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March 24 2008

Buffy Alums Circling Whedon's Dollhouse. TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reports that several Buffyverse grads are being considered for supporting roles on Dollhouse.

I'm conflicted here. I want to see some new faces, sure. Like Joss said, the show can't just be made up of people we've seen. If he had done that with Firefly, I might never have learned who Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, etc. are.

But, that's not to say that I don't want some old faces, because I definitely want to see some old faces. Alexis Denisof doesn't seem terribly busy lately (*nudge* *nudge*), and who can say no to Amy Acker having a supporting role on Dollhouse. Seriously, who can say no to that? Probably only the most heartless of vampires.
I'm not sure how anyone could ever say no to Amy Acker about anything. Ever.
I'd love to see Acker. I'd love to see Kristine Sutherland. :)
I'm on board with Acker and Alexis. Seriously. (And, yes, Felicia). But if it starts becoming a case of "Here's James and Amber!" it's going to become "Here's Spike and Tara!" to me, which will be troublesome.

I do get Joss' point. There's no point over looking talented actors, especially when casting can be such a nightmare and this is a fast process (for DOLLHOUSE).

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I think they should use actors whose characters were killed off on the show. Then, should there be a Buffy movie, no conflict ;)
Tom Lenk for Topher. Tom Lenk for Topher. Tom Lenk for Topher.

Otherwise, Amy, Alexis and Charisma, among the freer actors, would be smashing in any capacity. All the others are desperately welcome for any client-of-the-week role.
I would love to see many, many, many Whedonverse actors on Dollhouse. I like the idea of them doing guest spots, it'd be a great way to see our favorite actors again. I wouldn't complain if someone got a full time character, but I'd like to see new actors aswell.
Could Charisma pull off Adele without seeming way too young?
Hello all. Big fan of this site, just got registered today after many moons of lurking longingly..

I would like a nice mix, Joss has fantastic instincts about hiring people, so I trust him. And if some of the "old hats" want to return, well, that would be nifty!

Honestly, I would love to see them all so I can not narrow my list down. However, if James wants a recurring role I would not be sad.. ;)
Dear TV Guide,

Whilst I am a simple soul, even I notice the HUGE difference between "Buffy Alums Circling Whedon's Dollhouse" and Joss saying "I've read a couple of people [from the Buffyverse]". You guys used to avoid the tabloid hype, now you delve into it like a pig in mud. It's getting a bit silly.
I'd love the idea of Charisma playing Adele too, KingofCretins, but my heart has been leading towards Stephanie Romanov ever since I read about the character.
Actually, I keep picturing Tamzin Outhwaite from "Hotel Babylon" as Adele. That's the only piece of british TV I've ever been able to really get hooked on :) But Charisma could work as Adele or the doctor (can't remember her name).

It's tricky, and Joss is right about the perception. Most of us know that he *could* make it a house party and, in so doing, basically guarantee a perfectly suitable cast with great chemistry. But it wouldn't play well. I don't think you can get away with that kind of constant reuse of the same handful of people without being named James Cameron.
Simon, I think they have some kind of internal bet going to see who can get the most articles linked to WHEDONesque.

And again I must cast a hearty vote for our Felicia Day! If there isn't a role for her to step into, then Joss and Co. need to create one. With their recent work together on Dr. Terrible, its a natural.
KoC, Or Judd Apatow.

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Go with new faces. Casting people from the Buffyverse, especially those that have worked extensively with Eliza before, will just invite comparisons to Buffy and Angel which I think will deter viewers as opposed to attracting them to the show. Given the great casting job that was done on Whedon’s Firefly, I completely trust that Joss can find some amazing new talent to fill the roles.

If Joss decides to go for someone that he has worked with before, then I would rather it be someone that we don’t associate with Eliza like say for example Sean Maher.
In those comments somebody suggests having Eliza play Faith The Slayer. Well, that's Dollhouse's 100th episode sorted out.
I'm not sure how anyone could ever say no to Amy Acker about anything. Ever.

I'm gonna have to agree. If she told me to jump off of a cliff into a sea of liquid hot magma? Guess I'll be swimmin' with the liquid hot magma fish.

