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March 24 2008

How do you want Buffy to continue? SciFi Wire asks the question and lists Buffy on Broadway, Spike, Faith, Ripper and Dawn shows as the choices.

Um, Dawn the Vampire Slayer? Really don't think so.

Would't mind a Faith show at all. Especially beginning where "No Future for You" in the comic left off, preferably with flashbacks.
I voted for Dawn, but I'd rather she wasn't the vampire slayer (slaying occasionally would be ok.) Somewhere in the middle of season six I realized that I wanted to see Dawn grow up, with Clem and Spike as surrogate dads, and Willow and Buffy as surrogate moms. She's new in this world, and that was thrown away. Out of the Sunnydale Hellmouth, there could be a lot of stories of a Key becoming a woman.
"Spike" is the best option, followed by "Ripper." "Faith the Vampire Slayer" would be second best, but a "Dawn" series would just feel like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer without Buffy" which, come on...
Faith. Duh.
I voted for Faith. Haunt put it very well. Spike the series was Seasons 6 and 7 of Buffy followed by Season 5 of Angel, if one wants to be cynical. I'm kidding, I know they weren't, but he was central enough in those seasons for there not to be this clearly *new* thing to explore with him in a series the way there would be with Faith. Was it Doug Petrie whose idea was Faith on a motorcycle, her own version of "Kung Fu"?

Where's our Faith Dark Horse spinoff? :)
I would love to see the recently established Faith & Giles partnership expanded. I think it would make a great story either through comics or television.
I am too much of a Broadway geek to vote for anything but the first choice. Also, "Dawn the Vampire Slayer"? Yeesh.
My vote went to Faith. Although I'd like to see Ripper too.
Faith on a motorcycle....on Broadway!
Faith! But I'd also like to see Ripper... so, a Faith & Giles show would be excellent!
How about "Slayer Nation" led by Prime Minister Giles or Robin Wood, and Slayer of the House Faith? Dawn can be an Undersecretary or something until she gets real experince Slaying.
But Green Arrow's idea may be the best option, and that can grow to include Spike, Robin and others. Once Buffy shows a disapproving expression towards it (at first), they can come to an agreement that works for all....and adds more Slayer spinoffs including some new additions.
A broadway version of OMWF would be really cool. Still have to pick a Faith spinoff as my favorite idea. I always thought it would be cool to have a show that focuses on her and her struggle to overcome her past.
Was a bit surprised myself that there wasn't an option for Willow. Personally I think that Willow was and still is the best option for a spin-off from BtVS, so many directions that could go in it's scary. And more Alyson is always welcome.
Dawn the Vampire Slayer? What would she do? Stomp on vampires, like the scene in Fray? Crushing vampires works too...
I voted for the Faith spinoff because Faith is tied for my second favorite character.
Buffy on Broadway, Spike, Faith, Ripper and Dawn. I was looking for the "all the above plus more" option.
My preferred spinoffs:
BtVS: Clem, and His Take on Food (with variety)
AtS: A Groosalaug's Wanderings
Firefly: The Adventures of Vera (when she gets dressed up)
I'm still waiting for the Loan Shark's autobiography.
I voted for Ripper miniseries since I think that's the most realistic choice from these options.
Faith on a bike and Spike in a sidecar. Maybe they could swap roles every other episode.

And there would be much snark and little angst and all would be right.
Broadway is cool, but for our worldwide fanbase, not a very applicable idea seeing as most of them can’t see it. If they do a OMWF musical that’d be great like Joss said on the panel, but a continuation? A bit unfair to those who can’t afford the trip.

Spike. Ripper. Faith. If all in combination that would be the best show ever! Oh, oh, and Oz, too. Dawn could be there but “Dawn the Vampire Slayer” leaves an empty, unsure taste in my mouth. Bet Giles could use someone else with a talent in researching and reading ancient languages, so she can be fit in either ‘show’.

Also, who else felt off when they read "Joss Whedon says Buffy the Vampire Slayer may live on"? Um. It IS living on. Comic form or not... the fandom thrives. I have to stop myself from breaking into a resounding, empowering fandom-y speech on how we will live on… and stuff
Ripper, with frequent appearances by Xander.
First choice goes to Spike, no doubt about it. Easily my favourite character of Buffy or Angel. In fact of any Joss creation. Hell, Spike is pretty much my favourite character, full stop.

