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"grr... argh"
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March 21 2008

Video clip highlight from the Buffy Reunion extravaganza. And there's some official pics as well.

I love all the fan coverage of this event.

Has anyone seen a good hi-res (or even lo-res) picture of Amber?
From the tiny "official" group pic, she looks amazing. Really stunning. Is there a better picture out there that someone can link?

Thanks for taking the time to share all you sharing people!
Grr Argh... I wish I could've been there.
'Visit the Paley Centre, New York, where you can view this video in the library.'

Erhm... bite me?

Edit: Sorry was meant as a joke more than anything!

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Huh? I could understand the vitriol if they announce there won't be a DVD. Until then we'll just have to wait and see (and be thankful they put the event together in the first place). From what little I know of it, this is a pretty cool institution.
Seriously now, the Paley has said repeatedly that they would be trying to do what's possible to make this thing available. But could we please not act as if they somehow OWE us doing so? They simply don't owe us anything. (Back once again to that fandom sense of entitlement.)

And concerning the fandom's sense of entitlement...
I don't like whining either..

BUT without us they are yeah. I feel entitled
It is a purely symbiotic relationship...
BUT without us they are yeah. I feel entitled

Without you the Paley Center is nothing? That's really disturbingly incorrect.
Damn, I can't see the video, I can just hear it. Any other place I can find this?

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They certainly don't have to make it available at all, much less free of charge, to anyone who walks in off the street in NYC or LA and yet they do. They do what they do for the love of great television, just like us. So, lets try to remember that when we talk about them.
alexreager: here's an especially nice one of Amber
sorry ruebix.. don't mean to get flamey...
but.. they are serving in museum/library/archival capacity...and unless all that stuff gets looked at by gnomes in the middle of the night.. yes .. it's nothing without fans (audiences in general).

"The general public can access the collection and participate in programs that explore and celebrate the creativity, the innovations, the personalities, and the leaders who are shaping media."

So as much as I feel entitled to research databases online, check out books... etc.. I feel entitled.. .and since yes, they are about "media".. again.... I feel entitled to see view the stuff online.

Now...why they didn't stream this..
who knows? Technical challenges maybe...I'll buy that.
This would probably be the most hits they've ever had.

hmm.. guys.. it's funded with public monies and philanthropy.. it's pretty much public.

Why do folks want to act "polite" with institutions?
It's not like anyone here is advocating some sort of vandalism.

We're just talking about access to an event that most fans can't attend.
"Public monies" means government funds. Paley is not funded by the government. It's funded by, for example, its members. In reality, its members are the only people to whom Paley "owes" anything.

As zeitgeist indicates, they don't have any obligation to make anything available to non-members in such an arrangement, but they do.

We're just talking about access to an event that most fans can't attend.

And they've repeatedly aid they are hoping to be able to provide this in some fashion. But, seriously, they don't owe you that access. Seriously.
Well, it's that and the age old fan cry of "Where's my stuff ?" ... that someone else kindly created and distributed without really needing to. This is an internet phenomenon I think - used to be most stuff like this, you wouldn't be able to get at all and if you could, it wouldn't be free. A bit more gratitude and a bit less entitlement would go a long way ;).

(is the Paley Centre paid for with taxes ? Cos then you'd be entitled - assuming you pay taxes ;) - otherwise, not so much)

Where is my stuff though, since we're on the topic ? ;-)

ETA: All of which was said by theonetruebix first (not allowing for time difference - it's virtually tomorrow over here, doesn't that count for something ? ;).

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As b!X says, they are funded by membership and by sponsorship from famous folk in television and media. I don't believe that they are funded by tax dollars, so the fact that they choose to share their collection out of love of the medium... to me that says you should at least endeavor to show them some courtesy and respect in response. They don't have their collection online as they don't own the rights to redistribute the bulk of their programmig library. Streaming this event to the number of people who would want to see it would require financial and technical outlay beyond what it is feasible to expect from them. So, if you happen to find yourself in NYC or LA, stop in and enjoy. Or don't. But don't slag on them for offering you the opportunity.
BTW, does anyone know if this is available in LA and NY, like, now? Or will it take some days to make it into the library? (Sorry if this has been answered in another thread, haven't caught up with it all.)
This would probably be the most hits they've ever had.