But, yeah, that (the article title) is definitely some cheap marketing. But, what can you do? The media always takes something tiny (like the little thing Joss said about casting) and turn it into something bigger than it is.
Well, it makes a change from an io9 article, in fairness.
The TVGuide tag-line shouldn't be "Buffy" alum if they're using Amy Acker's picture. I know, being picky. Just change it to Whedon alum and I would be happy. :)

We've chewed this cud before, and I think the best scenario is to possibly have familiar faces through guest roles and not regulars. We say we won't compare, but I can't but help compare River to Cameron. And they're not even by the same cat.

Perhaps if our peeps weren't type-casted... like for Tom Lenk to play the sexy male Echo-equivalent instead of the programmer or for Charisma to play the warm and loving best friend instead of the bitca. They're not realistic, but you get my meaning.

Although I'd love to see my favs (all of our stars), I have a feeling that our demons may get to play. The ones like D'Hoffyrn(?) or the file clerk from Wolfram & Hart... someone we don't easily recognize. *hoping Alexis Denisof is in the mix*

Whomever he picks, we'll all be thrilled with. 'Nuff said.
I agree with Simon - TV Guide wants to get linked on Whedonesque ;).

That said - I've seen James and Amber in other things, they are great actors and would be great in new roles.
I'm sure the show will run for seven seasons and every jossverse actor will get a chance to guest star. That will be awesome. Some may say I'm optimistic, but I'm just balancing the "It's on Fox so they might as well already cancel it" crowd.
I would love to see Alexis Denisof get a part on this show. He's an amazing actor that NEEDS to be working.
Holy mostly unsubstantiated rumors, Batman!

This seems like a textbook case of what CHUD writers call Oh Don Piano - it only sounds like news if you really want it to.

Regarding familiar faces, I've got no real preferences either way. I think Joss has a pretty damn good track record when it comes to casting, so I'm confident the right actors will be chosen for the right parts, be they newbies or veterans.

All that said, go Amy Acker!

Mmm... Amy Acker.
I don't think it'd hurt to cast Jossverse actors in Dollhouse if there's a good fit for them with the characters. So many of them are versatile actors, and thinking about Dollhouse, isn't the concept about some of the characters effectively taking on a new persona each time? I think that could quickly break up any sense of type casting. And I would be over the moon if James Marsters was in it! He can play big changes on a dime - like going from humour to pathos in an instant, and then back again. That's so perfect for the way Joss writes! I'm getting squee-ful just imagining it!
Ah, but can James do mundane? I don't recall a moment when James played a dull person. To me, that would be breaking the type cast.
Eagerly anticpating fresh mutants and the return of some older varietals (Juliet Landau is the nads).
I'll reiterate that Alexis Denisof needs to play Paul Smith, because I want him to portray me in the story of my life. (If I can't have Samuel L. Jackson, that is ;)
If the actor fits the part, I really don't care if he or she is ex-Whedonverse or not. Long as the roles go to the right people then I'll be okay with it.
What RockManic said. Truth be told, I might have a slight preference that it be new faces.
I have such a problem separating the actors from their characters after watching them for so long, so I think it would be really difficult to see anyone from the Buffyverse on Dollhouse. With that said though seeing Amy Acker go from Fred to Illyria makes me think she is a perfect fit to play a doll.

Also I'm such a fan of all the actors that I always want to see them doing good work, so I'm pretty much entirely torn on this issue...
I too just want who's right, whoever that may be. And it definitely seems there will be abundant guesting opportunities. Or even recurring client spots. So even if there aren't alums in the regular cast, I bet we'll see them at some point.

That said....
Tom Lenk for Topher. Tom Lenk for Topher. Tom Lenk for Topher.
I must "Oooh" at this suggestion. Or Danny Strong. :)
"Ah, but can James do mundane? I don't recall a moment when James played a dull person. To me, that would be breaking the type cast."

He did play a police detective on "Without a Trace" last year, and his character really didn't have much to do. I still couldn't take my eyes off him when he was onscreen, so maybe he can't do mundane. :)

I'd love to see Alexis Denisof on Dollhouse or another series. He's too good an actor not to be working regularly.
If I saw Buffyverse actors on television, I would squeee with delight whether Dollhouse or not, and just comment on how well Joss chose them for the... Buffyverse.

But now, in advance of Dollhouse airing, I want new faces. I want faces that in five years I will be squeeing about just as much as I squee about current Buffy/Whedonverse actors.

