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March 24 2008

More MTV Paley Coverage, with even more behind the scenes quotes. This time asking the cast members where they would like their characters to be if a Buffy follow up movie were made.

I'm so torn now, I don't know whether to pray for a Buffy movie or not. And if so which one, a movie recaping the show, a movie filling the void from the crater to scotland, or a feature film version of S8 comic. The fact that SMG/P came to the reunion is big enough news, she doesn't do the convention scene and had a pretty anti-Buffy stance after the show ended. Perhaps having enough down time from the character has made her rethink her view of fear of being type cast, there are worse characterizations to be stuck as than a empowering/capable/superpowered/beautiful/young/Heroine. Its what made watching her in films like Scream 2 and IKWUDLS so difficult, b/c I would be thinking, just kick his ass, he's not even supernatural he's just a crazy guy, kick his ass. Joss has made sure that we expect more out of our female characters. Regardless of how human, nerdy, or whatever they were, they all had an inner strength and I wouldn't describe any of them as a victim. Even the girls, Kaylee, Fred, Tara all possessed a great inner strength and were not weak.
You know, I don't think the movie will ever happen, but it would sure be nice. Just to hear their voices again. Because as wonderful as it is to read them (and it is wonderful), it'll never be quite as good.

But seriously, MTV, that is one bad headline. I mean, really, what is there besides pure wishful thinking and "what if"-ing going on in that article?
It's like the author decided to take every scrap of Buffy movie discussion from last week and twisted it to make it look like there's a movie in the works or being discussed behind the scenes. The reason there's no script or studio ("as far as we know") is because there is no movie in the works. But just quoting Charisma as saying, "as far as we know" creates doubt, like they are hiding something from the general public.

Joss has his hands full right now and without being too much of a wet blanket, I wouldn't hold my breath on a BtVS movie.

How long do you think it will be before the MTV people start talking up the rumor mill about a Dollhouse movie?
A movie bridging the crater and Scotland would be great. So much to cover...the network...Xander Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D....giant Dawnie...Faith's estrangement after having been welcomed back into the fold...Buffy's relationship with Giles...all wrapped into a grand new battle against the next Big Bad, that somehow winds up in Scotland.

The 1 1/2 years between "Chosen" and "The Long Way Home" would be awesome. I don't see doing Season 8 because that's ongoing, I'd like to see a little "fill in the blanks" for how Faith got estranged again (from the Scoobies AND Robin), how Dawn got giant-sized (thricewise, blah blah) and why Giles and Buffy are not-so friendly right now. :)
Tom following the comics.. didn't think eh was that type.
referring to the "how do you want buffy to continue"

why not a ripper-movie?

a buffy-movie wouldn't work because of the many layers each character established within the 8 seasons. how do you explain all this to the audience in a 2hour movie???
but otherwise, in joss we trust!
"I'd sign up for him reading the phone book, he's that good," said Emma Caufield, who played Anya.

It might be better if he wrote it, instead of reading it, 'cause memorizing lines is tough enough as it is, but otherwise, that's all good...

And that was sweet of Amber - I'd like to see Kristine come back, too. That gal should be working more - she and her husband.

More Kristine Sutherland. More John Pankow. Let the somewhat-older actors get some work, dammit.

Ah, youth is wasted on the wrong people...

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Well, if Joss were ever to see Willow's Promise I've no doubt he'd realize that it's the perfect answer to "How can I make a 'Buffy' movie fit the current timeline?"

Then again, given how allergic he is to happy endings...

But, yeah, an explanation is definitely needed for the BHC, Dawn's dumb decision, Andrew being a trainer, Giles being separated from the Scoobs and...everything else mentioned.
As long as Joss ignores any and all fanwanking and fanfic in whatever he does, a movie will be good. I don't think it's going to happen, mind you, but then again I think the Angel comic is going to be ridiculously short because everybody. died. ;-)
I think Tom's definitely the type to read the comics, after all we already knew he showed it to Aly.

