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March 20 2008

Felicia Day: The Guild youtube interview by MahaloDotCom. Mahalo dot com interviews (former slayer Vi) Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh about their wildly successful internet video series, The Guild.

I imagine we'll be seeing lots more of Felicia in the new Joss sing-a-long blog but until then, here's an interview. (Doesn't look like she's letting her co-star do very much of the talking in this interview.)

It's not exactly like she's riding roughshod over him, either... she's just a talky, enthusiastic gal, I think, but she gives him some room, too.

If you haven't already, check out The Guild's gag reel - they are a hoot and a half and just frankly sweet as hell, all of 'em.

Also, if you like, you can go to iTunes and download (most of) the webisodes/podcasts as mp4 or m4v files. I like owning 'em myself, 'cause I'm a digital packrat.
Here's another interview from newteevee.

I'm kind of sad that there's actually going to be a "season finale". They deserve a break of course, but I hope the hiatus isn't too long. I also hope they can find a sponsor who's a good fit. I can't believe it hasn't happened already. I thought Joss said Felicia was irresistable?
Well I think most of the questions were directed at Felicia anyway, plus given she writes and acts and produces the series, she probably has more to say about it than the guy who just acts in it.
Writes and acts and produces! Whoo-hoo! I hope Joss and Nathan are paying attention to everything she tells them.
They won the Youtube Award with 39.9%! Looks like a sweep. :)

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