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March 25 2008

Marc Blucas in Trailer for Meet Dave. It's a new Eddie Murphy movie about a spaceship shaped like a person and full of tiny aliens.

Unfortunately, it looks horrible. Like Norbit horrible.

Well, Norbit was nominated for an Oscar...
If the entire combined casts of Buffy, Angel and Firefly co-starred, I still wouldn't watch a post 1990 Eddie Murphy movie. There is no force in the universe great enough.
I would have to say if there was one force in the universe great enough to watch an Eddie Murphy movie it would be the cast of Buffy and Angel in one place.
It'd be like the unstoppable force meeting the immoveable object.

'Bowfinger' (1999) was pretty decent though IMO (as was Murphy in it).
haha, no power in the 'verse can stop Eddie Murphy from making horrible movies.
At least, he isn't in a fat suit this time... that's kinda like a step up, n'est-ce pas?
(BTW, poor Marc Blucas.)
"I still wouldn't watch a post 1990 Eddie Murphy movie"

Not even Shrek and Shrek 2?

However, I personally draw the line at any live-action Eddie Murphy film pre-1990 or not.
Shrek, and Dreamgirls for that matter (haven't seen it, hear it's good), aren't Eddie Murphy movies. They're movies with Eddie Murphy in them. If he's got top billing, stay the f**k away. Faaaaar away. Like Alpha Centauri far.

Hey, actually, what's the policy on swearing here? I mean, I'm not going to chuck F-bombs all over the place, but the occasional wellplaced, marginally justified cussing?
I'm am deeply afraid. Its so horrible that I may have to wait till it goes to DVD and grab it out of the $5 bin at Walmart just watch and mock and laugh and say to my friends, check this out its so awful.
He needs to try drama liek Bob Hope did in Beau JAmes.
Winther, there's no swearing policy as such, obviously, but gratuitous use of obscenity will cause the user to be shunned. And then binned. My bottom line is always: it's gotta be funny. (I suppose heartfelt might be OK too, in a pinch).

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