If Amber Benson and Amy Acker want to appear on Dollhouse as selfish, vindictive, lesbian clients... then I will 'yay' with the rest of the fandom, but honestly, I want to be introduced to new actors and fresh faces that don't connotate previous work.
I am of two minds on this issue - on the one hand, I would love for certain fantastic and underexposed Whedonverse actors to get some steady work (Alexis Denisof, Christian Kane, Stephanie Romanov, Sean Maher, Gina Torres, Juliet Landau etc), but I also agree that if only Buffyverse actors had been cast in Firefly, then we wouldn't have been exposed to the talents of so many great actors.

So, I think it'd be neat if we had a mix, say, two or three familiar faces, and a bunch of new ones in the regular cast. Then all our other Whedonverse homies can put in magnificent guest appearances.

Also, I cannot be the only one: I would LOVE for some BSG alum to work on Dollhouse. James Callis, anyone? Or how about Michael Hogan? Battlestar has some serious talent working for them, and we already know the Purple One is a fan.
Um, the episode where Amy Acker plays a vindictive lesbian client who hires Echo should be, like, every episode. Ratings WIN!
Oh HELLZ yeah! James Callis is second only to AD in my heart.
Does anyone know the name of the casting agency they're using?
Personally I'd love to see Amy Acker in this too, she'd be a wonderful addition. Waiting for this show is going to be very tough...
I think it would be nice if Joss hired some big name movie star, to get more TV viewers sucked in; a lot of people seem to be willing to do television these days. It would be great to have a Cathy Bates or Lawrence Fishburn on the show. But of course I love our Whedonverse actors too, and I would be very excited to see Alexis Denisof and/or Gina Torres!
I'm game for having some old faces in with new ones. Some of the very talented actors in Joss's previous series barely got a chance to show their range - and this show sounds like one that could give them opportunity to show what else they are capable of doing. I won't name names, but most of the previous shows' actors - regular and occasional - will be fine with me.
I want 'em all. I'm all for new people, but the oldies, I want them too!
ANDY HALLET! It would be amazing for everyone: Angels fans, Andy's return to the screen, Joss's love of his old crew, AND his desire to cast new faces. Since, really, we've never SEEN Andy's face on a Joss show. :)

I think more than any other actor from the Jossverse, I would be absolutely the most excited to see Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Andy Hallet, and Anthony Stewart Head.

I ain't askin' much.
GAH! Well, I think maybe one less seen character (a la Nathan on Buffy, and Adam on Angel), would be a good idea, otherwise.... I'm not so sure that we should have any of the main casts of the Whedonverse. it should be people we know and love, like maybe Andy, Seth, or danny. I really would like to see James, but I don't think that's going to happen. Maybe a client... that could be interesting. Damn I wish I could have gotten his autograph... sorry digressing.
Hmm. Surely the kind of alums we're talking about are the hattricks (Carlos Jacott, Jonathan M. Woodward, Jeff Ricketts, Andy Umberger, Bob Fimiani) or non-reoccurring characters, I find it hard to believe that Joss would cast anyone like James or Amber straight away. (ok, I could maybe see Amy or Alexis...) Save the others for season two...
I bet we have some info as early as next week about who else has been cast. . .
*sends Alexis vibes out into the universe*
Well embers...getting Lawrence "Morpheus" Fishburne (typecasting, I know) for Dollhouse is not as hard as it would seem, since Gina Torres IS Mrs. Fishburne, ya know. And I'm sure James Marsters could put in a mighty shiny word to Kathy Bates on Joss' behalf ;D

Still...if Joss WAS gonna uses some more horses from his Stable of Able to compliment Eliza, I personally think that our Big Damn Heroes deserve at least a second thought toward the big roles. Would keep the "Buffy/Angel reunion" fei hua down somewhat...and give them a chance to work with Joss again on a project that Fox seems to be interested in keeping around longer than 5 minutes.
One of the great things about all three of Joss' shows is that they all introduced me to some really great actors. I can say with complete confidence that I love the work of pretty much every person who has appeared in the title credits of any of his shows, and even those who appeared under the "guest star" moniker.

When I first got done with the three shows I did have concerns about seperating the actors from the characters when I saw them in other things, even though I really shouldn't have. I mean, when I saw Nathan as Caleb, I didn't think Mal. When I saw Gina as Jasmine, I didn't think Zoe. When I saw Adam as Hamilton I didn't think Jayne. And those are within the same circle of shows!