Which would be a serious technical cost to them, since they're not in the online advertising business.

hmm.. guys.. it's funded with public monies and philanthropy.. it's pretty much public.

Philanthropy does not equal public.

Otherwise, what zeitgeist said. They don't owe fans anything at all, but I think they're trying to make available what they can. They put on what sounds like a good event. We owe them thanks for that.
hmm.. look around zeitgeist.. they are funded by the New York Department of Education.. among other public entities.

Even if it wasn't the case.. they are a "museum/library"
And while I completely understand not being able to post materials which have a copyright restriction...
This isn't the case.

My snarkiness never extends to individuals... but institutions really don't listen to "niceness".... unless you whine, or plead, they rarely budge.

As far as the "technical" capability......You rent a temporary server that can handle all the hits (500 bucks.. at the most... and that would be highway robbery)....dumping a video and making it into a swf or flv... takes only as long as the video itself on a fast computer.. on a slow one... three times as long.
Now.. that they may not have known that.. I'll give them that... possibly....
but funding? nope.. this particular event.. was funded by people with deep pockets.
Bank of American and American Airlines.

Again, it's not like I'm asking for them to show us EVERY episode of the Ernie Kovacs show that they have.
Thanks Moley75--Yeah, that's what I thought, Amber is stunning. Thanks for the picture link.
Even if they do accept money from the NYDoE or others, it doesn't follow that they have to make things available to everyone in every medium available (and the money from public funding sources may be specific to educational programming for schools/schoolchildren wnr not applicable to this event, which as you note is sponsored by some corporations). Libraries and museums which are fully publicly funded don't do that. The bandwidth for said temporary server (and no a $500 box would NOT handle that) would be outrageous. And just because the institutions sponsoring the event have deep pockets, that doesn't mean that they will foot the bill for every bit of it. They may have asked and been denied funding to stream it. Institutions don't respond well to snarkiness any more than people do, in my experience, though you may feel better about being snarky towards a "faceless" institution/corporation. And while you are not demanding every episodes of a specific show, you are certainly demanding access by the web to one of their programs which is not something that they normally do. They provide access in person for free and if you can't avail yourself of that, you can certainly ask that they make it available online or by DVD, but you still have no right to demand it.

Complete sidenote, but the constant ellipses and double periods and odd line spacings and random carriage returns make your posts a little more difficult to read.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2008-03-22 01:24 ]
A. They don't owe fans anything.

B. They owe fans free, uhindered access to whatever content they choose.

I don't think it's either of these. I think it's something in between.

The Paley Center should make money off of a DVD for the same reasons PBS makes money of the DVDs they sell. Not even PBS streams it's programming online freely to the public despite that they do recieve some public funding. They have to balance finding ways to fund themselves and making content publically accessible....without becoming a commercial entity.
Considering the number of folks that wanted to be there but couldn't (for whatever reason, please insert appropriate cuss-word here ;)), And the number of folks that were there that would probably like a copy, I think it would really behoove them to sell a dvd. Ka-ching, much?

As a quasi-educational institution, would they have to pay Joss, David, Marti, and the actors? Or did they have to sign something saying it was okay by them to sell a dvd of the event (without further compensation to said gang)?
They are fans themselves and are well aware that we would love the opportunity to pay for a DVD of this. They are doing everything possible to ensure that we get the opportunity to do so.
Patience, people. This'll get released somehow. And all the coverage of it has been as extensive as anyone could ever hope. I was there, the coverage online does it justice. Trust me. Be thankful for this internety type thing.
There's an X-Files one? Howcome nobody told me there's an X-Files one?

Hey, I'm happy to get the Buffy clip we got. How wonderful to see them all together again.

The library of congress, my local library, and the Smithsonian make many things available on-line. They are not obliged to but if you are a cutting edge, media museum, it just behooves you to do so.
As far as bandwidth, the costs plummet on flvs. We ain't talkin mp3s here.

But I have to admit, I cringe at the phrase "sense of entitlement". The only people I've ever met who feel a sense of entitlement are the wealthy. Yet, it's us-- the everyday folk that always seem to put cower to institutions.

And actually, I really don't care all that much about wether or not they stream this. I'm just struck by the amount of kow-towing I've seen on here to corporations, studios and now a semi-public institution. Hell, I got my head bit off a while back for blaming the studio for f*cking up Serenity's ad campaign.

Just WHEN did we become so damned accepting of the status quo?

