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March 23 2008

One Whedon Fan's Report From The Paley Festival. Monique from "My Celebrity Encounters" has a report on her week at the Paley Festival, especially seeing the Chuck and Buffy panels. It includes a clip on how Sarah Michelle Gellar prepared for the classic episode, "The Body." It also has great pictures from that panel.

Egads, is there any event they DON'T get to? Heh.
I think that is the second or third time I have been suckered into going to that site. Even with my broadband connection it completely crashes my entire system. You might want to warn people.
Tamara thats sad :( is it because of too many pictures? or the added video? I am glad you let me know there was a problem I will ask our site master what would cause that. Happy Easter :)
Teacherdarling, I don't know what it is. I have no problem looking at most sites or streaming video, but the few times I have been to your site my whole system crashes. Maybe it is time for a new computer. This one is going on 6 years old.
Great site. Thanks!
Teacherdarling-It's not just TamaraC. I just checked out your report and it made my comp drag and that hardly ever happens.

Very nice report, btw. Seth sounds like a sweetie and those were good pics!
Great report Teacherdarling - I agree the site does load really slow. It probably is the pics size. Downsize?
I doubled checked the rules to see if I could link this or not. If I misread the rules my apologies and please delete.

If you liked some of the pics of the panel itself, most of those were mine (used with permission). Or if you couldn't see the pics cause the site lagged. You can see more here
And also these sites have good shots of the panel as well.

Thanks Oanimation :) You are a great photographer. I had so much with you! midnight illusions has some great photos too!

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