Same for when I see any of the actors in other work. Lily Aldrin is very much a difference person from Willow Rosenberg. Rita is way different from Darla. You see where I'm going.

Basically, old or new, I have complete faith that the right people will be cast in these roles, Joss has never let me down yet.
I'm Dollhouse speculated out. I guess I have been since early on. I'm excited, but not so much by rumors. But it's still fun to skim the comments here. Like so:

Pointy: Eagerly anticpating fresh mutants and the return of some older varietals (Juliet Landau is the nads).

I do enjoy mutant freshness, and Juliet Landau is indeed the nads. If that means something like "kick-ass."
New faces, please. Well, unless it's Felicia Day, but I wouldn't really call her an old face...

I'd rather it not go to any main cast actors from Buffy or Angel. Or even any recurring. Tom Lenk for Topher? No way - way too close to Andrew. I'd prefer he re-use actors in one-shots.
I'm with Tamara. We could all use a little more Amy Acker in our weekly lives.

As long as he manages to kill off Jonathan Woodward (again), I'll be happy. :)
Well, it makes a change from an io9 article, in fairness.

Felicia Day would hardly be a retread -- she said, what, 200, 250 words in Season 7? Maybe? And still managed to be *easily* the most likeable Potential? I just can't think of what she'd play unless it was 5th Doll From the Right -- none of the announced roles really seem to fit.

I think Joss could cast 2 or 3 more of his own alumni without it being a fuss. And the Wesley/Faith dynamic wouldn't be a problem if Alexis were Paul -- it's amazing what not using a fake accent will do for people's perception :)
Ooooh, Felicia! Besides from being awesome, her connection to the Whedonverse is relatively unknown enough that, probably, only us ubergeeks would remember that she was a Potential.

(By the way, what's the word for someone that's been in all 3 Whedon shows? Hat trick? Trifecta? We're going to need a new word if one of them stars/guest stars on Dollhouse =p)
Juliet Landau is indeed the nads. If that means something like "kick-ass."

That time when Angelus was about to skewer Buffy and was all, "What have you got?" and Buffy claps her hands around his cold steel patriarchy and goes, "Me. Bonk!" That was the nads.

So yes. Indeed.
Ooh, pick me! Pick me! Please?

bknick Talk about your "A" list. :-)

I think the main characters, the ones we already know about, should be newbies, or, at the very least, Whedonvets we haven't seen a lot of in other things (Has Andy guest-starred anywhere else?), and save the "big guns" for "Special Guest Star" roles (As long as that doesn't translate into "villian" or "victim.") every once in a very great while.

I so can't wait for this show to actually air, so I have a better feel for the characters and can write the two fanfics rattling around in my head. I've already got Tony cast in one of them, as a client, and I'm leaning towards Amber in the other.


ETA: dispatch Triple Crown! Heeee!
Joss called it a "hat trick" Dispatch. I always called it the Triumverate of EEEVIIILL. But I am a silly, silly dork. It can't be helped...
That time when Angelus was about to skewer Buffy and was all, "What have you got?" and Buffy claps her hands around his cold steel patriarchy and goes, "Me. Bonk!" That was the nads.

Ah, I see what you mean. That is the bestest Buffy moment ever. It just leaves all the other so-excellent moments so very far behind.

Also, is there a gonad theme today?
There is a gonad theme every day, Sunfire, if one but knows how to look.

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Oh, ha, I just checked back into the thread where I vaugely remembered a Twilight-nads discussion starting before, and I see the term indeed was adopted and took off later in that thread. ;)

Too true, Pointy, but some biological references shouldn't be made in polite company. Or so people keep telling me after I make them.

Speaking of which, the title of this post keeps giving me a mental image of actors-as-sharks. Or vultures. And I don't think of the actors as either, but "circling" is an odd and vivid word choice.
What I'd like to see is lesser-known actors from the various shows--people who only showed up in a couple of episodes, like Felicia Day or Richard Brooks (who was so damn creepy as Jubal Early) or Julia Lee (Anne/Chanterelle/Lily). Oooh! Or Alexa Davalos!