We are a consumer culture that thrives on buying the spectacle fed to us, and I partake willingly (especially when it's brilliant). We are totally immersed in it. Commercials, the clothes we wear, the ads we read, the cars we buy. It's a non-stop barrage.

So yes, when I hear willing acceptance of what is "so graciously" handed to us.... Yeah, I cringe.
Actually, the preview was perfect as it has apparently created an insatiable desire for more. Isn't that what it's suppposed to do?
Points all well taken hbojo and you're free to feel about this however you like, just as you feel (an opinion many share) that the ad campaign for Serenity was to a greater or lesser extent a bit of a cock up. Feels to me as if you are shoehorning it to some extent into a larger axe that you have a particular leaning towards grinding, but that is also your prerogative. There are specifics on which we'll have to agree to disagree. Cheers for the lively and civil discussion in any case :)
Yup, I do have an ideological axe of sorts.
And I tend towards the anarchic when it comes to information dissemination. It comes from years of dealing with libarians and other gate keepers.
This had to be the best night ever. I had such a good time. Though I didn't get every one's autograph, I got my goal completed and met James! Life is good.
Did anyone else have the urge to curl up in a ball and cry when this event was over?
When the (unbelievably fantastic) night was done and we were all on our way to our respective homes; I felt such a sense of loss and sadness, I had to consciously stop myself from weeping and (and thereby looking like (yet another) crazy person crying on the streets of LA).
An overwhelming sense of finality came from this night that seemed to eclipse, in me, the euphoria that I felt leading into the event itself.

Okay, maybe it was just me...
I wasn't there but I know I will always feel "connected" in some way to these artists, as they will always be to each other. I will always be their cheerleader and they will always cheerlead each other on. There can't be anything better than that, so I don't consider anything to be over. Do you remember the message Joss wrote in The Chosen box set?

In part: This show, seven years of it, is a living thing. Put it on your shelf, and go to bed. It'll whisper to you in your sleep. And, it does. It's forever, as far as I'm concerned.

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yes I am home now and after weeks of eager anticipation that culminated in getting there at 3 am yesterday for front and center(thats my red flower in front of Joss and Sarah on the video clip :) I feel weepy too. It was just too amazing for words. I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part. I too am hoping that Paley will be able to do a DVD. Fingers and toes are crossed!
I, too, wish I could have been there. I love the vid clip we have. I gawked at all the pix. I saw how amazing everyone looks. I saw Seth Green slipping his arm about SMG's waist. Lucky bastard. As for the Paley Center, the reason I would join is so I could make stuff like this available to the public and it's the only way to make it so. As for all the cowering before corporations going on on this thread, Karl Rove is very proud of you for defending the Paley Center's unalienable right to hide this from the rest of us.
RazorBlade, the tone of your last sentence is really not appreciated. Thanks.
Assumed that was a joke. It's almost funnier if not though ;).
I emailed the Paley Center to see if there are any plans in regards to wider distribution, and they replied with a simple "No, or at least not at the moment".

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but thought I'd post it as some sort of communication with them.
Everybody owes me everything. If they think otherwise they are misinformed ;)
I guess we all have our own take on the question of access to the recources offered by museums, libraries and other public establishments. I live in London and I cannot simply go down to Paley to take a look at what they have to offer. The same applies to anyone not living in London who would like access to the resources available in the numerous museums, galleries and libraries here. I am lucky to be able to sometimes make use of the resources offered by the British Film Institute, but I would not expect them to somehow make the contents of their archive readily and immediately available for viewing by anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Paley should be thanked for the part they played in making the Buffy reunion happen, but for myself I don’t think they owe us anything in addition to that. If that makes me a whipping boy of some kind of “corporate” conspiracy to control and restrict our freedom and access to information – well, I guess I’ll have to accept that and own up to my compliancy. Personally, I don’t consider it to be the case.
The video clip is great because I couldn't make it through the podcast. And thanks to interviews before the event, I got an even bigger peek inside the tent. Michelle got a lot of interview time and it was nice to see how grown up she's become. This may sound weird, but I was watching Vincent Minnelli's film The Bad and the Beautiful late this afternoon and Kirk Douglas fairly shrieked in an awesome scene with Lana Turner, "Get out, get out, get OUT!!!!!" You could have knocked me over. So he was the first.
God, she's cute....

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