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March 23 2008

32 Cities listed for 2008 Serenity Charity Screenings so far! $4,010 (Houston, Tx ) already raised towards this year's goal of over $150,000.

Global Sponsors as of March 20, 2008
Bedlam Bards
The Joss Whedon Fan Club
Browncoat Ball

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It makes me so very sad that the capital of Canada is spelled "Ottowa" on the website...

I sent them an email.

Wow, on their contact page, they have a person in charge of errors. Before it was only B!x (2006) or Devin (2007) .
Never fret, Knuckle: it's not just Canada. See how Phoenix is spelled? Ouch.
We're missing our h in Pittsburgh.
That H is what makes us special.
Any idea when we might get actual dates?
Any idea when we might get actual dates?

That depends on when you ask someone out.
Hahaha! Oh, I've already got my date for the screenings...though depending on when they are, I'll either be still engaged or married. Btw, we're totally putting Firefly/Serenity music into our mix for dinner music at the reception.
shiny! Is the groom going to wear a cunning hat?
Unfortunately, only about 10 people in all would get any Firefly references. Future hubby's name isn't "Mal" either, but that would've been such a great reference.
C'mon, Cleveland! I know that the last two years' turn-outs were underwhelming, but I would definitely come to another event, even though I can't personally afford to set one up. :-D
Devin isn't the webmaster this year, and with a complete website redesign, we figured we needed to point out who to send the errors to. I am so sorry to my American and Canadian browncoats for the misspelling of your cities. 'twas my job to check for erros, but being a southern hemispherean, im not familiar with all the cities correct spellings. at least Canada is no longer listed under Europe. that was a funny error. please do keep error reports coming in.

Dates should go up soonish as organisers commit to them.

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