There are exceptions, of course. Nothing would make me happier than to see Juliet Landau or Johnathan M. Woodward. And then have more famous alum play clients eventually. I think it would be a nice way to use talent we've already enjoyed without it being too much of a "house party," you know?
Stop saying "nads", I keep thinking you're talking about my blog.
I agree with whoever said TV Guide is trying to see how many Whedonesque links they can get out of this (guess that means we are mighty ;-)

The only jossverse actor I'd die to see in this is Alexis Denisof, because we've seen less of him than any of the others, since the end of all Joss shows. And because he seems a perfect fit for the part and he's without a doubt a really fine actor.

My personal favorite jossverse alumni ever is James Marsters, also a really fine actor. But James has a "too much presence" problem. As someone way up the thread said, even in the small, low key guest shots on Without a Trace, you couldn't take your eyes off him when he was on screen.
This played beautifully into Spike, as a character, but it would be a tough fit in most any other ensemble role.

But lots of guest shots for jossverse alumni would be great. And BSG alum, as well ... yes! want Mary McDonnell for (can't remember her name, one of the leads).

*Waves "hi" to newbies*
I've said before that I want new faces in the main roles and old faces as guest stars. I'd bet good money that Richard Brooks or Johnathan Woodward will make guest appearances. The hat tricks will roll on, I'm sure.

However, as soon as I saw Amy Acker's picture on Ausellio's page, I said to myself, "He's gonna cast Amy, isn't he." Because who could say no?
And I don't think of the actors as either, but "circling" is an odd and vivid word choice.

Well, there's also "circling the drain." I hope out of the vast pool of worthy candidates, some of the Whedonverse players that we haven't seen enough of get it, but it's certainly not a sure thing.
*newbie waves back*
Gossi says:
"I'm on board with Acker and Alexis. Seriously. (And, yes, Felicia). But if it starts becoming a case of "Here's James and Amber!" it's going to become "Here's Spike and Tara!" to me, which will be troublesome."

What's the difference? Why does it work with Acker and Alexis and not James and Amber?

Just curious.
No one is asking the really important question:

If Joss gets "hat tricks" to appear on Dollhouse, what is he gonna call them?

"Hitting for the cycle" (baseball) is a bit long winded. Maybe "Connect Four"?
If you go baseball, it makes more sense to use "grand slams".
Juliet Landau would be sweet to have.
Thinking on a tangent - how about BSG's Leoban for Topher? That would be creepiness personified...
Leoban is too old for Topher.
Oh. Consider my bubble popped.
If we were going to go with Whedon alums, I'd like either Tom Lenk, Seth Green, or Jonathan M. Woodward for Topher. Also, Amy Acker as Claire would be awesome. As far as those, though, I don't think I'd be too happy with Whedon alums cast in the main roles. Guest parts I'd be fine with, but I think Joss might be better off with newcomers for the main roles.

Oh, and also Alexis Denisof would be cool as... Boyd? Yeah, probably Boyd. Not that he's that old, but that's really the only role there I can see him in.

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Wow, you guys finally opened for new accounts when I was paying attention. It's a miracle. Guess I better make my first post worthwhile... ah, to hell with it.

Acker and Fillion! Acker and Fillion! Acker and Fillion! Acker and Fillion! Acker and Fillion! Acker and Fillion! Acker and Fillion! Acker and Fillion! Acker and Fillion! Acker and Fillion! Acker and Fillion!

(yes, the loss of 'Drive' still hurts me)
If I could wish anyone into the cast, it would be Alexis Denisof and Gina Torres. Both of them deserve far more recognition and bring much talent to the table.
theonetruebix: If you go baseball, it makes more sense to use "grand slams".

Hmm... hadn't thought of that one. There is always the concern that someone would think of the Denny's "Grand Slam", but considering how the other writers tease Joss about his eating habits, it only makes it more appropriate.
I think he can put a couple of Alums in without too much worry-especially if they didn't really all appear together every week. So I'm crossing my fingers for Alexis Denisof and James Marsters. Also I want James playing anything other than an amoral killer please-ooh maybe playing crazy, can't we write that in? Maybe he was a doll in the past and all the mind filling and erasing took it's toll and left him a bit nuts-but also with an uncanny ability to read people and see the truth. This way he can be a recurring character with a slowly revealed back story.
I think Amy holds the unofficial record for actresses on his shows that Joss has fecetiously referred to as "homely" or "ugly" on commentaries. She's his favoritest, I think :) It would be great to see her on this, maybe as the doctor whose name I can't remember.

