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March 24 2008

Cut 2008 SLiTHER Screening followed by panel with Nathan Fillion, Gregg Henry and James Gunn. Anybody here lucky enough to get tickets before they SOLD OUT?

March 30, 2008 Slither Screening Slither Panel

They had screening passes for sale at the website, but they are all sold out now....
Crap, I would have liked to go to that. Whedonesque is slipping. We usually see stuff just before it sells out, so you can have the illusion that you might have got to go.
I only heard about this when people on nathan's myspace were talking about Nathan going. So hoping somebody here was going so we might get warstories. Then I had to research it to find it. People don't post links alot. Wasn't listed on Still not listed on there. Some theaters know to put the info on early and some don't. For example, according to there is a Serenity screening April 24, 2008 Davis, CA 95616
I was just bitching. Certainly not blaming anyone. I snost and lost.
Hey, I'm blaming someone. I'm blaming the theaters! Don't they realize we will drive long distances to see Nathan Fillion in a movie. And even farther to see Serenity. Grrrh! Arrgh!

How are people supposed to know...
**cough** I got tickets last fall.. with a friend who was going for the Gerard Butler part and staying for the Slither part..

I sort of hoped Nathan might show up to support Gunn... I will let you all know how it goes...

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