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March 20 2008

Buffy Reunion at Paley fest will not be streamed live. It was announced earlier that the Paley site would stream the Buffy panel live. This is now not possible, but in the comments David Bushman, curator at the Paley Center, says they are hopeful that there will be a DVD.

thefutoncritic will also be live blogging the event.

ETA by zeitgeist to add:

Hi, this is David Bushman, curator at The Paley Center for Media. I thought I’d post in answer to some of the issues being raised about streaming and the DVD... I’m sorry for any confusion about the streaming (not really clear how it started), but as many of your insightful posters point out, there are numerous reasons why we just weren’t able to pull this off. We are very, very hopeful about the DVD. The important thing is that we recognize how important “Buffy” is to so many people, which is why we are tributing it in the first place, and that it is very important to use to make every possible effort to accommodate the show’s legions of fans.

David Bushman

Curator, Television
The Paley Center for Media

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Actually, he says they're hopeful about a DVD. Not exactly the same thing.
Grrr - they would need to film it for there to be a DVD, unless they have one of those thingiemajigs that was in the Deja Vu film.
Pretty sure they film all the sessions, seeing how they've been posting videos on their website.
At least they know of the demand and are working on it. I'm sure it is just an issue of getting everyone to sign off on it.
They film every panel. There were some pretty big professional cameras right in front of me at the Chuck panel on Tuesday.
Yep. AFAIK every panel is available to members at the Paley Centers in LA and New York.
I spoke to a rep at the NY Paley Center and he said that everyone on the panel would have to agree to have the DVD for sale. I could see how that would be a problem.
It's one of the reasons a streaming video tonight would've been nice. Seems Gossip Girl is the only panel that's doing that.
So it went from trying to find funds to do a podcast, to probably having a DVD for sale in a couple of weeks to having clips available at their website. It's been very disappointing.

I just came here because I suddenly remembered that they were going to be streaming it...and now, crushing disappointment. :-(

Some of it better be available in some form...
It sucks they won't stream the panel live. I won't be to disappointed if they do come through and give us a DVD that is easy to purchase.
To say it's a disappointment is an understatement. This reunion panel is a monumental point in this show's history, won't come again, and most of its fans won't be able to participate even by viewing, or listening to it, live. Not to diss the Paley Center or the other shows, but this panel really deserved to be shared in the moment.
I don't see how they could stream this live, even if they wanted to. The cost would be extremely large due to the demand. People just need to be patient and wait for the DVDs - as long as all the people on the panel are thinking with their hearts and not their wallets, DVDs will happen.
It doesn't surprise me that they couldn't get the panel streamed live, whether it's due to technical problems or geeting everyone's OK. I don't think they've ever streamed a panel live, although Gossip Girl will apparently be the first.
That being said, considering how historic tonight's panel is, because of the love of the show, I am hoping it can be availble on DVD because not everyone can get to either of the Paley Centers. I'm sure SMG, Aly, James, Joss and everyone else are aware of how impossible this ticket has been to get, and they'd be persuaded to allow it to be sold on DVD. Very few programs have this kind of devotion.
Come to think of it, it would be great if the Paley Center issue other DVD's of panels aside from the three they offer now. Last year's panel of Heroes, for example, would have been a great thing to see.
When they first announced that they would stream it live, I was incredulous. It seemed a surefire way to break the Internet. I'm sure someone a bit more tech savvy laughed at the well-intentioned Paleyfest folk when they were asked to make it happen.
I was amazed when I first heard about the streaming. I mean, if it was any other show, I would've been whatever. But, knowing well how much fans this fandom has, it seemed unbelievable to me. So, I guess I’m one of the few who isn’t overly disappointed because I really never considered that they’d be able to pull it off. And I’m not tech savvy at all! ;)

However, I’m still pulling all the mojo I made-up for DVDs. Let’s all send positive thoughts that our beloved cast and crew sign off on sharing this memorable event with its overly loyal (sometimes obsessive) fans. *holds hands and hums*
Well, the explanation was focused on "logistics". Trying not to break the Internet would qualify.
I agree, Tamara C. It would be better to tape it, then put it on the website, then have the whole thing on DVD to be sold by the summer. At least we'll get some coverage on TV Guide or Futon Criic.
...and now, crushing disappointment. :-(

That sums it up nicely.

It seemed a surefire way to break the Internet.

It's our only superpower! Together. We. Can. breaktheinternet.
It's our only superpower! Together. We. Can. breaktheinternet.

I now have my new Whedonesque tag line for my profile.
Well, poop on a cracker. If a DVD gets made, I'll buy it and be grateful, but it's not the same as sharing participation as it happens - it's just not.

*indulges in rare sulking fit.*

I'm fair narkit and dour. Ye ken.

(And I seem to be unable to find the word "Buffy" anywhere on that futoncritic page - what am I missing?)
May I use this thread to jump up and down and twirl in little circles over the fact that I managed to get my hands on a ticket, at face value nonetheless, from a sweet, generous soul who deserves nothing but chocolate cake and sunshine for the rest of her life? *jump* *twirl*

Whew. Sorry about that. I deeply, deeply sympathize with all the disappointment. I really can't imagine that there won't be a DVD though -- it just seems like a no-brainer. Maybe I'm being naive and overly optimistic, but it's a pleasant place to be, so I'm going to stay. Join me!
How. Nice. For. You.

