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March 22 2008

Tony in Vanity Fair! To help celebrate Nescafe's 70th anniversary, many past stars of the coffee's advertisements recently reunited for a photo shoot to be featured in Vanity Fair.

Tony & his Gold Blend costar Sharon Maughan were joined by other past advert stars, including the 5th Doctor, Peter Davison.

While this article doesn't mention the Vanity Fair spread, it is mentioned in the news section of Tony's site.

I still love those ads - I watched them on YouTube recently - and it's where I became a fan of ASH - very sexy.
Yeah, would love to see Tony in those ads again.

Rather still to see him in "Ripper". BBC, are listening?
I read the novelization last year. Very different storyline from the AMerican version. I never realized Tony was British until I read an article on the commercials.

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