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March 21 2008

Felicia Day's "The Guild" wins another award. Felicia's funny web series, "The Guild" has won for Best Series in the YouTube Video Awards, just after winning an award at the South By Southwest Festival. She's also up for a Yahoo Video Award. And episode 8 of The Guild is now online.

Awesome. And here is the current status of the Yahoo vote. has a pretty good chance of winning that one too, eh?

Very cool! Congrats to all!
I've added eth3er's news about episode 8 being online to the entry. It keeps everything together.
"Nothing makes you pro-active like watching someone try to hang themselves." Then the thumbs-up, the grin and the raised eyebrows - a magical moment! :-)
Well done to everyone involved, especially Felicia.

Been loving The Guild so far and I've never played WoW. I'd recommend it to anyone (but start at episode one rather than jumping in at the current episode).

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A well deserved win! I feel silly for not having watched these sooner--I guess I didn't realize how short they are. Watched them all yesterday, and won't miss another.
Felicia is adorable.
And didn't Felicia say that she'd show us a DDR thingamajig if the show won?
Cute show, The Guild. And I hope she thanks Nathan Fillion for asking all of his MySpace friends to go to Yahoo and vote for her! He said she "beat" him into it. (From NF: "She's put together a show, and if we all go take a looky and vote for her, she'll be so much happier and stop slapping me around on set. Tiny slaps. From tiny hands")
They've officially won the Yahoo Award. Sweep! And yay to Nathan for the assist! Bring on the DDR.

Loved the new episode. Felicia is so utterly adorable. "Help me Codex1, you're my only hope!" Hee.
Congratulations to Felicia and the team for the awards and for "The Guild" which I love more and more.

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