; >

*joins Samantha* *steals cake*
Aww, I'd smuggle you in if I had a bigger purse or knew a cloaking spell.
I lost a ticket today in a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors. But it's all good since the lucky new ticket owner does a ton of podcasts including Joss'd and Buffy Between The Lines. I think I earned some karma points there.

And the person who had the extra ticket is also letting it go for face value. It's good to see there are still generous, decent and kind people in the world.
Samantha, I just heard from the dear kind soul (who also deserves chocolate cake and sunshine) who is selling me her extra ticket at face value, that there is already quite a line at the Dome. I know doors won't open until 6 though.

You might want to head down that way if you aren't already close. I'm stuck at work but hope to be leaving soon.
Samantha - Maybe I could just close my eyes really tight? 'Cause, you know, what I can't see won't hurt me... or... is that the other way 'round??

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AFAIK every panel is available to members at the Paley Centers in LA and New York.

You don't actually need to be a member to visit either center; they're open to the public, so if you're ever in the area... The one in LA even has free admission.

Also, a lot of the panels from recent years have been finding their way onto DVD sets as bonus discs at either Best Buy (two years ago) or Target (last year). But since Buffy is already out on DVD in its entirety, that's probably not the route they're going to go.
Yeah Rowan, work on that and let me know how it goes. :)

TamaraC, I was afraid something like that would be happening. I wonder how many of those people are ticket-less and hoping to snatch one up at the door though. Either way, I'm stuck at work too, then I have to run home and feed my cats. I'm hoping to be there by 5-5:15.
homewards, don't count out that possibility. It could definitely happen.

And now I am off to the Arclight. I'll try to give a synopsis when I get home tonight.
I just heard there's 70 people queued up so far.
Thanks, Tamara. Appreciated.
I just heard there's 70 people queued up so far.

Wow. Isn't it like... 2:30 pm in LA? And this thing starts at 7?
Frankly, this is one of those days I would've left an extra big bowl of crunchies out and let the felines fend for themselves - you're a kinder Cat-Owned than I am, Samantha.

Have fun, all y'all, and please do give us exhaustive and detailed re-caps - maybe on this thread, unless someone makes a separate one for it...

Oh, buggering bugger, it's right bloody around the corner from me and I cannae get in.

(Sorry, I seem to be sharing my body with an alien someone from the UK today...)
Its true, I've spoken with the Paley folk a number of times and this and the NYC panel will be available for folks to watch at the LA and NYC centers. Edited the post to include an email we received from David Bushman. Thanks, David!

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David Bushman is my new best friend.
QG, I feel your buggering pain. San Diego may not be right around the corner but it was a short trip away. Well, I knew going in I wouldn't be able to attend, but still ... Aaaaaah, it burns!
We am legion? (And I'm not sure I want to hear about anyone's "buggering pain".)

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-03-20 22:48 ]
But since Buffy is already out on DVD in its entirety, that's probably not the route they're going to go.

Well unless Buffy comes out on blu-ray.
There are many, many times (this included) when I would love to leave food out for the furry ones, QuoterGal. Unfortunately, one is on a special medical diet and isn't allowed the crunchy, leave-out-able variety. Thus, my ass gets to feed them canned stuff three times a day. As soon as that's done though, I'm on my way to the Arclight. *wills Hollywood traffic to be kind today*
Well unless Buffy comes out on blu-ray.

You mean when Buffy comes out on Blu-Ray ;)
Starting to remind of those tales from the first few Serenity pre-screenings back '05.
Can't wait for the reports, hope to see some pictures also.
Hey Samantha, if you read this before heading out. If you live anywhere close to the Red Line (or can drive there quickly), take the Metro. I used it from North Hollywood for the Chuck Panel and was at the Arclight about 30 minutes after parking my car. Much nicer than dealing with Hollywood traffic.
There were people lined up last night. Not sure if they were ticket holders or stand-by folks.
I don't mind not streaming it live... frankly, I rather just wait and buy the DVD.
You mean when Buffy comes out on Blu-Ray ;)

I wouldn't be too sure, given the show's non-widescreen nature, and the 16mm first and second seasons. Well, I guess you could put the 16mm seasons on Blu-ray, but I suspect it would look like crap; the regular DVD transfers aren't anything to write home about.

Angel and Firefly are different beasts of course. And any one of the three will probably be enough to get me to upgrade.

But that's a different thread.
I'm going because of the generosity of a very kind Whedonesquer. I'm probably thinking of this too late already, but it can be sad to post afterwards and find that you didn't meet people there because you didn't know what they look like. I'm a tall, 40-something blonde. I'll be wearing a black cardigan sweater and olive slacks.
That sucks.
I'm glad you're going dreamlogic. I was thinking of you and all of those pizzas...
There's going to be plenty of SoCal Browncoats there of course. Including a lucky few who have the big pass that gets them in the first 4 rows. Considering the reason you are all there, I don't think you would need to be shy, just walk up and talk to people. We're a friendly bunch. Usually.
A conversation I just had with my Mom.

Me: Buffy's on PaleyFest tonight.

Mom: Oh, when's it on?

Me: Well, it's not on TV. But there's going to be live blogging.

Mom: What's Paley again?

Me: It's a museum for TV.

Mom: Then why the hell isn't it on TV?
I am grateful for everyone who's going to give updates including thefutoncritic dot com, but how will that be accomplished, the live blogging? I was under the impression that things like cameras, computers, etc. wouldn't be allowed in the theater.
I'm sure thefutoncritic has a press pass and permission to do so.
Still cameras are allowed, as long as you don't use flash. I took a bunch at Chuck the other night. They weren't too harsh on the security either. I had my camera up for extended times and could have been recording video, but no one ever came over to check on me as far as I know.

