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March 21 2008

Getty Images from the Buffy Reunion at PaleyFest. The gang's all here! Well, not really, because Alyson and Eliza sadly were no-shows, but here are some pics of the other fabulous 'verse to whet your appetite.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Seth Green are simply beyond adorable.
Beautiful (OMG Sarah and Amber look absolutely amazing! Glad to see Anya too, but is she channeling Diane Keaton?), but not digging all the pics of Dawn with Oz. Never the twain did meet, yes?

Want Joss pics with the Core Four. Want BAD. Good gawd, where is WILLOW??

ETA: Oh yes, that pic with Sarah and Seth where she's grinning at his ear? Oh, fucking priceless. Fried gold.

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Never the twain did meet, yes?

Well, they did in the monk-rewritten reality that created her in the first place? ;)
Joss came in late due to recording the musical. So he probably missed the photo ops.

Also Seth and Michelle are friends (through Fall Out Boy I believe) they were both in "This Ain't a Scene" music video together.

And Alyson was a no show.
Thanks, bix.

Also, guess couldn't have the CF without ASH. Still missing the Willow, though. Really wish Aly was in it. ASH and Aly woulda made it perfection.

Greedy though I am, there's truth there, yeah?
How gorgeous does Charisma look? I mean, WOW!
The pictures don't do justice to Seth Green's awesome black velvet suit. Sadly, they're actually kind to Emma Caulfield's outfit.
Amber is belly tingly hot.
Don't you all just love Amber's bangs? I saw her here on Sunday, and I feel badly because I told her they made her look twelve! But I meant in good way! ;-)

Everyone looks wonderful!

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Yeah, Amber makes me feel funny in my tummy ;).

(also, I finally googled "bangs" and that's it ? A frikkin' fringe ? After all these years of wondering, picturing exotic hair constructions of unprecedented complexity that's all it is ? Bloody colonials ;)
theres not enough Xander photos! thats my opinion anyway.
Older and far away.
Great James and Sarah pics. I also loved the one with James/Sarah/Joss. And the whole group-picture ofcourse.
James looks great for his age, i don't know wether it has to do with the training he's been doing for Dragon Ball or if his curly hair just softens his face up naturely.
Wow, James, Amber and Sarah look absolutely stunning. I love James' hair, and what a beautiful man. Sarah looks beautiful and I love her dress, and Amber, wow, talk about sexy. The whole lot of them looked amazing, and that Joss guy, adorable.
Is Michelle taller than Seth?
Yep, in heels at least. SMG is too, though hers look to be 3-4" so in their socks they'd probably be about the same height.
oh no...I was really counting on Eliza and Alyson to be there....this saddens me.
Gorgeous pics - everyone looks real purty, no pics of Nic & Charisma together though :(

I would have liked more group shots too but I guess time was short.
FWIW, adding "paley" to the search terms tightens up the results and makes it more permalinky. Like this.
Oh fer God's sake, you young things, enough with the "James looks great FOR HIS AGE"!

(Sorry... but as I say every time this "he's so elderly but still somehow manages to look good" idea comes up, I'm 5 days older than he is and cringe every time I read that, for obvious reasons, and anyway I think he's stunning... and not just "for his age.")

More seriously, I'm quivering with envy at anyone who got to attend this thing, and looking forward to diving into everyone's reports and photos - and hoping for a DVD someday.
I'm gonna CRY!!!!!

I miss the 'verse!!!!!
Are we allowed to dis the dresses? What were they wearing??? I'm sure that Amber's must have been nicer than is shown because it is a dark sack from what I can see. And Michelle's, well, I don't want to know how it was staying on.
But so nice to see them all there together.I like the pic of Joss with one eyebrow raised.
I haven't yet gone through all the pics, but the one where James is yelling (why is he holding his hands to his mouth and to whom? *asks those in the know*) and the look that Nick and Sarah have made me giggle. This one here So Cute. *wants to snuggle her fandom*
I loved Emma's outfit. Though Joss asked if there was a 1950's detective in the room.

I loved it.
Wow. Everyone looks gorgeous, even if I don't approve of all of their outfit choices. I'm in love with Amber's haircut, and I swear Charisma gets more beautiful all the time.

I stared at the thumbnails of Emma for like three minutes before I finally figured out that was her. She looks really different to me.

Everyone looks so happy to see each other! It's adorable!