I still want Lennie James as Boyd. Alexis or Sean Maher as Paul would be the closest to a Must Have Jossverse Alum actor.

Here's an idea I totally know wouldn't happen, but I'd still love it -- Robia LaMorte as Adele. She's 37 or 38, a little young-ish for the description, but she was awesome as Jenny, IMO, and Adele, while apparently a pretty edgy character, probably wouldn't present her the personal conflict that playing the First did.
I'm hoping for Emma Caulfield. She has a lot of range as an actress that we haven't seen explored on Buffy, so it would be nice if she had a role on Dollhouse.
I have to say I'm hoping they'll cast mostly new people. The actors from Buffy/Angel/Firefly bring along with them so much baggage - at least for me. I don't want to be seeing Wesley when I'm supposed to be seeing a new character.

I'm sure Joss will make the right choice - he does seem to have an unusual knack for casting the right people in the right parts.
Hellz Bells my heart did an little dance when I heard this good news. Personally I would love to see James Marsters obviously, but also Tom Lenk, Nathan Fillion, Seth Green and like DUH... Alexis Denisof!
Well the elephant in the room is that you've already got Faith in the lead. Either you can overlook actors you've seen in other roles, or you can't.If the actors and the writers are doing their job, it shouldn't be a problem.

Fillion seems to be the kiss of death so I hope he isn't on it, but I could see either Tom Lenk or Seth Green in the Topher role. Although I think Seth Green is really busy.
Stephanie Romanov would be awesome. I'd like to see Alexis but only if he uses his English accent. We already know that Alexis and Eliza work well together. Never get enough Emma Caufield. But I don't think this is supposed to be a comedy is it? And Emma excels in comedy.

James Marsters, although I always love to see him and he is excellent in everything he does, he's pretty busy right now too I think. He had to turn down the return to Without a Trace but now that Dragonball is done maybe he's more available. But frankly I would rather he be the lead in a series, than just one of eight characters so I don't really want him in this.

If Joss could get Alan Tudyk, that would be awesome. Unless he kills him. Which he might just to be funny.
KingofCretins: maybe as the doctor whose name I can't remember

Now that would be a fun character to cast: the doctor that no one remembers his/her name. Kinda the opposite of the dolls, who have a name and nothing else.
KingofCretins, you're right--Robia would be awesome in just about any role. I missed her terribly when Jenny was killed off, and I would love to see her on a Joss show again.
From way back,

... even I notice the HUGE difference between "Buffy Alums Circling Whedon's Dollhouse" ...

Thank you, Simon. Geez, can you say crass? It will be what it will be, and however that "be" turns out, I can't wait to see it.
I wouldn't mind seeing Nick Brendan in this, either. He could certainly make a role like Topher work, and I actually think he could make Paul work, were he invited to channel the badassery he drew upon in "The Pack", "Halloween", and "The Wish".
Stop saying "nads", I keep thinking you're talking about my blog.

I am not sure Juliet Landau is furious nads. I think she is just nads.

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Don't know about cast, but Mighty Mike Massa (stunt coordinator and Angel double on "Angel") is the "Dollhouse" stunt coordinator. This isn't a wouldn't-this-be-nice, he's actually got the job. May I just say on behalf of many, many people -- YAY!
First post. Lurker for a while, but my excitement for Dollhouse could no longer be contained.

I think Joss can strike a balance here with old alum and new actors, but I would say no more than 2 more major alums or it'd be too much. My personal favorites would be Alexis and Amy. I think Joss is a big fan of both, so I'm hopeful one of them will be cast. The description of Adele just screams Stephanie Romanov to me.
Wow. It looks like the majority agree that Alexis should return. *warmfuzzies*
Thanks for the info Shapenew, funnily enough I was just watching the commentary for 'The Train Job' in which Mike Massa plays one of the baddies and listening to Joss and Tim joke about him.
I am not sure Juliet Landau is furious nads. I think she is just nads.

"Furious nads" ? What an image. Juliet Landau is not only the nads BTW, she's also the mutt's and the dog's ;).