I don't know about computers, but Futon Critic probably worked out some kind of deal with Paley (or a press pass as hacksaway mentioned). I hope they keep the transcript up afterwards.
I thought you couldn't take pictures during the panel, but you could afterwards. That's what I did when I was there two years ago. In any case, for those who have beaten the odds and will see the panel, we salute you. At least I'll get to see the Mad Men panel, which will interest a few Browncoats and Angel fans next week.
I definitely would love a DVD -- and frankly I'm surprised they don't offer DVDs of ALL their panels.
I'm excited that this is on today, and very happy for the people who are going. * I almost got through that without grimacing!*

It's hardly a surprise that they couldn't stream it live. I mean, the ticket demand alone nearly broke the damn internet!

If Paley can't come to the party, I have faith that there will be at least ONE person in the audience who smuggles in a vid cam. (Where's Ms Mars when you need her?)
I can't speak for you, but I sure will be checking a certain site in the hours after the event, before they're forced to take any footage down!

And DO have fun, all ye attendees!
I will cry if there isn't a DVD.
I'll join you in that sob-fest - and trust me, that wouldn't be a pretty sight...
I'm biting my nails! I'm excited for the live blogging. DVD is a must. We need it. And deserve it!
I'm sure thefutoncritic has a press pass and permission to do so.

Well, obviously there's permission, or Paley itself would not specifically link to them with "Futon Critic is live-blogging from PaleyFest! Tune in when they blog Buffy!"
Well, the Paley & futoncritic servers seem all slammed - and I hafta head home anyhoo - enjoy, anyone who hangs with the live blog (and if someone can - a specific link to the liveblogging would be helpful, 'cause I'm not finding it at the fc.)
No, all I see at Futon Critic is Friday Night Lights, not the Buffy blogging.
Someone over at, who's at the panel right now, just mentioned that Eliza Dushku and Alyson Hannigan probably wont make it!
Pic via Eleagold from smgboard here

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Yeah, there's always a few pull outs from these things, it happens.

There's a Twitter feed here. The Buffy panel liveblog should be here very shortly.
Yeah, I just looked all over Futon Critic and can't find any BtVS stuff.

I would've paid all kinds of money to go, as I live maybe 30mins from where it's at, but with no such luck on that I'm okay with just getting some kind of steady summary of the event.

A "fix" if you will:)

EDIT: Just saw those other posts. I'm so excited for it and I'm not even there.

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The Futon Critic's "Live" blogs appear to be misnomers based on the posting times of the previous entries. For instance, the latest entry for "Friday Night Lights" which took place last night was posted at 12:58 AM

The blogger may be typing his post "live", but he's apparently not posting them until a few hours after the end of the panel. Poop.
The blogger may be typing his post "live", but he's apparently not posting them until a few hours after the end of the panel. Poop.

That was my suspicion as well. Kind of make's Paley's bit about "Tune in when they blog Buffy!" to be a bit BS.
I think, actually, the time on the "Friday Night Lights" is just when it was last updated, not when it was originally posted.
From Eleagold via Blackberry via England:

Started with a clip from AMC.

Marti is doing an intro, Joss is shooting something and is on his way.

Showing OMWF.
Ah, well - and Ducky don't seem to be twittering so much (but thanks, gossi) - maybe they made 'em promise sumpin'? - like in the last big WGA meeting? But can't think why they would...)

I dunno - gotta hit the L.A. Freeways now. (Thanks for the photo link, chazman.)

Enjoy all of yas - I hope you get a good hit into a main vein soon. ; >

Think I'll go have a cigarette.
I think Joss is shootin' Doctor Horrible, if I was a guessing man. Or shooting hoops.

I think it's bed time.
I wonder what he is shooting. Dollhouse or Dr. Horrible? Maybe he is shooting Dollhouse and that's why Eliza may not make it.
Dollhouse isn't scheduled for production until next month.
These folks all knew they were supposed to be there tonight, right? This is really bizarro-world.
Oh, darn. But hey, Dr. Horrible.
So is it a sing-a-long?
Tonya J - if they got work, they'll be elsewhere. It's pretty ordinary for these type of things, that's why the $1000+ ebay ticket prices were insane.

LOL Thanks garda :)

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Yikes. Leaving a shoot to show up late for a Paley panel for the show you made that people love to pieces sounds like a level of "running late" stress I hope to never experience.
I've got a friend going.....he's apparently got some relation to one of the guy's at Mad Men and they organized it for him. So, as I'm in Australia he can go and I can live completely vicariously through him.

Have a great time to everyone who's going. I'm not going to come on here and rant about how unfair it is we all can't go, sometimes you just gotta miss out. And as an Aussie Buffy fan, I miss out on most things.
Somebody on slaylive said the Futon critic blog is live .They did start it at the start of the Friday Nights Panel last night
So there's no honest-to-goodness live blog anywhere? Hrmph.
Yeah, it looks like for whatever reason The Futon Critic aren't doing it. I guess they're having technical problems.

The actual panel should have kicked off by now..
So there's no honest-to-goodness live blog anywhere? Hrmph.

We could fake one here. ;)

Uhoh, gossi's on his period.
10:05pm= Realize I have an assignment due in 2 hours. Will start reading up. Bummed the Mavs couldn't take down the Celtics, that would have been cool.
We broke the site. Yay!
From the interwebs: OMWF still on but can see them all waiting on the side.

