bottom.
Thanks, crossoverman. "Homicide: Life on the Streets." Best show ever that was not created by Joss. Also loved "Twin Peaks."

BandofBuggered, I consider "Ghost Whisperer" one of my guilty pleasures. Washington Post critic Tom Shales once called JLH "cuter than any known button." That's how we refer to the show around my house.
So why the 10 to 1 countdown? That's weird.
I use habit and routine to make my life possible.
Bobbi, I love that quote! It's so true about JLH. She's definitely up there in my favorite actresses, right below SMG, Eliza, and Emma Thompson.
I'd like to see a Ghost Whisperer/BtVS crossover. Or maybe the Tuxedo.
More lists? Top 10 guilty pleasure crossovers we'd like to see!
Yeah, I ran across that one today as well. I'd remembered, "Buffy better be there!" And she was:)

And, BTW, recommend that you follow the links thru. Never realized that MSNBC tracked the show this well. I was quite surprised.

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