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March 24 2008

Even more Paley Fest coverage, this time from IGN. Multi-page write-up of the Buffy cast reunion, complete with photos.

I think that's the best one yet. And it seems to've quoted Sarah properly re: S6. I was having trouble believing she /really/ said it was "boring" to her.
Agreed with that. I've read all the Paley coverage I can find, and I think this one tops the list of the ones I've read. Very nice article.
This one is definitely the most accurate; it doesn't sensationalize the event at all.
I'd almost forgotten what simple and honest reporting was like...

This has the feel of the night (almost) down to a "T" - though it will forever be too hard for anyone to convey exactly how funny Seth Green was that night :)
I love this one. It goes in pretty deep, but stays interesting. And the few photos are great quality. The group photo on page one is now my background!
I was having trouble believing she /really/ said it was "boring" to her.

I have no idea where that one came from. She emphatically said nothing of the sort.

ETA: Excellent and, more important, accurate recap - thanks Eric G! But you should have noted that Greewalt added "a very pretty machine" to his description of SMG as a machine. ;-)
She said "foreign." I understood her but it's a slightly unusual use of the word.
She really seemed disillusioned by the thought of one of her heroes and someone that she'd lived with for 5 years or more suddenly becoming completely dark and apathetic. God I love that season. it mirrored me exactly at that time.
I don't have a blog to post to, or a website to upload anything, but I did attend the Reunion and just wanted to share photos with you guys. I figured in the comments on a post about it would be the best place.

- Sarah being gracious, and appreciative, and excited to talk about the show
- Seth Green and his witty jokes
- Joss Whedon being there
- Michelle Trachtenberg talking fondly and smartly about her experience on The Body
- Emma Caulfield's explanation behind her performance in The Body
- Most (if not all) of them staying afterward to sign things and chat

- Fan questions... sorry. It was so much better being moderated and hearing fond talk of the show, not fans saying how much they loved it. Especially that dang movie/ipod question...
- Amber sort of meandering around her reason for not returning S7
- Alyson and Eliza not showing :(
- So many questions left to ask (What other things were planned, but didn't work out? Comparisons to Veronica Mars? Dawn hating? S6 hating? How does Joss keep finding Buffy stories to tell?...)

But overall, SO GOOD.
Thanks Brian and dakoulkid!!
I can't even believe that this happened.
i really wanted to know when we were going to get the story of the interim time between chosen and Season 8, but no! We got the same old questions about the body, hush, OMWF, yes we got precious, wonderful responses. I was really excited when I heard matt was going to moderate, but the questions were sort of lazy( i mean spike vs. angel really?!?!). I like your questions better dakoulkid.
Thanks for the links Dakoulkid.
That second picture especially intrigues me. If you look down the line every person seems to be having a completely different reaction.
Somebody should put thought bubbles on those for fun!
Great recap from a very very good night (though personally I thought the Pushing Daisies one was much more entertaining) but still so worth having flown all the way over from Australia to be there.

That said I did think Sarah said bring back Buffy the Rap not the rat as written there... But it could just be the jetlag talking!!
Hey guys, thanks for the kind words.

ozfinn: I understand the confusion, because she actually kind of said both - After Sarah said she would have preferred Buffy the Rat to return, either Seth or Nick (I think Seth) jokingly said "Buffy the rap?" which began a little run between them, including Sarah, about Buffy rapping instead of singing.
As I recall, she said bring back Buffy the rat rather than make her sing, and one of the constant jokesters, Seth or Nick, suggested Rap, and then she said it would have been better.
No, she said rat, ozfinn, a reference to Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered when Buffy was turned into a rat so that SMG could shoot SNL the same week. Sarah was joking that she kinda sorta wished the same thing had happened during OMWF so that she wouldn't have to sing and dance. But only kinda sorta.

And then the rap jokes started, as the others point out, hence the confusion.
Posts at almost the same time, with almost the same content. That suggests that we are right.
Am not going to argue, I was still a little jetlagged by the time the Buffy event rolled around (not to mention just purely exhausted after having just gotten back to LA after a few insane days in Vegas!). And I just got back to Australia yesterday and am yet again insanely jetlagged.
As I said, must've been the jetlag talking... Certainly is now!
The reunion was amazing. I can gladly say it was the best day of my life so far. Being like 100th in line at 4 Pm to being in the 7th row from the front was great, and speaking to and meeting Sarah was amazing. I still can't believe it actually happened and I was right there. Amber was so sweet in person and James was nice too. He signed my picture and said "Thanks for holding it down". He made eye contact for like 5 seconds and I felt like he looked into my soul. It was odd but really nice of him lol.
I totally know what you mean, ozfinn. Sleep it off and if you still remember the tellings as wrong, tell us. Others who were there evidently have different memories.
Sarah also did the rap pose while this all happened. It was hilarious.
Also, any of the fans who got to ask questions post here? Lucky them.
Yeah, I remember her gang pose.
Here is an animation of a bunch of photos taken during me trying to get to Sarah for her autograph. It was amazing being there that close to her. The first part is shots of her signing autographs, then it goes into a few frames of me trying to make my way to Michelle who also signed my picture, then me going to Sarah to get her autograph. She disappears for a few frames because someone fell or something happened off the to right and she went to see what happened (the huge crowd was pushing people around left and right and I think someone got knocked over), but she comes back to smile at me and give me back my picture.
Thanks so much for linking this!! Best one yet that I've read! Boy do I envy those of you who were actually there!! Off to look at those pictures now!!
I just wanted to say thanks. This was really good, by far the most objective article I've seen about the reunion. It also caught the essence of the humor that night. Great read! By the way, I should also be polite and say "hello". I'm new here, and very happy to be here. :)
Amber "hemming and hawing" about S-7 supports what I've been thinking. The reasons were probably complex, the various theories about her management and Fox not coming to agreement, shceduling conflicts, Amber not wanting to show the wrong image to her fans etc. are each individually noticeably less than 50% of the reasons why she never appeared. She and joss wish to maintain a professional relationship and meither wishes to air inside, essentially private business information with the "whoel" world. To which I s ay good move.
Was this the occasion with Tara appearing as the First in Conversations with Dead People? Or was she also scheduled to appear again later in season 7? If it was the First, then I for one am happy she chose not to appear. I think it would have been sad if Tara's last onscreen time was as a villain.
Was this the occasion with Tara appearing as the First in Conversations with Dead People?

Right, Furball. And I agree, I think it was much more effective the way it was done.

Running for the hills now, in case this discussion gets started again ;-)

Thanks everyone, and especially for the photo links.
Furball, Shey ; Joss mentioned he had an idea for later in the season for AMber to return as Real Tara, but by then she was completely unavailable. Any connections of that to her not wanting to be First Tara are pure speculation and more than we as fans can expect to know about,

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