The Buffy movie still sounds very very non-existent to me, the reunion didn't bring any substantial changes to the new situation, but if it ever materialized, I'd either want a prequel to Season 8, a self-contained story, or a bridge between Season 8 and 9.
Shadowquest - as you've linked Willow's Promise in probably half of your posts here, consider your point more than made. Please ease off the hard sell, its getting to be a bit too much.
Let's not forget that Joss is also willing to shoot down the comics if they got in the way of continuity... All of this Buffy Reunion talk about the possibility of a movie is getting my hopes up way more than I'd like, because it's a long shot.
What Zeit said...(but I am going to give it a read)

(three edits on a 1 sentence post, nice)
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I know its mainly rumour mongering and wishful thinking, but one can hope.

kimtaro I think more than 1.5 years have past. Keep in mind its comic book time but with Dawn in college...unless she tested out of HS which is possible its been a few more years than that.

OzLady Why do you say everyone died?...You can go to a hell dimension and not be dead. But if you are talking in the scheme that Angel/Spike/Wes/Gunn etc. are UNdead I get that, but Connor seems the same, Nina seems the same. They are still talking about people's lives... just curious.
Well, my vote is for Retirement Buffy: the Cheeto Years. I want to see her and Willow in a retirement home. Willow will walk around a corner (all blue-haired) and see old-man Oz. I want to see Xander and his grandchildren (because, for me, he has kids). I want to see old, slutty Faith, making the most of her sexual life because there's nothing else better to do when you're 80. And Dawnie will round up the gang and take them to bingo for free breakfast. And Buffy will accidentally slay a slot machine. *sigh :)

Of course, for my dream to happen, I have to be patient (for the wrinkles to grow in).
I realize Nickyw as trying to joke but I don't think SMG has a problem kissing other women on screen...unless it's a recent dee-velopment.
zeitgeist Sorry. I told her I'd get in trouble if I kept pimping it.

OzLady Ever heard of lighthearted joking? 'cause...that's what this is. I'm sorry if I offended you. Guess I'm gonna have to just go back to lurk mode.

korkster LOL! Now that's a funny scenario! 'course, if something doesn't happen fairly soon, you might not be too far off the mark. ;-)

Do werewolves age? Hmm...

Me, I just want some filler. Even though I'm not reading the comics, I still want to know how they ended up in Scotland in a big honkin' castle, et cetera, etc. When the Scoobs got back from summer break, they talked about what they did, where they went, how bored they were. We just go from threatening to dump Giles in the crater and Buffy's quiet smile to...helicopters and command ops and everyone's scattered. It's like a total different series.
I thought it was sweet that Charisma wanted Cordelia and Buffy to be friends ... and Angel and Buffy to be together. Who knew she shipped B/A :)
Didn't Sarah teach kissing to a girl in Cruel Intentions, or did I dream that?

If ever a movie happened, I hope dead characters only appear in flashbacks. Resurrection is in danger of becoming an epidemic and diminishes the impact of loss as we know the deceased will return.

I could accept a rather surreal scene with the ghostly images of Anya, Cordy, Tara etc. discussing how much better they were at monster killing than those left behind in the real world.
Hollywood is short on ideas! Last year or so, we had a Miami Vice movie! Give them about 20 years and they start crawling: Please, please Michael, aehm, Joss, we are all burnt out, please make another Buffy movie!
Yeah, I only saw the first part of Cruel Intentions* but somehow they found a way to modernize the occupation of the opriginal Catherine. SMG and Selma Blair re-did it on the MTV Awards when they won for Best _on-screen Kiss. (If I ever write myscreenplay and it gets sold and filmed with the ideal cast, Sarah would be doing it again,t wice, with Amber this time, at the beginning and end. In between SMG straddles Will SMith too.)

This was quite an event, discussion=-wise.

I was living in the local Rescue Mission at the time and they put that film on but right afetr the kiss either the guy with the remote realized what was on and changed it or it was dinner time.

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