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March 23 2008

An interview with Alan Tudyk. Kick off your Sunday morning in style by watching Alan on "Secret's Out".

Great interview! Alan is so much fun to watch and to listen to, isn't he? Loved his comment about Firefly fans.
Damn, that reminds me- I need to do laundry.
Very enjoyable interview, and Alan looks great! He is so at ease and naturally funny. Seems that Alan put a lot of himself into Wash's character.

Nice mention about the Firefly fans, and yes we don't seem to be fading away. Perhaps Alan made a special request to Mr. Maltin to mention Firefly/Serenity and show a clip, as either a nice acknowledgment to we steadfast fans, or as insurance to make sure we don't get all bent out of shape because no mention was made and cause some kind of interweb fueled crankiness.

Is it possible that the reference to fans that "don't fade away" is inside code for "obsessive stalkers"? Shucks, it's such a fine line between loyalty and scary... heh...

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