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March 20 2008

Video interview with Summer Glau at Wizard World LA. She's also Vanity Fair's bombshell of the month (pic perhaps not safe for work).



Those gams go all the way up!

What would Simon say? (Doctor Tam, not the poster.) For that matter...what would Jayne say???
You can find Jayne in his bunk.

Count me as another 'Boys fan that was rooting for the Giants.

Also: "tween drama"? What would Angel be found 'tween?
It's true -- when I watched Angel I was 'tween the ages of 30 and 40 ... and I still am (for a few months.)

Silly Wabbits, Joss isn't just for kids!
Alexa Davalos -- who we also know from that "tween" show -- is number eight in that Vanity Fair photoshoot.
Helloo legs, yowza. Sometimes the old ways are most definitely the best.

Dunno about 'Angel' the show but Angel the character would probably be found 'tween a rock and a hard place - seems to be where he does his best work ;).

(wouldn't have recognised Alexa Davalos in that photo, i'm not used to seeing her, well, upside down ;)
I seem to remember seeing Gwen upside down in Angel. But she looked different somehow...sneakier.

Summer says she was reluctant to try out because a previous Terminator was "statuesque and really striking." That girl always sounds like she doesn't know how gorgeous she is.
Thanks to you guys for already catching what I was coming here to say, which was... what the hell is a "tween drama"!?!
You didn't think Angel was perfect for 11-year olds? You know, Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana, Angel...the same thing, really.
Aren't tweens supposed to be about 8-12 years old cause I'm pretty sure that's not the audience Angel had.

Aren't tweens supposed to be about 8-12 years old cause I'm pretty sure that's not the audience Angel had.

Did you not see 'I've Got You Under My Skin'? It's the quintessential tweenie Angel episode.
Yep, nothing speaks to that demographic like trying to set your sister on fire, it's very big with the 8-12 YOs.
Well they were getting a bit old for Smile Time.
Maybe she meant Angel was "tween" Buffy and Firefly?


Just know I really like her shot.
I'm so glad everybody else picked up on the "tween" thing. I actually made a very outraged noise when I read that. Clearly the writer had no idea what Angel is actually about.

Both she and Alexa look lovely in their pictures. I'm glad Summer's getting so much more attention now. I just wish the rest of the Firefly cast would as well.
As far as the "tween" thing goes, could the writer somehow be confused with Touched by an Angel or something?

Honestly, I don't think the make-up in those pictures does either Summer or Alexa any favors. Summer especially is virtually unrecognizable. Good on her (and Alexa) for the recognition, though.
I'm I a "tween"?

Just ridiculous.

Summer looks, as always, gorgeous.

Glad she cheered for my beloved, adorable New York Giants!!

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