And so it begins any minute.
Are we starting to get a reputation for crashing systems?
Starting to? Bwahaha.
OK bix-

Panel kicks off with the question to SMG- who was the best kisser?
She claims to not remember so makes her way to each and every panel member for a snog.

She then declares...


Uhoh, gossi's on his period.

Oops, sorry, ruined the joke by deleting his double-post that he replaced with a lonely ".".
Okay, how's this for starters:

8:02 p.m.: The first question of the Q&A (of course) is: Would Joss and cast ever consider making a new Buffy movie? Joss casually replies, "Oh, I don't know," before turning to Sarah and asking, "Well, you wanna?" Sarah just smiles and says, "Eh, sure. Why the hell not." Half the crowd faints. The other half suffers a severe heart attack.

8:12 p.m.: The first EMTs arrive on the scene.
ZG, Well, you know, good jokes are like fresh milk: it's all in the delivery...

[ edited by Rowan Hawthorn on 2008-03-21 04:13 ]
8:15 - Whedonesque gets slashdotted by people Googling "New Buffy Movie". Way to go, rbt ;)

Rowan Hawthorn - sure, that's what the milk men say, anyway...!
8.13 p.m.: Somebody asks Joss why he writes such strong female characters.

8.14 p.m.: Somebody asks SMG if she's going to play Wondie

8.15 p.m.: Somebody asks Joss why he writes such strong female characters.
If FutonCritic gave us something to read, it would at least give the site a break from people refreshing it.
...and there's another site crashed...
8:16PM: Priyanka Chopra charges the stage screaming, "You ruined my career, Josh Weldon!"
No prob, zeitgeist. I figure it's going to be a boring ol' night at Whedonesque and you guys might need help drawing some traffic. :)
...whilst editing her page on IMDB to position herself as the new Indy.
OH jeez. My abs hurt from laughing. Who says you can't get a work out at the computer?
8:18PM: An audience member screams, "WE LOVE YOU ZEITGEIST!" but is reminded by the moderator that this is two months two early and on the wrong coast.
8:21 PM: Someone asks Joss Whedon to do the dance of joy. He refuses politely.
8:22PM Someone mentions 'Whedonesque'.
8:19PM: An audience member screams, "WE LOVE THE ZEITGEIST!", to try to cover his shame.

Sunfire: that cracked me up. I hope nobody actually asks. Please lord.
8:23 P.M.: Someone asks Nicholas how to spell bitch, he spells it B-I-T-C-A.
8:24PM: An audience member asks, "So when do we get a Serenity sequel?"

8:27PM: Upon reading this on the liveblog, b!X's head explodes.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-03-21 04:24 ]
I wonder how they picked questions to ask from all the hundreds, even thousands that poured in after they asked for submissions. Doubt doing the dance of joy was one of them, though I find the thought highly amusing.
8.24 P.M.: Somebody asks Nick about 'The Pack'. He hurls his water at the crowd, cries in pain and runs off stage, shouting "I don't remember! It was 11 years ago!!!!"
8:25 PM: Someone asks a long rambly question that is really a shipper statement that ends with a question mark. Moderator turns it into a real question for James, who has an insightful response.

8:26 PM: Follow-up question about the sock.
8:25 p.m.: An audience member asks Sarah what it feels like to sleep with a woman and then comments that, for some reason, Gellar looks "strangely three-dimensional" tonight.
Yeah, I realize the real questions will be filtered, Tonya J. But unfiltered ones make for better jokes.
8:28 PM: Somebody asks James Marsters to take his shirt off. When he refused. Female audience got violent.
I know why Futon Critic isn't live blogging, they are engrossed on the haps on the stage,

8:28 PM: A question from the audience asking Joss "Do you know what your sin is?"
Since when has James Marsters ever refused to take his shirt off?
8:29PM Someone asks what the panelists think about fanfic. Especially Slash fanfic.

Nick replies that he actually DOES like Guns and Roses...
You know that incredibly blury picture of the panel a few posts up? Where everybody is a blob of white?

I think Joss is on the far left, second in, next to Matt. The fact I can tell that worries me.
8:29 PM: Joss replied it's gluttony. He's a glutton for praise and giving his audience misery and heartache.
8:32PM: Fresh from filming Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Nathan "Caleb" Fillion shows up and takes over the entire event.
Yeah, not a great picture. Hey! Guess the actor!

8:32 PM: "Hey Emma, did his penis really get diseases from a Chumash Tribe?" "Moderator: This is a PG-rated panel, dude!"
8:30 PM: Revisits question. Muses that maybe it's really wrath.

gossi, that worries me too. I can't make out much in the large version of that photo.
8:37 PM: He finally decides it's all seven, well except sloth. Because sloth is boring. And Joss doesn't do borage.
Let's see. That's Joss, then Sarah, then ... uh ... Clem, then the key in its original magical state, then one of the aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, then maybe my cable-repair guy?
8:40 PM: Get out, Get OUT, GETTTTT OUTTTT!!!!!
8:45PM: Someone asks David Greenwalt about writing Cloverfield. He explains that was Drew Goddard.
8:46PM Someone asks David Greenwalt about his work on 'Moonlight'.
They get removed from the room by security.
It's nearly 9 pm, and no one has asked about how awesome Spike is yet. It's about time for that.

burrrrn, b!X.
8:40 PM: Get out, Get OUT, GETTTTT OUTTTT!!!!!