I'd prefer new faces but ultimately it's whoever's best for the role, Joss has the knack of casting I reckon so I trust him to get it right.
I really, really want Michael Muhney!!, perhaps as Paul.
Wait a minute! he hasn´t been in a Whedonshow!, so it works out fine :)
Summer Glau would be exellent (alldough I now she´s occupied). James Marsters is always a joy to see, as is Alexis Denisof.
I am truly happy Mike Massa is on the show, he is my favorite.
I think Stephanie has already played one of the best ballbreakers in television history. I'd rather see her play at the other end of the spectrum. As for Nick, he already has a job on Criminal Minds (yes!) so don't think he would have time.
Casting former whedonverse actors would be something the fans would like but may not be the best way to draw new folks in, and new folks are needed to keep this going. IMHO, I think that the show needs new faces outside of Eliza. I thought Amber Benson would have worked as a doll, but my sense is that door no longer opens.

But hey, arent' we good at keeping the viral marketing going? :-)
But to an extent casting former whedonverse actors is only an issue for people who watched previous Whedon shows. If you never watched Buffy before you have no preconceptions as to how ED and AD might interact while the Whedon fans might. I think for the overall success of the show the key is casting people who can play the current roles well regardless of what work they have and haven't done in the past.
If Michael Muhney gets his wish, it should be as the freaky rogue Active :)
I'm thinking that if Whedon casts anyone it will be Fillion, then perhaps Acker, Denishoff and maybe some of the actors who played smaller roles. Felicia Day is a good bet. Juliet Landau might be a possibility, but Carpenter and Marsters? I'd be shocked. I'm just basing my thoughts on who he has associated with and talked about lately. He does seem to be a little more subjective in his casting than some producers are.
OneTeV, I've done some googling and came up with some possibilities for our 4-trick friends. :)


But, my 2 FAVS! are QUATERNION & LITTLE JOE. Should we have a vote on what to call Knox & Jabcotts if they show up?
My favorite would be "quaternion", but that will be hard to say when they do the DVD commentary. Whedon's Tetrad of Thespianism has a nice ring to it.

I'm going to join Shapenew in being excited about Mike Massa being stunt coordinator. I was consistently blown away by the stunts being done on Angel. I think the fights on that show were more impressively staged than many superhero-type movies.

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*nods head* Come on, WHO could forget that Massa plummeted out of a skyscraper window?? That was, amazing!
Well, we know *somebody* is going to get thrown through a pillar at some point on "Dollhouse" :) But it will be awesomely done.
Eee, gods! I am now spoiled for that pillar fight scene. What am I to do???

BTW, excellent spoiler. To get info before it's even scripted. *applauds* :)
Massa = pillar stunt like John Woo = doves.
Was Mike Masa directing stunts for the entire run of Angel or the first couple of seasons? I always remember (besides the "can you fly" trip out the skyscraper window) the episode (5.1 I believe) where a spell has placed a viral bomb inside a kid and Angel goes to save him, taking on a whole Special Ops team, and some beautiful slow-motion action with him in a hallway ("What happened to mercy?" "You've just seen the last of it.")
Tonya JWell, I know he was there for Season 4, at least. He coordinated the fight scene on "Apocolypse, Nowish" on the skybar-thing.

*decides to look it up instead of hypothesizing...

On, they credit him with the stunt coordination with "Not Fade Away". And they credit him for 5.1 "Conviction". So, yes.
Another shout out here for Alexis Denisof! I would be overjoyed to see him working again. That man is incredibly talented, and I trust that he could pull off any part given to him. It would be especially interesting to see him play a character completely different from Wesley.

However, I trust Joss to make the right decisions. He has always had a knack for choosing great actors!

((By the way, this is my first post! Yayness!))
Great, thanks Korkster!
Alexis Denisof or Amy Acker would be amazing. I LOVED them on How I Met Your Mother. So hilarious. <3<3
On the top of my wishlist are Nathan, Alexis and Amy. I would also love to see Seth involved.
Mike Massa was David Boreanaz's stunt double during Season Three of "Buffy" (can't remember exactly when he came in, but was there for S3) and then moved over as the Angel stunt double when "Angel" began. He became coordinator, while retaining the stunt double gig, on "Angel" Season 3. So he was *around* for the entirety of "Angel" (barring some time off when he went and did a film -- I think "The Italian Job"?), but began coordinating (officially) in the third season.
I'd love to see any of the ex-Buffy/Angel/Firefly alumni appear in Dollhouse, but I do also think it's important for new people to appear. I think the show would suffer if the entire cast was made up of actors we already recognise from the Jossverse. I know that's what acting is all about. I can cope with seeing actors playing different roles and even actors acting alongside previous castmates, but if the whole show consisted of that it would be incredibly distracting.

