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March 23 2008

(SPOILER) The Onion's AV club reviews Whedonverse comics. Angel #5, Buffy #12, and Serenity #1 are all reviewed (mostly) favourably. Scroll down a little on the page to read.

Brian Lynch had linked these reviews from his MySpace, as he should since the reviewer really appreciated Angel: After the Fall. The thing that annoyed me was that the reviewer didn't understand Serenity: Better Days, how do you give a competent review when you don't even read the book closely enough to get that (blinvisible text to hide spoilers) ? I think the Onion needs some reviewers who can understand what they read.
Thanks ember,just saw that:)

Ya that was strange allright. It wasnt as if what was happening in Serenity wasn't clear or hard to follow.

Personally I would have given Serenity a higher rating,Buffy a lower, and Angel an A:)

I really agree with his opinion of AtF re: the writing which is perfect and completly equal to show. But I like the art more than he does. But...personal taste and all!

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Yeah, I thought he was pretty harsh on "Better Days" as well. I thought it was 90% on the coin. My only "complaint" is that it would've been nice to see the 'bot as deactivated by Kaylee in bigger panels. There's all this build up going on through the chase and its end just seemed not cathartic enough, but I'm sure they did the best they could given only one page.
Embers, I do agree, but to be fair... the execution of the scene where they nabbed the guardian weapon was messy at best. When I saw the preview of "Better Days," I was excited, as it looked quite a bit better than "Those Left Behind." After reading it... not so much. The way it's paneled and pencilled often leaves us guessing what happens and why in the world they chose to depict it that way.

If I were to rate the comics, Buffy would be B+, Angel A+, and Serenity C-.

[ edited by patxshand on 2008-03-23 19:18 ] two cents, I loved, absolutely loved, both Buffy and Angel so I'd give both an A+; Serenity, on the other hand, was OK, certainly "Jossie" enough to get a B. Then again, I've never been a fan of going back in time, it's hard to be surprised when you know the outcome.
I would have rated Buffy a little higher (if I did such things as rate,) but I liked the hell out of that review. Especially the media hype rating, and all the bluntness thereabouts.
Better Days had some (minor) problems, but I loved it nonetheless. I was entertained, engrossed, and hey, I'm reading it because it is more of "that series that I liked."

ETA: Which of course is not the only reason. I genuinely thought it was funny, exciting, and as always, heartfelt. I didn't mean to come across as a blind devotee; if it sucked, I would say that it did, but to me it most certainly does not.

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It's really just another day in Buffyworld; only the sexually repressed and the terminally na´ve should be flailing around over where she got her last orgasm.

/nods. Not the most tactful way to put it, but I'm down with the laissez-faire approach to specifically evaluating Buffy's choice of partners.

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I have to say I was a bit disappointed with Serenity: Better Days. I was extremely excited to read it and then when I was finished I felt a bit - eh. Will see what happens when the rest of the series comes out.

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