Faith gets my second choice, technically, but I would actually not mind any Buffyverse spinoff, Ripper and Dawn included.

Buffy on Broadway, however? Nah!
I think Oz & Gru would make a good show. They travel, save the world (kinda), and have their own "issues" with coping in our world. Both are sexy and strong... hmm... we need a third. How about Gwen? Gwen could be her own show, for that matter. A whole different world- stealing, electrocuting, family riffs, would be interesting...
korkster, I think you may be onto something. I'm all for an Oz & Groo buddy-cop movie!

As much as I enjoy Spike, we got him on Angel after the end of Buffy. Whereas Giles, I would LOVE to see something delving into his life/past.
Buffy Macbeth! A dark Shakespearean look at the Scoobies post-Chosen. Set them in a Scottish castle and have them eventually deteriorate until they are at each other's throats.
If these are the only choices, I'll take Ripper, hands down. I'd give anything a shot that Joss comes up with, but Dawn only works for me in connection with Buffy or Willow, and I'm really not interested in Spike or Faith, except as supporting characters. And as much as I love live theater, having done several shows myself, my chances of getting to see Buffy on Broadway are about the same as my chances of piloting the first manned mission to Mars, so... thanks, but I'll pass.
Macbeth would be cool. But, isn't that what Season 8 is? Personally, I'd like to see Buffy the Rat make a comeback.
As much as I enjoy Spike, we got him on Angel after the end of Buffy.

That's actually kinda my issue. No matter how much of a role he had in Buffy and Angel, Spike never actually had his own show and, even in two series full of massively popular supporting characters, Spike stood out with Buffy and Angel as the third lead character.

I'd settle for that once rumoured telemovie, if nothing else, but I really do think that Spike deserves his name in the title of a live-action project. The canon Spike comic series is a good start, though.
I like the idea of a Dawn series because it opens up the widest number of possibilities, also she isn't a Slayer which would be a fun premise for something called Dawn the Vampire Slayer. Not that I'd be devastated if we got a Faith, Spike or Ripper show instead.

Buffy on Broadway? I think we should be careful what we wish for...

That's actually kinda my issue. No matter how much of a role he had in Buffy and Angel, Spike never actually had his own show and, even in two series full of massively popular supporting characters, Spike stood out with Buffy and Angel as the third lead character.

I don't know, I see him as a supporting character. I'm not saying it wouldn't be good, because Joss could make it work, I'm sure...I just don't see Spike as the lead of a show.
I'm probably alone (and about to be roasted in effigy by people who will choose which parts of this sentence to read...), but I'm in the minority who believed that William's incredible arc running through Buffy alone was enough to make it one of the BEST. THINGS. EVER. and thus I felt let down when he showed up on Angel. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED him on Angel, but part of me always feels like it cheapens a story not to let it have an ending. He is an amazing character, though, and I would watch it every week if it were to happen.

I do feel like there's more Faith/Dawn/Ripper story to be told, however. I feel like Willow got big enough arc and enough screen to satisfyingly tell her story from geeky beginnings to super powerful person doing horrific things to redemption and salvation/glowy goddesshood. Kinda not dissimilar to a number of the bigger arcs in the Buffy-verse actually. I would've loved to see a Faith/Wood/Giles/Andrew based show :)
Spike's story is done. DONE!

Realistically, I want to see Ripper. Half a dozen episodes every year for a few years. Perfect.

Unrealistically, Buffy: The Broadway Musical. Not an adaptation of Once More With Feeling - but a whole new thing. Certainly not in continuity with the series. Perhaps the origin story again? Something... musical.

Or a sitcom - Everybody Loves Giant Dawn!
I agree with you, zeitgeist, regarding Spike's arc on Buffy. Even though I love my platinum-baby blondie-bear, I always thought he was a replacement for Cordelia (which he stated at the Paley Center last week as his regular role's first attempt on Buffy). When Cordy went coma, they brought in her replacement instead of winning her back.