LOL! Oh, ouch... I fell in the shower this morning...ribs first right on the side of the tub... I should so not be online reading funny things.
8:49 PM: An audience member asks "Joss, if Buffy ever found out if Spike and Angel were intimates, what would her reaction have been?"

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3:16 AM: An audience member takes to the microphone, and tells everybody how their husband is dying whilst they're at the panel, but they're such a big fan they came anyway. Security drag them away whilst everybody looks on in horror.
Hey, you skipped an hour! I'm hanging on to every word here, people!

ETA: uh oh. Now they're in a time machine.

[ edited by jcs on 2008-03-21 04:55 ]
crazygolfa- 'intimates'?

You mean, like lingerie?

That's quite an intriguing notion.
8:52 PM: "Joss, how much do you love Lost? ... Oh, sorry. That's James Gunn who loves it. Never mind."

And on that note, not even fully believing this event is happening, I'm off to watch Lost. At least I know that will be on.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2008-03-21 04:54 ]

[ edited by Tonya J on 2008-03-21 04:54 ]
8:50 PM: Answer to crazygolfa's question begins "IF?"
Apparently there are pics posted already at Getty Images......

So far I see Sarah, Michelle, Amber, Seth, Nick, Emma, & Charisma. Nice to see that they all dressed for the occasion.

[ edited by thundercat on 2008-03-21 05:39 ]
Pics of everyone arriving I assume... link
Other pics are also up at wire image.

ETA- My links NEVER work!

[ edited by missb on 2008-03-21 05:48 ]
Apparently there are pics posted already at Getty Images......

You know, for some reason I always assumed Getty made use of photos by photographers whose stuff isn't crap. Some of these even I could better, with my eyes closed.
Marti did an introduction. She is adorable. Then they played OMWF. After the guests were introduced one at a time. David, Amber, Seth, Charisma, Michelle, Marti, James, Nick, Sarah, Joss.

No reason was given for Alyson and Eliza not showing.

I was kind of engrossed and completely forgot to take notes. I am so sorry.

Roush obviously loves the show and loves the cast, but he had absolutely no control over the panel as moderator. IMO, the panel was way too large. Annoyingly so.

I would have much rather it been two hours with Joss and Sarah and I am not a SMG fan. It was impossible to give everyone the time they should have had and Nick's ADD was very apparent.

Seth had several brilliant one liners but Charisma and Amber seemed to get shorted on time and attention because they weren't hammy and pushy.

Joss called Sarah Jimmy Stewart. Very amusing. He gave her credit for inspiring him to make the first scene in The Body sans music. She also got high praise from David for her work ethic and ability to take in every note and every direction and execute flawlessly.

More to follow...
Thank you TamaraC! That's a bummer about Charisma & Amber. They seem like really nice people and probably had some great things to say.

Can't wait to hear more :-)

[ edited by briana.justine on 2008-03-21 06:57 ]
The Jimmy Stewart thing is a reference to how she can show pain like he did. He said that he used to call her that. It was news to her.

She just found out about the events in Buffy Season 8 #12 five minutes before the panel. Amber talked about how important and wonderful it was to get to play her role and how Willow/Tara were portrayed. Some fan asked her about her not appearing in season 7. It was very accusatory. She rambled around and said it just didn't work out but the fact that they got to tell the Willow/Tara story was the important part to remember.

I really wish they wouldn't allow fans to ask questions at these things. The questions are embarrassing for the audience, uncomfortable for the crowd, or really not questions. The last question of the night was some random chick stating that she didn't have a question but rambled on for three minutes about how much she loved the show. Get.A.Blog. Total waste of an opportunity and the audience's (and panel's) time.

On a more positive note, Sarah talked about how it is so much more important that BtVS has the reputation and fans that it does and than having tons of awards. She felt at the time that the viewer awards meant a lot more anyway. She was (to me) surprisingly gushy and positive and loving in the way she talked about the show. She definitely changed my assumptions about her. I was very impressed.

more soon.
I'm not big on write-ups, so I'll leave the details to someone else, but my thoughts were that Sarah was charming, Joss was all Jossy and awesome, David Greenwalt was deliciously snarky, Emma has awesome taste in movies and music, and Charisma seems shy. I think I was expecting a really...intense experience, but it was just a very warm, sweet little gathering. Like a family reunion in the best possible way for both those on stage and those in the audience.
Thanks so much, TamaraC! Your comments and recollections are much appreciated.

I can't understand why they used an hour of the event to screen OMWF. Did they honestly think that anyone in the audience hadn't seen it a half dozen times already?
I suppose it could've been used to get the panelists "in the mood", so to speak, since many actors rarely view their own work, but I can't help but think that time would've been better spent for questions ~ especially since it was such a large panel participating.

I was under the impression that audience members had opportunities to submit questions (as we all did online), but that all questions would be prescreened and asked by the moderator. I can appreciate your frustration at the time wasters ~ those fans who ramble inappropriately or those who have an obvious agenda.

Thanks again for taking the time to post this evening!
I looked at those pictures, and my first thought was "my goodness, they really did have all the most beautiful women in the world on this show" :)

Nice to read the initial reports about the panel itself. Very disappointed that they didn't have *all* the questions go through a moderator. If there was really somebody who just gushed for 3 minutes without asking anything, that person is now to the Buffy fandom what Steve Bartman is to the Chicago Cubs.

