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March 22 2008

Future of restored "Angel's Crawford Street Mansion" in limbo. Neighbors of the newly-restored Ennis House, built by Frank Lloyd Wright and seen in S2-S3 BtVS, are trying to block the mansion from being reopened to the public, and may force its sale to a private owner.

I read about this earlier in the week and I can't even begin to describe how annoyed I am. I want to see this house! It's not even the Buffy/Firefly connection. It's just a beautiful building. They just need to do what they did in the past and do shuttles from the Greek!
I've been wanting to tour The Ennis House for so long now. I can understand that the neighbors do not want an unreasonable amount of disturbance to the neighborhood, but it would be terribly unfair to deny tours of this incredible house. The Ennis house is a unique work of architectural art and needs to be available to view to those who appreciate its design and beauty. There must be a way to mitigate the disturbance to the area (shuttles sound very doable) and respect the privacy and calm of the neighbors.

Changing the status of the property and forcing a sale to a private owner can jeopardize the preservation of a house. Just because the exterior is protected by landmark status doesn't mean that a new private owner wouldn't decide to make changes to the interior. One wouldn't think that a person who purchased such an expensive, distinctive and famous home would change it, but I've seen such things happen. Often people with such spending abilities seem to "need" to put their own mark on a property, no matter what the history. And too often lots of money does not equal lots of (good) taste.

The Ennis House needs to be both preserved, protected and available to tour to those who can appreciate it. There has to be a way to organize the tours so that they disturb the neighborhood as little as possible. It's not that hard of a problem to work out!
It's officical, I need money right now. I will buy the Ennis House and open it up to all BTVS fans. Cuz I'm nice. If I had the money that is.
I so buy it in a heartbeat if I had the money too.

Perhaps the BTVS fans can form an association for the preservation and enjoyment of The Ennis House, and start gathering funds to purchase the property. A lot of Firefly fans would participate too, The Ennis House was used for early promotional photos of the cast of Firefly.

We'd also have the property to use for location shots for Joss' future all Whedon TV network. If'n you're gonna dream, dream big... heh...
All Whedon possibilities. And to help fund it instead of regular Infomercials they could have licensed product showcases...cause if we're gonna dream about it we need to start thinking of ways to do it, lol!
I'm not a big architecture person, but I have to agree with y'all. I just looked at a map, and as I suspected it's close to the municipal golf course in Griffith Park. The house was built in 1924, and the park is older than that, so this "single family residence" thing is just NIMNBY, long after the fact.

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