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"Well they tell you: never hit a man with a closed fist. But it is, on occasion, hilarious."
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March 25 2008

Son of More Paley. Another fan account, this one including an .mp3!

LOVE the subject line. :-)
really need a dvd. this is hard to hear what is being said, but thanks for the effort.
I need a numbering system of some kind to lessen my confusion.
damn me still being at work and having to wait 5 more hours to listen!! also a big fan of the subject line. also still bitter about not being able to attend.
Just a reminder for children of all ages - correct capitalization/punctuation are STRONGLY encouraged for readability.
I'm glad my subject line amused. :)

And yeah, the guy said the audio quality might not be the best, but I reckoned it might be interesting all the same.

[ edited by swanjun on 2008-03-25 21:23 ]
Nothing, swanjun. The title's cute, and I think the link's appropriate. I just meant maybe we need a WELCOME TO THREAD 10, since Paley has so much continuing coverage, and there's ongoing discussion in various places.

Well ok, I'm saying it in a comment. Welcome to Thread 10!
Heh. I just edited my comment to remove the 'What'd I mess up?' question that Sunfire is responding to, since I realized I was probably being grammatically paranoid. :)
Swanjun, great subject line.
Emma's re-married, huh? I wonder how old he is. Imdb doesn't list this one or her first. If she wants to keep that quiet, good for her at succeeding.
Here is a video I posted of the line around 5:00ish I would say. There were tons more at the end by the time we started going in.
Heh, platinumtic, for once I show up on someone's camera. So not a vampire.

ETA: And I made your link more linky. For new members (and old forgetful members), here's the Whedonesque How To Page for instructions on how to make links in comments, quotes, invisible text, and really good omelettes. Well, possibly not the latter, alas.
Zombie of Son of More Paley.

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