Now, for argument's sake, I LOVE "You're Welcome", but that was also the only closure we were going to get for that character. If Buffy had turned up for the 100th episode, who knows what would have happened to Cordelia's arc. *sniff* Thanks, Mr. Fury, for giving her a decent end.
Out of the choices, I would say a Spike TV show. For me, it would be neck and neck with a Faith series, but because of Dollhouse a Faith series isn't possible at least not for a while. If either one ever happen though, it would be absolutely amazing!

I would also like Ripper to happen, but if it's just a minseries and not a series, I probably won't be that excited about it. Could care less about Dawn having her own show. I probably wouldn't care about a Buffy musical on Broadway either because I would most likely never see it unless it was on DVD and I doubt it would have the original cast.
Not that it's remotely possible with Dollhouse, but, man, Faith the Vampire Slayer.. can I trade my immortal soul for that ?
Firstly, lemme say that I'm so utterly proud to have spelled my username incorrectly when I joined up here. It makes me fool so smrt. (Catch that, did you?)

Anyways, I'd like to see either a Faith or Spike show/TV movie/film, anything to keep the Buffyverse alive on-screen. Yeah, I know that Spike's already had a lot of screen time Angel and Buffy, but... when a character is so great, you just can't complain.

Faith would probably be the best option. She's been seen a good deal, but certainly not as much as Spike. A lot could be done with her, though a lot would probably have to be done in the realm of the ever-mysterious flashback.
Spike's story is done. DONE!

You mean except for the parts that are still going on? ON! ;)

It's that same old thing, I guess. You're opinion about how much more of a character you want to see is based on just how much you enjoy said character. Personally I can see ways to continue Spike for many a season's worth of episodes but if you are done with him as a character then you aren't looking for those possibilities.

That said, zeitgeist, no effigy roasting needed. Even though I'd love to see more of Spike, I can absolutely see why his arc over the seasons of Buffy would be enough for you, had it ended there. Glad it didn't though.
Faith+Giles post S8 arc. With guest appearances by Wood and a few others. Would be good to get three factions of good guys: Buffy/Xander/Willow (sorta)/Wannabes, Giles/Faith, and Angel & Co post-AtF. How AtF is going to work with S8 in overall Buffyverse continuity is still TBD, of course, so this may seem quite silly an idea in a few months.
It was a hard decision...the only one on the list I would watch would be the Dawn series...

I ended up throwing my vote at the Ripper series. Though a Faith or Spike one wouldn't be disappointing.

I could totally see BtVS OMWF on Broadway. My only do you dust vamps on stage? Its an effect that would be very difficult to pull off.
I know I am asking to be doused in kerosene and lit up like a bonfire, but I was happy with how Buffy ended in Season 7. I haven't been crazy about the comics, and I'm perfectly content in living with a quiet, dignified ending to a wonderful series. Crazy talk, right? ;-)
I look back at the Zeppo and say, Xander: The Zombie Hunter.
HAVE to give it to Broadway.....yes mainly because I am a HUGE musical fan but also because I can't just pick one character so why not have almost all of them in the musical??
What, Clem gets no love?
You're opinion about how much more of a character you want to see is based on just how much you enjoy said character.

See, where I'm sitting I love the character so much and think his arc so perfectly defined that amazing character that I feel bringing him back from the dead cheapens that. As I said, I was glued to Angel S5 to see where he went, but I did feel a bit let down.
I think that I would have felt let down had Spike's Angel arc not been so good and had it not explored certain parts of the Spike character that I felt needed addressing.

I think that it's simply that, for me, the arc Spike went through in Buffy was really just the first stage in him becoming the hero he was destined to be. Buffy was his catalyst, if you like. Angel was his motivation to go that one step further. You do whatever it takes to get the girl but there is nothing like brotherly competition to spur you on to that next level.

If Spike had not returned after Chosen then I'd have been okay with a superb arc but disappointed that we never got to see what he would have done with his newly discovered champion status. I'm just glad that we got to see his second arc begin, even if it ended in it's televised form way too soon.
I'm with you, generally. More at some later point :)
Ripper. Easy.
I chose a Faith series because I figured it would easily incorporate other characters that I love. And the Ripper option was a mini-series. Make that an ongoing show, and I'll vote for it in a heartbeat.