Oh, and Kirochka? As a young thing, I will just say that James looks good. Period. Age has nothing to do with it. Happy? ;)
These were definitely nice to look at. In at least a couple you can see that there is genuine friendship between some of the castmembers. I'd loved to have been a fly on the wall to hear the conversations that would have went on between them. I have to say they are all still looking very attractive.
Amber, Michelle and Charisma look incredible. Oh, the beautiful people.
Wow, they all look gorgeous. Charisma's dress is literally eye-popping. Sarah and Amber look wonderful, and I like Emma's outfit. I didn't like Michelle's dress. Seth, Nick and James all look dapper.

I wish I was there last night.
How amazing do they all look? As soon as I saw Charisma I felt like I was channeling Lorne in WiTW "I forgot how homely she was..." said ironically of course because... wow. And how beautiful is Sarah? Love the pics of her and James and hee at her towering over Seth. Michelle is quite the hottie but I can't stop seeing her as Buffy's little sis! Having a 'Him' moment.
Charisma's dress is eye-popping? I think that's just her fake cleavage. That kinda bugged me, actually; I think they've started enhancing themselves! The dress is quite pretty, though.
Our SMG looks ravishing as ever, and I loved Seth's ensemble! No wonder the girls were all over him!
Gotta say, it took me a second to figure out that was Emma, cuz that was a weird, distracting outfit.
I liked Michelle's dress, but I don't think that little (giant) Dawnie should be wearing such a thing!

ps...James Marsters? Yummmm!
Fake cleavage?

Uh... no. Charisma looks kapow amazing, as always. to the fakeness of the cleavage, or no the caring about it?
I still remember first watching the arc in AtS where Cordy is the beastmaster, and being like, yeah, they've gotten bigger. And then, when she's lying there all comatose, they're *still* pointing north! So yeah, fake.
But...her smile is beautiful, her dress is great.
gossi, if you are a member of that LJ site that you linked, can you smack them upside the head for quoting me with no attribution?

Bras can account for a whole lot of that BoB but, having seen her Playboy photos, I must admit I don't think there's too much doubt. Either way, she's lovely and is IMO an underrated talent on the shows, quicker she's back on telly the better I reckon.
Saje, Charisma is certainly racking up an impressive list of credentials POST-Buffy/Angel, though (sorry- couldn't resist ;-)!
Surely the reason for them being a bit bigger was the fact that she was pregnant at the time?

ETA: Strange disucssion to have.

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They're all very pretty. I like Emma Caulfield's hat.

/deep thoughts
I think it's interesting, the photo of Charisma Carpenter and Amber Benson, because, as I recall, their characters never met. That's not to say that the two actors never met, obviously, I'm sure they have. I had a point, now I forgot it. Pictures of smoking-hot women will do that to you.
Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg's characters never met as well, but Oz can meet Dawn in the comics I guess *g*
So let me get this straight? People payed up to (or more than)$750 a ticket and then watched Once More with Feeling for the first hour? That leaves just over an hour for the panel. It's not like anyone in the audience hadn't already seen it either. Also - I was suprised at the unkind tone that Ausiello took towards Nick Brendon.
I'm going to throw some love towards Nick Brendon. Cause I think he's hot. And I hate saying that word. Just. Very. Attractive.
Nick is cool and has a lovely sense of humor. I like the guy :D
*rimshot, OzLady!
Nick Brendon totally reminds me of someone's quite attractive, but goofy, older brother. Which I like.
I didn't like people picking on him, either.
Yeah, I would have been miffed if OMWF cost me $375. On the other hand, I would have sold my soul, Angel's, Spike's, and Xander's to have been at that thing. Damn my having to be in class, not having money, and being too beat up to go!
I just feel like Nick tries too hard to be funny. Like, he wants to be amusing and for people to like him, but it's not the first time I've read transcripts or reports from events and people have commented on how they wish he'd just answer his questions and allow others to do the same without inserting comments or going off on tangents.

I'm sure he's a lovely guy however.
I'm sure he is a great guy and funny. He just doesn't really seem to know how to play well with others on panels. He did the same thing on that panel with Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Rohm.
Andy Hallett tends to be a bit...discombobulating during his Q&A sessions, as well. The long, drawn out bus story...

Could just be that Nick's uncomfortable in these types of situations, and tries to "hide" behind his Xander persona. Acting in front of a camera is a helluva lot different than sitting at a table & having questions fired at you, and if you don't do a lot of conventions it's not something you can get used to.

Having dial-up prevents me from listening to any audio. Plus I'm nearly on the verge of tears with this whole thing as it is, so...

Off to play in my friend's Delusionland.
Just to add my two cents, I thought everyone looked lovely. But the only dress I liked was Emma's. She looked adorable in it. Hat, boots, sweater, everything.

Charisma's was flattering but a bit over the top. Or not quite over the top.Wink wink.

The rest of the girls were wearing very questionable dresses in my opinion.