I'm not surprised at all to hear about Sarah's positivity -- have always found the negativity *about* her the bigger surprise.

Were there many questions asked specifically of Nick or Michelle?

Also... were there 'shippy questions? Ever since this thing was announced, I was afraid that the 'shippers would find a way to take it over, and I really hope most or all of that was filtered by the staff.
I really wish they wouldn't allow fans to ask questions at these things.

When I am dictator, this will be banned. Or, at the very least, the rest of the audience will specifically be told they are allowed to shout, "STFU!"
James talked eloquently about how hard and terrifying OMWF was. My memory sucks. Michelle said that she developed psychosomatic laryngitis because she was so scared.

Charisma was asked whether she thought it was a good move for her to go to Angel. She told the story of Joss asking her to go for a walk with him. Others cringed in sympathy. Seth said that some never come back from that walk. First off, Joss said she was fired. Obviously form a story Marti told, this is Joss' little evil joke that he plays on lots of folk. I laughed.

Charisma's first question to Joss once he pitched her going to Angel was "what if it doesn't go?" and Joss said she would always have a safety net on Buffy. David said that there would have been no Angel without Charisma. She was needed for balance. He was all heartfelt about it and sweet. It was a nice moment.

All eleven of them answered a question from a fan on what their favorite movie is and what is on their iPod. Once again, Get.A.Blog. The answers took forever and the panel totally lost focus and really, it just wasn't that interesting. David's favorite movie? Tie between Serenity and Godfather. I couldn't tell if his tongue was firmly planted in his cheek or not. He also said that he wasn't working and would follow Joss anywhere. Marti also said that if Joss told her that he was building a rocket and they were all going to Mars she would say, "Ok, when do we leave."

More as I remember it.

Joss was late because he was wrapping filming on Dr. Horrible.
thundercat, I was kind of glad that they showed OMWF. I hadn't watched it in ages and, my oh my, one forgets how hot James and Sarah were together. :) And then there is the fact that the episode just exudes brilliance. I did feel a bit sorry for Seth and Charisma when they discussed it. They seemed a bit bored.

I can't remember anything asked specifically of Nick or Michelle other than what they are working on. Michelle is one busy young woman working on some pretty high profile projects. Nick is just really hard for me to take at these things. I'm going to not comment on his behavior. The less I say, the better.

Roush did ask Sarah, "Angel or Spike?" She joked, "I had better pick the one that is here." She did point out that they got the hottest love scene in that recent TV Guide list.

b1x has my vote for dictator.
You make it sound like he sat around scratching his balls :) Clever answer by Sarah, of course. I really hope somebody at least got audio and will transcribe this. I'm curious about so many little things, like Sarah's full comment on 8.12, the (inexcusable) pushing of Amber about not coming back for 7.07, etc.
It was an awesome night. Sarah signed my OMWF poster! It is now finished. Got MT and Marti as well. I never, ever, ever thought I would get this finished. It only took 3.5 years.

[ edited by kdavid323 on 2008-03-21 08:11 ]
Asked about a Buffy Musical on Broadway, Joss didn't rule it out. Asked if they would participate most of the panel indicated that they would. Sarah was not among them. :) She was more like, "No way", but laughingly.

Asked about a Buffy movie, Joss also did not rule that out. He said that if he had the chance to work with the cast again that he would without question throw the comic book stuff out the window if there was a continuity or canon issue. I'm paraphrasing here. See above about being an idiot and not taking notes. Both things sounded like nice pipe dreams and/or musings without any substance around them whatsoever, just to be clear.

Marti said she was going to be directing a movie but didn't mention any of the whats or whos. Anyone know anything? Joss never mentioned Dollhouse or Firefly which I was actually pleased about. This was a Buffy panel and I am very glad that they were focused enough to stay in that realm.

I'm going to let others comment on their experience and maybe what they say will trigger more of my memories. I'm off to watch Lost which is calling to me from its prison of the DVR.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2008-03-21 07:49 ]
Thanks for keeping us informed, Tamara C.

(Slayalive have compiled a bunch of info and have added a credit for using Tamara's review. We all love this verse so let's play nice together- we all want a visit from the Easter Bunny!)

I'm disappointed there was no message as promised from DB. I was also kind of hoping for a big announcement of some kind- Ripper, animated series, merchandise or the like.

I've been to cons where people take over the mic with the sole purpose of getting noticed, not to actually make a contribution.
They s%*t me to tears.

And here's a thought- for those who shelled out $1000 for an ebay ticket, that 3 minute time waster just cost them $50 of their hard earned cash. Ouch.

[ edited by missb on 2008-03-21 08:58 ]
Good for you, kdavid323! I was wondering if the panelists mingled with the crowd after the event at all. I know for past TV show panels at Paley, that has been the case, but thought maybe the sheer size of this one would preclude that.

bix, if one voted for dictators, you'd have my vote as well.
I've been to cons where people take over the mic with the sole purpose of getting noticed, not to actually make a contribution.

Just make sure to get their names so that when I am dictator, they are on The List.
Thanks for postings TamaraC. And other fans who are already posting too. I'm kinda wondering if the Futon Critic was even there!

And yeah, it does suck that there are fans that would steal time away from the rest of audience to have their own personal moment.
thanks for the info, missb. I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted. I'm on my third drink so I'll pick flattered.
Thanks so much, TamaraC! Don't worry about not taking notes, this is great. Also, hopefully, there's someone who's blogging about it, and writing transcripts ala conventions *crosses fingers* Sucks about Aly and Eliza (and David vid) though. But I guess, seeing as it was already hard with so many people on the panel, it kinda evened out. A little.

