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March 20 2008

Joss and Seth talk Battlestar Galactica. The special Battlestar Galactica: Phenomenon, previously mentioned here as being broadcast on March 28, already is online at the SCI FI Channel website (contains very mild spoiler for season 4).

Cool. According to my FiOS listings, this (and the "Revisited" special) will also air on Universal HD (3/29, 7pm), though their online schedule says otherwise.
That was frakkin' AWESOME! I can't wait! Now I need to find a reason to call Joss just so I can hear "Joss Actual". :D
That was fraking awesome! And i do geek speak that word in my daily life.
So excited about Season Four but also so sad that it's going to end. It was like when Buffy ended. The night the finale aired I was in such a strange place. I also remember that it aired while the sun was still up and it was always weird to me when Buffy aired while the sun was still up. But to return to my point, I just couldn't feel the power of the episode because i was thinking so much about that part of my life being over. This will be the second time in my life I think I will feel that way. When Angel ended I was pissed but pumped to see what happened at the end. And with Alias it had gotten so off track there that I was just hoping the end wouldn't be awful. But Buffy and I am pretty sure Battlestar will be me losing something that will be very conflicting. I love a good ending and a story as good as it deserves one on it's own terms, it's just I'm not ready to say bye yet. Oh well here's hoping for good things from Caprica.
Now, if I lived in the states, i might actually be able to watch that. :(
So is there any season 4 spoilers?
No, unless I missed something.
There is one very mild spoiler and I do mean mild in the other video, none in the one Joss appears in.
I, too, have conflicting feelings about the ending, theMidnighter. Amazingly, we agree about all four shows' endings. The later seasons of Alias=big disappointments.

Anyway, does anyone feel there's a bit of a double standard here with the spoilers tag? Why is this marked as a spoiler even though it's something that aired a while ago (relatively speaking)? People are free to spoil Weeds/Lost/anything else in the comments without warning, even when the things being "spoiled" aired even a shorter amount of time ago than BSG's third season. I'm all for spoiler warnings, and I'd rather people lean towards caution rather than spoil something, but I'm curious about the inconsistency here.

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I've haven't noticed a mad tendency to spoil shows for people here. Anyhow I think this article doesn't need a spoiler tag if there's only a very mild spoiler for next season.
Anyone else having trouble getting the video to play? I have the latest FlashPlayer so I shouldn't have a problem, but it wont play for me.
It's not working for anyone outside the US- search youtube, a couple of people have already posted it.
Thanks Trek_Girl42. I'm in the U.S., I don't know what the problem is. But I already found them on YouTube.
I am so glad it's finishing, because the show has been so brilliant with only the very rare below average episode, that I want it to finish on a high note. I want to look back at it and say "That was perfect". And with one more season and so many answers to get and so much conflict to be resolved, this final season can't help but be as incredible as the series has already been to this point.

I've seen too many shows go off the rails over time. Hell, even the seventh season of Buffy is a step down after several years of brilliance.

Watching the Phenomena and some Season 4 trailers online are making me nostalgic for the show already. And it's going to hurt when it is gone. Sure, the greenlight on a pilot for Caprica softens the blow a little. But Caprica is something else altogether - spin-offs rarely live up to the original. So BSG leaving will hurt, but when I look back at four years of perfect television, it'll be worth losing it. Losing it so that it exists as a complete story, no perfectly closed of but satisfyingly resolved.
Does anyone have a Youtube mirror for this so people outside the US can watch it too?
Search for the term "Battlestar Galactica Phenomena" and you'll find the videos. Not sure if WHEDONesque want us to directly link to these videos, since they probably shouldn't be on YouTube.
Yep, what crossoverman said re: season 4. As the adage goes, "Guid gear comes in wee book" and some of my favourite TV ever ran for less than 25 episodes so BSG's 70+ is a fine place to end it. I love that Moore and co are finishing it when and where they choose and have the confidence in themselves to know they'll go on to produce other great TV - not a few TV creators could learn well from them IMO.

Must admit, 'Caprica' doesn't interest me hugely as a premise (family dramas aren't really my bag) but given that it's Ron Moore i'll certainly be taking a look.
I'm all for spoiler warnings, and I'd rather people lean towards caution rather than spoil something, but I'm curious about the inconsistency here.

Inconsistency on a site where the front page posts don't all come from a single person, and everyone has their own sense of judgement? Imagine!
"Must admit, 'Caprica' doesn't interest me hugely as a premise (family dramas aren't really my bag) but given that it's Ron Moore i'll certainly be taking a look."

Normally I'd be agreeing with that but I get the feeling that Moore is vastly understating what the show's premise really is. I think calling it a family drama is a little like calling Lost a "show about people on an island" or Dexter a "cop show".

I don't know why but when I think Caprica I tend to think of a show along the lines and style of Total Recall 2070 (vastly underrated series, by the way) where the "family" aspect is little more than a framework for setting up the action we know is building behind the scenes. I definitely can't see it being boring, in any way, shape or form.
I have to delurk here for a little comment about spoilers on this website: I have yet to read Buffy #12, and other than knowing that something big happens, I am totally unspoiled, and, I come to this site several times a day. The moderators are fantastic about making spoiler listings here. Sometimes I think that people are just too sensitive to ANY information that they get from headers. But, truly, for me, this site is tops.
I find the reaction to women watching BSG amusing. ::gasp:: Women like good storytelling?

I'm not sure if I've ever watched a series where I went into the the last season knowing it was the last season without hoping that it wouldn't be the last season.

There are some stories that I think could go on for much longer, but don't only because the contract was up or the ratings weren't high enough or the money ran out. It has little to do with the story because the story itself is about a fight that's never over, redemption that never comes, a journey that's never over until the main character dies or retires. And even then there's a sense that someone else will come and pick up the torch.

It's an infinate loop where best case scenerio the story ends when people realize that it is an infinate loop...and no later. Or someone comes up with a way to infinately loop in a way that feels fresh each time around.

BSG is approaching the ending as the ending of one loop. So it feels like there will be a proper end to the story.
I've loved Battlestar on occasion -- "Unfinished Business" and "Pegasus" in particular -- and I certainly use "frak" on a daily basis. I'm a teacher, so I can't swear, and yet I have a powerful need to almost every day. So "frak" really comes in handy.

On the other hand, I'm a little skeptical that the creators are the gods that fans claim they are. I think some of the "Whoa, didn't see that coming!" is less good storytelling and more the creators going, "Hmm, we've painted ourselves into this corner, how do we get out?" Compared to Buffy, where Joss knew what was going to happen at least two seasons ahead, and compared to the show I feel still has a claim on "best SF TV ever," Babylon 5, BSG feels more improvisational. They've improvised well so far, but it just hasn't matched B5 and BtVS for plotting.

On the other hand, B5 didn't start with the nuclear annihilation of the human race. And BSG also means I have another acronym starting with B for my favorite shows.
Joss didn't always know what was going to happen in advance. Examples - there was no plan for the senior partners in Angel. And much of Angel (the characters) mythology - and indeed, his entire arc - was made up on the fly. In fact, there's many Joss interviews where he talks about the show (Buffy) being deliberately designed so they could start afresh with things each year.

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