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March 21 2008

(SPOILER) Nick Brendon blogs before Paley Festival. Nick updates his audio blog to talk about the Paley Festival tonight, answer a question from a fan, talk a little about Criminal Minds, and pitch his new project "Super Cat" to Cartoon Network.

It's sweet that he's nervous about seeing old friends again. Can't wait to hear more about his experience there. Very small spoiler for Criminal Minds if you don't want to know anything like appearances.

Aww! I love that he's nervous, 'cause they meant so much to each other for so long.

Just really hurts that so many of us loyal fans will have to experience this vicariously, but cool that Nicky's gonna "ramble" about it.


Anyone have any recent pics of the cast, so we can use our creative imaginations to create the panel?
From the only panel pic I've seen so far, they're all looking a little ... blurry... in their old age.

Of course, it could just be a bad shot.

Either that, or I've been sculling mouthwash again.

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