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March 22 2008

EW's Ten Prime Picks On Hulu - Firefly. Described as Joss Whedon's no-longer-underrated sci-fi swashbuckler. It's about time!

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Whoo-hoo! When did it become no-longer-underrated! And a swashbuckler! Some new people might just check it out just for that description!

Wish they would put some Serenity clips on there. Hulu has Waitress clips on there.

Gotta email somebody that suggestion.
I think the better word would be "mishandled".
Also, Hulu finally added the second season of Buffy!
Huzzah! I'm very glad, though I own all of it, because now more people will start getting hooked. I've heard from a lot of people that S2 is what turned them into Buffy fans.
And, if Firefly gets enough watching, and then more DVD sales for the show and Serenity, maybe we flans will have another movie!

Or maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.
Why do you think that Firefly being available at Hulu would drive more DVD sales? That really doesn't make much sense.
Why do you think that Firefly being available at Hulu would drive more DVD sales? That really doesn't make much sense.

Firefly makes a great gift. It's not as cool to say, "Happy Birthday! Here's a link to Hulu."
Plus, there's something to be said for having a tangible item representing the thing you love so much.
I thought Hulu wasn't as good as regular DVD? Or maybe just not as good as High Definition?

Haven't tried it...too slow a connection and like I have the DVDs with commentaries and funny extras etc. Pretty box. It's mine!!!
I usually only purchase DVDs of shows I've seen enough of to know I'd like a whole season or series.

The quality isn't as good as DVD. It pixelates during fast action sequences.

There's only 14 episodes of Firefly and 34 of Buffy.

I don't know how many people are willing to watch a whole season, let alone 7 seasons, sitting in front of their computer anyway. A few episodes to see what it's all about, sure. But you can't really gather the family around the monitor...unless you have some giant monitor...or TV out. And I suspect the quality would really start sucking at that size.

So a person goes to see a few Firefly episodes on Hulu after hearing about it. They dig it and decide they want to buy the DVD set so they can watch the whole series on their larger, higher quality TV screen in the comfort of their living room.

Makes sense to me anyway.
Whoa, I think the above comments are right about the tangible object. The quality issues are a real problem now, but even after that vanishes (as it seemingly must eventually, though progress seems slow now), won't that still be the case? Having something on your hard drive or, even less, on a server that you have access to doesn't seem equivalent to having a thing. Maybe I'm old fashioned because old, but I'm not sure that jump can be seamless.

I can easily imagine buying a DVD of the The Guild. Especially if it had extras.
Interesting points you all make. I hope you are right. That would be shiny.
GrrrlRomeo, kinda' at a loss from your post. I take it you're referring to the film quality of the first two seasons of BtVS?
Yeah, they were shot on 16mm film and it shows. Is that what you meant?
I think he means that Hulu isn't as good quality as DVD, and only offers 34 Buffy episodes.
Hulu is owned in part by NBC/Universal and also by News Corp. (45% each), the rest of the ownership is made up mostly by a private equity firm. It's characterized as a "separate venture", but NBC's Zucker and Fox's Chernin are both on the BOD. (See the entire EW article in print)

So, while it may not drive DVD sales, money still gets to Fox - or to News Corp.

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I actually prefer the quality of 16mm film on tv instead of the industry standard 35mm for big screen films. 16mm film just looks more right to me with a tv show. It makes the first three seasons of Buffy seem more classic to me. I also have a 27inch widescreen monitor that sits on a desk right in front of my bed with a highspeed internet FiOS connection. So, I got no problem watching a good tv show on my computer.

Also, this site could work, but it will never fully take off unless the other networks such as CBS and ABC make there shows available on Hulu as well.

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Ahh, thank you, succatash. Yeah, thought I was misreading into this.
And SpikeBad, I agree. Its just seems a bit warmer, a little more color. Just my opinion.
Succatash is right, except on the he part. ;) I meant streaming quality isn't as good as DVD. I don't think it's even as good as 16mm. Maybe just a personal preference, but I would take grainy and even a little motion blur over pixelation anyday. At least with motion blur there's still the feel of motion. When the picture gets pixelated it just feels blocky and slow.

I also have a 27inch widescreen monitor that sits on a desk right in front of my bed with a highspeed internet FiOS connection

FiOS isn't available in all states though. I think less than half and only in parts. My company has it, but it hasn't expanded to where I live yet. Verizon has been installing lines along the highway I drive to work for what seems like a year.

It's not so much a question of whether or not the technology exists ('cause it does) but whether or not it's available to a large enough audience to matter.
So are there commercials when you watch hulu?
On the television shows there are commercials. 10-20 minute commercials, four for a one-hour show.
"Succatash is right, except on the he part. ;)"

Oops! Sorry, GrrrlRomeo.
I think they're just commercials at begining. I stumbled upon Hulu while using VeohTV- oh and you can use Hulu anywhere *kinda*. There's a site called OpenHulu which tells you to download this software which scrambles your IP address which means servers can't tell what country your from. It also means you can use OpenHulu which is exactly like normal Hulu ^_^

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