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March 24 2008

A Salute to Buffy. Paley Buffy Reunion Panel moderator Matt Roush shares his opening remarks in text form with the fans who weren't there.

Matt says of his remarks, "At times, I felt I was giving a state-of-the-Buffy-union address."

I'm glad this made it online as I thought he did an excellent job with the introduction. As a moderator, he could have done a better job of drawing people out and diversifying the conversation, but hey, he's a fan too and was probably pretty overwhelmed to be in that position.
oooh I got goosebumps from that and maybe a little misty-eyed.
Thanks for linking!
I actually think the only real problem with the panel, keeping in mind I wasn't there of course, were the couple of inane time-wasting audience questions/comments.
When both the Paley and TV guide asked people to send in questions, those are the pre-screened questions they should have used.
I'm not trying to insult the audience questioners, I understand that people get excited and can't really get it together, hence the pre-screening idea.
Matt's opening remarks were terrific - I thought they really set a great tone of appreciation, humor, and pure fanboyness.

As for the audience questions: I was surprised that they took them at all, to be honest. And, since they had guys with mics walking around, a little bit of screening might not have been beyond them. But, hey, as I said somewhere before, I really didn't mind some folks expressing their love of the show. It was their chance to tell Joss and the cast to their faces, and I certainly don't begrudge them that.

Personally, I'm not convinced that 10 more minutes of acute questions would have been so preferable; the joy for me was in the little asides - Seth's one-liners, Sarah whispering into Joss and Nicky's ears, Amber's goofiness, Nicky staring out into the audience as if trying to discern why on earth we were all there. The answers themselves were relatively unimportant, IMHO.
I love the fact that he calls Buffy the first CW show.

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