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"It gets exponentially prefixy."
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March 21 2008

"I've Got a Theory" explained for businessmen. Or to put it another way, the world's greatest Buffy chart.

That is AWESOME.
Wow, you can make a flowchart for everything, can't you.

That said, I do really like this one.
I'm stuck in a loop ! Buffy's stuck in a loop ! There's no start box, no end box ! This flowchart actually captures the existential angst of OMWF completely because there's no way to reach the correct solution. Clever ;).

It does rule (even if I don't really know what a star box is meant to signify. There was no "This is great !" symbol when I did flowcharts, let me tell you my lad - we used to iterate four times before we started and 14 of us shared one declarative statement ;).
Hilarious. The whole concept of the site is great too. I especially like this one:
I especially love how Buffy's theory "just going through the motions" never returns to the problem at hand as the other theories do. It really sums up her attitude at the time. She doesn't have an answer, and she's not overly concerned with the question either. Fantastic!
That's so beautiful. But isn't it supposed to go THEORY-->BUNNIES-->*crickets*--> partway back to THEORY but interrupted by BUNNY ROCK-->MIDGETS-->THEORY
Or no, I think I misread that. So Anya stays in bunnyland?
Will present at my next staff meeting...
With easter coming up in a couple of days, I especially love how many different elements in the chart warrant bunny-related terms.

Bunnyland. Nice phrase, Sunfire.
As a humanities-type of person, I tend to hate reducing things to graphs or flowcharts or whatever--but I'm completely in love with this.
This is definitely a keeper.

I also admired the chart "Activities that Occur in One Week."
That is just brilliant!
That was great! I'm still stuck in the motions, must be those evil bunnies!

Thank you, Simon, needed a good chuckle:)
That "Activities that Occur in One Week" is AWESOME!!! I love BNL!!
Anybody else notice that "Dancing Demon?" has both ends pointing to the main process box? And after I said that, that makes perfect sense (even though it was probably unintentional and still not properly drawn,) because the Dancing Demon was an external process... wife designs charts like this all the time...just fantastic.
Shouldn't "it doesn't matter" be included?
I think that's the meta-statement being made by the fact that it's not actually a valid flow-chart dreamlogic ;).

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