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March 20 2008

Scott Allie Interview about Season Eight. Big overview and some new tidbits about the Buffy comic books, interlaced with info about Dark Horse's "Blood +". Includes confirmation of where all the Slayer Squads are set around the globe. Tries to be spoiler-free.

Any chance that's the exhaustive list of Slayer teams world-wide? Those seven cities? Not what I was expecting.
I don't think so, KoC. One, Tuscany is not Rome, and Andrew was clearly in Rome in The Girl In Question, nor is Southern Italy as mentioned in The Long Way Home. Plus, a Slayer mentioned that a certain Donna led the Barcelona squad, always in TLWH. But, yeah, so far no African, Asian or Oceanian action.
San Francisco, Chicago, Tuscany, Scotland, Tokyo, New York, and Cleveland

Where the hell was Giles when we first saw him?

So there's a squad in Tokyo. Innnteresting.
Well, Tuscany didn't trouble me -- I've assumed for quite a while that, since we saw Andrew on some kind of estate, that the apartment in Rome was part of the decoy's cover, and something that Andrew inhabited during "The Girl in Question" to maintain that cover against (suspected enemies) Angel and Spike.

But, yeah, there is the Barcelona squad. That makes eight. I'm surprised Chicago *and* Cleveland, but nothing in the southern US (Atlanta, DFW, New Orleans, Tampa, Miami, etc.)

And where *was* Giles? I've heard everything from London to St. Petersburg.

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San Francisco, Chicago, Tuscany, Scotland, Tokyo, New York, and Cleveland

Miami, New Orleans, London, Belfast and Berlin.
Definitely looked Eastern-European.. Russian, I'd venture..
Ooh, obscure reference time:

They say it in Mexico, London and Jericho,
Berlin and Birmingham, Belfast and Tokyo
Amsterdam, Vietnam, Iran, and Afghanastan,
Disneyland and Narnia, former Yugoslavia

I thought there were supposed to be 10 squads.
Miami, New Orleans, London, Belfast and Berlin.

And if you listen I can't call....

You just quoted of top five favorite U2 songs.
This looks like one of those details and trivia that's still partially locked in Joss' brain. I can imagine him not totally disclosing the squads' locations just to have his options open when the action moves away from Scotland.
And the confirmed statement that the robberies are their main source of income...a big part of my brain-and-heart, is rapidly losing patience with all this. (a couple other parts hanging in there fanatically, tho.)
And if you listen I can't call....

A vampire or a victim
It depends on who's around...

Always struck me as particularly Buffy-esque.

Scott raised some excellent points in that article- particularly about Buffy's emotional reactions being at odds with the need for a Slayer to be methodical and rational.

I think I've started to forgive her for the bank job. It would have been nice for Buffy to find huge wads of the Watcher's Council cash in an offshore account. But the circumstances of the robbery give us a future plot point- I'm sure there WILL be payback, and it'll be a bitch.

But Scott says there will not be much of Giles featuring in future issues? Damn.
You know, it just struck me: wonder if Giles's absence is any way related to the prospective "Ripper" project (if it ever comes about?)
Wild speculation time:

It's established in "Fray" that magic workers protected humans from the demons, back in the early days. Africa and Oceania still have lots of shamans -- to them, the magic never went away. Wouldn't it therefore make some sense that the Slayers wouldn't have as much of a presence there? Maybe they aren't needed there as much as in parts of the world that have forgotten that vampires exist.

Or maybe vamps just prefer Europe and North America.
As to the whole robbery thing, some days I completely understand and forgive Buffy; other days, I'm disappointed that she would go to such a dishonest length to fund her operation. After all, it's not always her that has to make the immoral decision in saving the world, re: Giles' killing Ben.
Then again, what's saving the world compared with a few missing jewels? I definitely think that there will be payback, since it's always been a fact that you can't get things for free in the 'verse and get away with it.

I hope that Giles' absence is for some greater good like "Ripper" instead of just making him go away more, 'cuz, sad!

ManEnough, I think that perhaps Africa and Asia have their own mystical things to deal with, in terms of lore. I also think that since most vampire lore came about as an expression of Victorian sexuality, it's mostly concentrated in Europe and Asia.
Then again, what about Xin Rong? (Did I spell that right? I'm too lazy to look up the name of the slayer Spike killed)

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There are also parts of the world in which super-powered, autonomous women moving around freely are going to be in greater danger from the human populace than from any supernatural threat they may be there to thwart.
Scenario: you have 1800 young women under your wing now, and you have to feed them, settle them down somewhere, accomodate them, supply them with weapons and training, and you know.. maybe give them an allowance ? What do you do?

I'd raid a Swiss bank, if I were Buffy. Now, if I were, Bill Gates, let's say, I'd casually throw on the table what I have in my pocket, and the Slayer Army would be fine and dandy until 2189.
PErseo BandofBuggered ; Ir ecognize the necessity of funding the operation. I just don't like Joss's decision to use this manner. (Then again, he probably has astory arc planned on why they can't access the old Council bank accounts.) Making Buffy into the equivalent of a counter-culture 60s dropout physician who steals supplies from the hospital to equip a free clinic in the poor side of town* just bugs me.

(Yeah, I got that from a character in Lisa ALther's novel Other Women.)

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