I hope someone can compile everyone’s reports in one place because my google-fu is rusty.
Thank you so much for sharing, TamaraC! Seems like a memorable night.
Thanks Tamara C
TamaraC, you remembered things remarkably well, given the lack of note-taking. I mildly disagree with some of your, um, tonal interpretations (I didn't mind some fan gushing, I thought Nick was funny), but mostly I think you're spot on. Matt's intro was A+; his moderation? Probably a C. (But that's an awful lot of cast/cats to herd). Seth was just a crack-up, getting a piece of everyone else's answers. Sarah was shiny. Amber and Emma were both a little spacy. Charisma did seem shy. James was articulate as ever. Michelle was playfully petulant. Greenwalt - cool and snarky indeed. Joss was, well to me he seemed more than averagely subdued - but the poor guy was probably just getting his breath after shooting (Dr. Horrible he said).

Sarah's "full comment" on 8.12 wasn't that much more than reported - she said she heard about the coupling 5 mins before walking on stage, and her first response was "with Willow?" She didn't really have a substantive response. James also hasn't been following the comics - he seemed into the Buffy/Satsu idea, and then asked "am I in the comic?"

As for Amber - she did talk around the question a little. At first she gave a rather salty answer about how she was having sex with Marlon Brando at the time (hence couldn't make it), and then ultimately said that "things didn't work out."

(ETA more remembered details - hey it's late here). They talked quite a bit specifically about OMWF at the beginning, and then about The Body - paying tribute to Kristine Sutherland also. Michelle talked about how the scene where she breaks down upon hearing the news from Sarah was originally shot with dialogue between them, and that Joss's idea to shoot from behind the classroom wall without sound was genius. Emma told the story of how a fan asked her what she was thinking when she did her brilliant monologue about not understanding death - and she replied "Anya-like" that she was thinking she needed to use the restroom and that she was really really hungry, because Joss kept making her redo and redo.

All were asked what they would miss most. Sarah - the sense of family the cast and crew shared. Michelle and Emma - playing scrabble in the trailer (general scrabble conversation followed, Seth talking about a new "Super Scrabble" that's just come out). Amber - "kissing hot chicks." Joss - the writers' room (as he's said before).

Current/future projects? Joss mentioned Dr. Horrible, Sarah about working in Africa and the new Paulo Coelho project, Amber about her "chick-lit" line of Penguin novels she's writing, Emma about working in Africa also, James a whole bunch of different stuff, most of which was prompted by his large contingent of fans in the audience (leading Michelle to comment, "they know more than you do"), Charisma and Seth are working on a line of fitness videos based on a combination of Tae Bo and striptease. That may have been a joke. ;-) Greenwalt said "after a series of nervous breakdowns in quick succession, I have retired from the industry" or words to that effect - but then added, as reported above, that he would jump at a Joss project.

Oh, half the stable of writers were announced to be in the audience, and stood up - Jane Espenson, David Fury, Drews Goddard and Greenberg and, I think, Rebecca Rand Kirshner. Also some of Seth's Robot Chicken cohorts.

It's hard to report the jokes because they were flowing so fast and furious, particularly from Seth's mouth, with intermittent Nick and James and Sarah and Joss, but one line that, ahem, stuck out was Nick asking about future comics: "Is there going to be Xander the One-Eyed Monster?", which drew a raucous belly-laugh from many people.

It was a great time.
I got there at noon and stood stand-by, until by some miracle my line-buddies from the musical last summer spotted me and informed me that they had an extra ticket. Two people were there overnight (they arrived last night before the end of the the Friday Night Lights panel) and they got in, but I don't know how much else of the stand-by line got in. My friend tells me the actors went and talked to the disappointed stand-bys, but I don't have details yet. Still, they're beyond awesome.

Re: showing the episode, I think they always do at these panels, although I agree that this one was kind of unusual and they could've considered another arrangement. I have to say, the ep looked and sounded absolutely brilliant, whatever source they were playing it from. It was not sung-along with (as far as I could hear), as seemed respectful of the tone of it being a panel and a more sober celebration, but there was occasional important-line-saying and there was copious, copious laughter, which was a delight to hear.

After the panel concluded there was a semi-insane autograph stampede. A lot of people got what they wanted in the way of autographs and pictures from the people up on stage, so it probably went as well as it could've, although the press got a little intense.

Several of the writers were in the audience--I'm pretty sure about Jane Espenson, Drew Goddard, David Fury and Drew Z. Greenberg. They stood up for our applause at one point during the panel. Seth Green also pointed out that his Robot Chicken people were here. I saw Tom Lenk afterwards, making a fan guess his name before he would sign something, which was funny.

I'm sorry if I'm repeating coverage, but I'm trying to see how much I can fill in of the experience. It was a pretty astounding thing to be there for, especially considering how lucky I was to be there. If this sounds understated, it's because: still processing.

ETA: Wow, it must have taken me a while to type that out, because I didn't see the report from SNT, but I'll leave my incomplete guest account as is.

Wanted to add that I remembered how the 8.12 thing came up, which was while answering "Angel or Spike?" somebody chipped in "I say, Willow!" (or something like) and then they mentioned they'd all just heard. Anybody remember who said it? It was really funny. And Joss said if they were all nerds they wouldn't have to be having this conversation (ie they'd all be reading the comics)

My recall of Greenwalt's wording was "series of well-timed nervous breakdowns," which, again, amused me thoroughly.