Much as I adore OMWF, it wouldn't be the same on Broadway. Part of the charm was the amateur (in the real sense) song and dance performances -- well, except for Tony, who has done musical theatre. Put it on Broadway and we'd end up with belting divas, not our scoobies. (I say that as someone who loves musical theatre.)
My favorite dream spinoff would be a "Willow and Tara" series. That's not a real surprise, given my fanaticism for the couple. I realize SMG doesn't want to do Buffy anymore, so we need a story centered around other characters. There are plenty to choose from (besides Clem).

Yeah, I can see the original bad-ass Jewish Wiccan Uber Witch Willow teaming up with her Archangel girlfriend Tara (who's just told the Powers That Be where they can stick their eternity). The Witch and the Winged One would battle bad guys, solve mysteries, and chase off evil slayers with pierced tongues, all while raising Dawnie and complaining that SMG... err, um, Buffy, is never around. Spike would show up on occasion, just to help Dawn stay out of getting caught. Faith would pop in to keep Spike in line.

It's an unlikely theme, but it'd certainly be different and fun.

Or we could just have "Wonder Clem - the Potato Chip Slayer."

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What, Clem gets no love?

CLEM: THE MUSICAL! will always have a special place in my heart. And, I suspect, nowhere else.
See, where I'm sitting I love the character so much and think his arc so perfectly defined that amazing character that I feel bringing him back from the dead cheapens that.

Exactly, zeitgeist. There were certainly moments in Season 5 where he was used effectively - playing out his rivalry with Angel, but not enough to convince me it was worth bringing back.

And there's lots of other characters I'd love to see more of, but I know their story is over. And some - like Giles/Ripper or Illyria - where there's clearly stories to tell.
I think Joss pretty clearly declined the idea of simply bringing OMWF to Broadway at Paley - he wrote and shot it as a TV episode, and wouldn't want to muck with it (slight paraphrase there). But he did seem to enjoy the idea of a Buffy musical in general . . .

Ripper. Because Tony Head is fabulous, because the character of Giles deserves a Wesleyesque storyline (not the same story, but something of its grandeur), and because I believe it would/will have a distinctly different and new tone (ba-boom) from a Buffy/Angel/Spike/Faith-type show.

Of course, I'm perfectly happy to wait for Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible and whatever other non-Buffy projects JW comes up with. I'm easy that way. :-)
Had to go with Spike. There is no such thing as too much Spike. And I agree that the handling of the character in AtS S5 was only partially satisfactory. Some great moments but not so much with the continuity of character development after Chosen.
(Spike is leading with 30%)
I am enjoying Spike in the comics so very very much, much more than I thought possible, so I vote Spike.
Too easy, Spike of course. His story is nowhere near done, he has only just begun on his solo-champion journey. A cast could be created for him to play off on. And an ocassional guest like Buffy,Giles,Xander,Dawn,Willow could appear from time to time to spice things up.

Hell, even slayers could be worked into the show, former Slayer of slayers is now... Trainer of slayers, ok so it doesn't have the same ring to it but it could work. Season7 and After the fall have shown that Spike could do it.
I voted for Buffy on Broadway, as it would be the freshest and most entertaining of the given options. If I were to pick a premise for a show then I agree with everyone else and say a Faith/Giles series.
Spike, without question. That is the character that got me hooked on Buffy and had he not had such a brilliant arc (backed by great performance) I wouldn't have stayed to watch the rest. I also felt that there were many missed opportunities on Angel, although some sweet moments and glimmers of further development. Finally, any concern that there may not be sufficient stories left to tell After the Fall should be quelled by the volume of fanfic (not to mention 'official' fic in comic form) devoted to just that.
Before, I would have agreed that I'd want to see more Spike. But I think it's because James Marsters is just amazing.

So... with that in mind, I'd much rather have Joss make something with JM, him being the central character, and creating a new story... anti-Spike. He can still be a badass without having to be a vampire with a soul.
Well put baxter & korster. Spike got me obsessed with the show, to be honest he kinda ruined the show for me too. He was so outstanding that none of the other characters mattered to me at all, no Spike, no interest. James Marsters is still my number one guy in anything he does.
Just didn't see that. I liked Spike in small doses, but for most of Season Seven, I was wishing him out of the way so the characters that did matter to me could have a chance. And that's kinda how I feel about the idea of a spinoff/sequel/movie. As with everything else, MMV.
End the Buffy story in comics, and merge it with Fray, continuing it in comics, series or movies.

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