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March 24 2008

MTV News story on the Paley reunion. There are a few funny Nicky Brendon quotes that are definitely worth reading :).

Nick is great! Thanks for sharing that xander :) great report!
I liked it. It was fun and upbeat, none of this "will or won't BtVS be coming back" bollocks. Fun quotiness.
Plus, I liked hearing that SMG liked the OMWF sing alongs. She is the queen of good sports, methinks, in terms of that ep.

Props are in order, Sgt. Fury.
Sounds like Nick and Seth keep up with the comics, at least indirectly. Doesn't surprise me that James and SMG are too busy, though.
See, this is why I'm not cool enough to ever be friends with celebs. Were I SMG's BFF she would have known, because I would have called her and told her about 2 minutes after reading the last page ... and that's, again, why I will never have famous friends.

Plus the whole thing where I live in the middle of nowhere.
I really appreciate that we get som many reviews from Paleyfest. You know, both from MTV, fans, tvguide etc. Note the difference between MTV:s review and TVguide, for example. Now I can sit at home and put all the pieces of information together and reenact my own paleyfest with different kinds of office supplies. :D
That article made me very happy, most of the non-fan coverage of the event has attempted to side-step the nerdliness of the proceedings, when nerdliness was kinda the main appeal for me.
"Xander the One-Eyed Monster"

Regarding the Matt Roush quote at the beginning of the article: I kinda feel like punching the next person who asks "Who should Buffy choose, Angel or Spike?" First of all, there's no reason she has to end up with Angel OR Spike. (Or Satsu, for that matter.) In my opinion none of them is really right for her, and anyway why should her choices be limited to just two guys she met when she was a teenager? Secondly and far more importantly: there is a hell of a lot more to the character of Buffy Summers than which lover she picks! Focusing on Angel vs. Spike does Buffy and the show a huge disservice. What do people think this is, a soap opera?

Thank you. I just had to get that off my chest. Back to lurking now.
From someone who was there - Nick and Seth were Hilarious - the only people who didn't like their comments were the people who weren't familiar enough with the show to love everything they say!
whiterabbit, that is completely not true. Most people seemed to be put off my most of Nick's completely not funny jokes. None of which had anything to do with the show.
It depends on recieving the joke, some jokes are funny to people, some aren't. It's the matter of taste. Some liked Nick's jokes and disliked Seth's and the opposite, it has nothing to do with being a fan or not.

So far I thought Nick's jokes were funny, well, the ones I'd heard so far. Didn't hear any Seth joke until I read this article. And he was funny as well.
Yeah, I'd have to agree with Sosa Lola. Totally depends on the combination of joke, joke-teller and joke-listener. Doesn't matter how funny a person might be. If the audience ain't getting it, then there's not a lot can be done. Given an entirely different crowd of Buffy fans you might have seen an altogether different response to what Nick was saying. From what I've read, I'm thinking I'd have enjoyed it, had I been there.
The Paley audience found Nick's jokes funny enough, from what I could tell from the Joss'd podcast. It's mainly the reporters that seem to disapprove of them.
I was in the audience. We weren't laughing.
Seth was funny, Nick on the other hand...
Let me break it down for everyone: some of you thought Nick was funny and some didn't. Now can we stop the endless back and forth about it? 'Cause my best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with a girl who saw Nick Brendon telling jokes at the Paley thing last night. I guess it's pretty serious and/or funny. Thank you, I'll be making Ferris references all evening, don't forget to tip your waiters/waitresses/Slayers.
Thanks zeitgeist, it was beginning to sound dangerously close to a flame fest.

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