[ edited by siwangmu on 2008-03-21 09:30 ]
siwangmu - it was Nick who said "Willow!" and I inferred that it was he who told Sarah about it before coming on stage. Joss looked a little sheepish, but in an amused way, saying to Sarah "I was going to tell you . . . " Sarah seemed more amused than anything by the whole thing.

Re Greenwalt: yep, that's it exactly - perfect delivery too!
My edit appeared as a new post. Weird.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2008-03-21 09:43 ]
Oh, I forgot that whole discussion about the dark places of Season 6 - I thought Matt Roush was overdoing it a bit in trying to get some kind of provocative response from Sarah, but that might just be my filter.

Left to right: Joss, Sarah, Nick, James, Emma, Michelle, Marti, Charisma, Seth, Amber, David. I think.
Things as I randomly remember them:

Tom Lenk was there.

Joss's favorite movie is still The Matrix. He's listening to Sondheim. The thing he misses most about the show is being in the writer's room. He daydreams about a Buffy Broadway musical, but it would be all new, not OWMF (the cast seemed to agree that probably only ASH would be up for that). Talking about the collaborative nature of working on Buffy, he said Christophe Beck's music for Passion inspired his writing for the Becoming episodes, and that a comment by Sarah indirectly led to the absence of music in The Body.

Sarah's favorite movie is Southpark: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. She said The Body had special emotional resonance for both her and Michele because they were both raised by single mothers who were their world. (Paraphrasing even more) she said season six threw her emotionally partly because she looked up to Buffy and the loss of the hero aspect of the character was confusing and depressing.

Eh, I'm trying to go left to right in my mind and picture them to remember better, but I'm kind of stuck on Nick. I didn't think he was obnoxious. I'll try again later if the there's still no transcript up.

edited because I didn't see either SNT or siwangmu's posts.
Awesome! Just awesome!
haha it all sounds awesome. i was rather enjoying our special whedonesque time-biding panel from earlier aswell :)

i was waiting for 8:32pm - Joss (out of nowhere and totaly unprevoked) half yells "And Warren was dead. He was dead for like 1/40th of a second, okay?"
04:13 am - Joss enters the diary room to ask for more alcohol.

You guys are frikkin' hi-larious ;). That was exactly like being there (where "there" is some twisted Whedonesqueian alternate reality ;).

(and thanks for the nice detailed accounts too)
Thanks everyone for posting their accounts and our very own live blog which had me in stitches.

I've spent the best part of today reading these, listening to the excellent audio podcast and drooling over the pics. Great way to spend the holiday.

btw Bix for Dictator (I have my list ready).
Fabulous thread, really cool to read. Been caught up in work, so I couldn't be here 'live', looks like I missed a fun time.

I'm looking forward to live Dollhouse threads!
SNT, Nick probably wasn't as obnoxious as I thought he was. Everything seems a bit different when seen through my unique lens which tends to be permanently set on cranky. He just rubs me the wrong way. Although, I would swear that Matt, Joss and Sarah all shot him daggers with their eyes a few times.

I think they needed b1x moderating.
It naturally goes without saying that Seth Green was hilarious in his humourous punctuation throughout the night. The final question of the night was "what was each person up to?" Some of the highlights of their answers were:

- Whedon talked about directing "Horrible."

- SMG spoke of returning from Africa. She was there working with her favourite charity CARE.

- Brendon said he was working and writing.

- Marsters filming in Mexico, working on Dragonball and soundly getting his ass kicked. He'll be doing a couple of eps of Smallville + someone in the crowd called out Torchwood and he remarked that it's just pissing off the right people.

- Caulfield said she was going to Africa next year for her favourite charity, different one from SMG and that neither of them knew the other was involved over there.

- Trachtenberg's upcoming guest spot on Gossip Girl where "she gets to play a bitch"... following up with that she can curse now because she's over eighteen"

- Noxon to direct a film, no more information given (I think?)

- Carpenter's answer was stolen by Seth Green. I don't know if it was intentional since she is going through a divorce but they are going to work on a series of fitness videos. Benson was drawn in to their banter when Green said Benson would be editing them.

- Benson's answer "evidently editing a series of fitness videos".

- Greenwalt said something about well-timed nervous breakdowns but that if Whedon ever called on him for anything, he'd be there.

It was an amazing night for sure. I'm still processing it all and how nice it was to speak with Espenson and Fury out in the audience. I'm trying to hurry and pack because we return home today. Oh yeah, I was a geek and took a photo of the seating chart.
Perhaps the DVD of last night's event could be sold as part of a special commemorative Buffy/Angel/Serenity boxed set called "Whedon the Way We Like Him."
I'd even settle for a digital download on Itunes for this one :)
Thanks for all the reports - actual and Whedonesque-y! ;-) It's always enjoyable to read people's reactions and comments to these kind of events when one can't be there oneself. Good job, everyone.
Nick was adorable and funny. Actually he reminds me a lot of our Xander on BBtL (to add fuel to the rumor that we have the real Nick Brendon - we don't). Very random and funny. And I agree, it was when there was a lot of uncomfortableness on the panel. Whoever was handling the mics for the fan questions took WAY too long between people because they waited until the last question was answered.
Thanks so much for the recap!
So much material, so little time. Just Bookmarking like crazy on the other thread with all the links.
A million thanks to everyone who was there and has shared stuff. Going off to cry now.

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