James hair was adorable, though I admit he looked a bit "just woke up and stumbled off the plane" rumpled, and Seth's suite was very nice. Nick was okay, could lose the beads though.
The gang have obviously taken lodgings at Chez Wow so tut-tut to the visual criticisms *grin. (I'll admit Emma looked a bit unfamiliar, almost like MErcedes, which from me is the opposite of criticsm.)

And yes there are a number of over-lapping circles of friends in this group (altho I think the only ones from this specific bunch whos ee each other with anything like frequency are Nicky, Emma, and Charisma) partly from working with Joss and partly prior to it; "The Biz" is kind of a small town that way. Plus Joss held those "Shakespaw" readings and sing-alongs at his house for the whole "repertory company."

Altho I do mourn the fact that soem of these characters didn't get to interact a lot. Can you imagine Spike and Cordy verbally abusing each other?
I get the feeling Sarah and Seth are probably the closest out of the group in real life from things they've both said and from seeing them at a few events together, with Sarah and Michelle also being pretty tight. I hadn't picked up on Nicky, Emma and Charisma seeing each other all that often in real life so I really hope that's the case. It's great to think of the friendships continuing on.
BandofBuggered said:

I still remember first watching the arc in AtS where Cordy is the beastmaster, and being like, yeah, they've gotten bigger. And then, when she's lying there all comatose, they're *still* pointing north! So yeah, fake.

There's a perfectly natural explanation for that. During all that time you're speaking of...Charisma was pregnant. So no, not fake.

DaddyCatALSO said:

Can you imagine Spike and Cordy verbally abusing each other?

It's one of my biggest disappointments about Angel that they didn't get to have that snarky kind of relationship. I can also see the two of them teasing Angel together. Because both of them were really good at that. And they would have been hilarious interacting; the five minutes of interaction they got in "You're Welcome" proves that.
Yeah, Sarah and Seth are pretty tight. Hence her going on Robot Chicken a couple of times, always pretty funny (Like the "this is me, this is Stalin, we're married" and the Scoobie Doo bit)
I would love to see Spike and Cordy exchanging invective. Oh, the heart yearns!
On the other hand, it might just be kind of like Spike and Glory trading verbal blows. I think it would have depended on when it terms of Spike's and Cordy's character development.

And yes, pregnant....still, trust me...not the only reason. I don't knock her for it; just pointing it out.

[ edited by BandofBuggered on 2008-03-21 22:32 ]
I'm loving these pictures! (Though - is Joss losing more hair?) Everyone looks great (never been a fan of Charisma's hair lightened, but she still looks quite beautiful - obviously), and a lovely time seems to be being had. (To think that this all just happened yesterday.) Oh, and Emma's outfit is quite funky - in a cool way (IMHO, of course).
Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg's characters never met as well, but Oz can meet Dawn in the comics I guess *g*

Their characters will have met (or at least I assume so, unless Oz and Dawn never got introduced while he was a scoobie), but they never met on screen as characters (or as actors).

Fried Gold

Yay for spaced.
I just finished listening to the whole thing and I think that Nick got a bum rap: he didn't interrupt much at all, and he was pretty funny when he did. I loved how Sarah was really remembering the good times, and giving credit to how the show has lasted (saying that no one remembers who won the Emmies but they love remembering Buffy). I wish they had monitored the questions a bit, that iPod question was tedious, and worse was that the last question was thrown away on "I want to thank you" girl.

Oh and I have to say that of course Oz and Dawn met: in their created memories from the monks!

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but they never met on screen as characters (or as actors).

Well apart from that Fall Out Boy video.
So no, not fake.

Seriously, check out the Playboy pics Lirazel. If she's not had anything done then she is truly blessed because, frankly, they're damn near perfect (much closer than nature usually allows).

It's irrelevant to me anyway, if it's a "job" then it's a very restrained, nicely done one that only enhances her natural good looks. Whatever, she seems, from interview, to be a very lovely, down-to-Earth, smart woman and in the long run, that stuff tends to last longer.
I obviously don't know if she really has had work done before or after, I'm just saying that for that stretch of time there is a natural explanation for her looking bigger.

Whatever, she seems, from interview, to be a very lovely, down-to-Earth, smart woman and in the long run, that stuff tends to last longer.

I completely agree, Saje.
Saje and Lirazel, I believe Charisma has been very forthcoming about the fact that she had a moderate breast enhancement. Doesn't make her any less lovely or her beauty any less real, right?. Now *Seth's* boob job is another story...;-)
Yes, Lirazel... I am! Thanks! ;-)
I do have to say This version of Charisma as a a partial blonde is far more attractive than the Corduffy Era in S-3.

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