However I think Joss is going for absolutely the best policy- he's open to considering people he's worked with before, but he's also looking for new people. Basically the best people for the roles will get them, regardless of whether they've worked with him before, and that's a good thing. And if some previous castmembers do end up on Dollhouse, it's likely we'll see interesting combinations of people who might have worked on the same show but not at the same time, or who never appeared together, or those from different shows. Even if none of the main characters end up being from Joss' previous shows, I think it'd be unlikely if none of them turned up as guest stars.

I hope that at least a couple do end up going to some Buffyverse actors, and Charisma is at the top of my list for actors who would realistically try out for a part (obviously the likes of SMG, AH and DB aren't) because we've seen she's capable of great work but I don't think she's been tested enough in the past so it would be wonderful to see her take on a role that is completely different to Cordelia. And it's nice to know that there really is no animosity between Joss and any of the cast, since he appeared with both Sarah and Charisma at Paleyfest, and now with Charisma possibly auditioning for Dollhouse.

Now if only Kristen Bell would end up working on Dollhouse...
I would really not like to see Nathan Fillion doing more supporting work on a show. Is he still even on Desperate Housewives? He needs to, in my ever-so-humble opinion, not be under the Whedon/Minear "umbrella" for awhile. This is an actor who can carry a television show and needs to be doing more films. Almost 37, I don't want to see him fade into obscurity because he kept doing the supporting role thing and I hope he doesn't. I understand the need to work but this is an actor who has an oil gusher of talent that still has yet to be fully revealed.
What do you mean Tonya?
Fillion has had at least three movie leads I can think of, and two television leads.
Waitress, Serenity, Slither
Firefly, Drive
That's more opportunity to show his bankability than most actors ever get who aren't related to Hollywood money men.
Don't know if I can put it accurately into words. I think I'm just frustrated by the fact he hasn't come into his own yet, and I watch as lesser actors get the shows and the attention. Yes, he's done some excellent work but Drive was very short-lived and Waitress while a charming fable, was an Indie film probably not very widely seen. People are mentioning in this topic that they want Whedonverse actors in the supporting roles and I'd rather seem him get his due by having a show that's built around him. He's excellent in action-mode, and Drive only hinted, I think, at what he's capable of doing. Someone needs to bring back The Equalizer or a similar kind of vehicle. I'm stopping before I ramble on some more.
Actually, Tonya, Alan Tudyk is "The Equalizer" :)

I do agree with you about Nathan to a point. I'd love to see him in a strong, new, lead role - especially in an ensemble drama or comedy. As for Dollhouse, I'm happy to see him (and other Whedon alumni) turn up in a guest role - oh heck, even a recurring guest role - but I think assembling a new group of actors would be my preference. Not necessarily unknowns, but under-used actors, who are not mainstream.
I have to agree with Tonya - I wouldn't like to see Nathan in a supporting role here. I think he needs something bigger than that.

I was rewatching Buffy from the beginning in the run up to Paley Fest and one of the things which always stands out is the brilliance of the casting. I'd hate not to have the outstanding new faces in this show that we're used to seeing.

Having said that, it would be nice to see one or two of the lesser known faces in here to give them a bit more exposure. And by that I mean lesser known to the TV watching public at large - not us. Some of the Firefly cast, for example, really aren't well known at all.
......If you never watched Buffy before you have no preconceptions...
helcat | March 25, 18:00 CET

There are people who have never watched Buffy?? in this universe?

But what I really think we need is to discuss casting a lot more. ;-)
Amy Acker would be an excellent choice. I would also like to see Michael Muhney as a Doll and I believe he expressed interest some months ago. He was excellent on V Mars and any chance to see him shirtless on television again would be greatly appreciated. ;)

Oh yeah, he can act too...
The problem is, many of Joss Whedon's actors ARE among the most talented out there and most are grossly under-used IMO. So if he's looking for "the best person for a role" I'm not surprised he has to reuse his actors.

I do put a bid in for Muhney. I'd love to see him in a Joss show.
Mike Massa's stunt-wrk never failed to impress. I agree with the previous poster - the fights on angel were spectacular, especially once Season 4 rolled around - the fights with the Beast were crazily cool. Glad to have him on-board.

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