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March 25 2008

"Redbelt" with Chiwetel Ejiofor will premiere at ESPN-sponsored Film Festival. The movie, where Chiwetel pays a martial arts teacher who will find himself competing in the ring, will be the premiere movie at the Triberca/ESPN Sports Film Festival on April 25th. It will premiere in L-A and N-Y on May 2nd, and other cities a week later. Tim Allen and Emily Mortimer will also star.

As a connoisseur of fight scenes, a fan of mixed martial arts, and someone who was happily surprised by those in Serenity, I am greatly looking forward to Redbelt. The fact that Chewie is also an excellent actor only adds to my anticipation.
I just happened to watch both trailers for Redbelt earlier today and I was very impressed. Also interesting that the two trailers are very different, suggesting two different movies, and both look very good in their own right. (I did like trailer #1 just a little bit more.)
Also something else to stir the pot... the film is directed by David Mamet. He even holds a purple belt in BJJ (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu). So I'm assuming he wouldn't trash something close to his heart.
I can't wait to see this thing. The MMA magazine FIGHT! did a great piece about the film. There are supposed to be cameos of a couple of UFC stars as well as choreography by Danny Inoeue (whose name I think butchered, sorry), who studied with and received a black belt from Bruce Lee.
The movie, where Chiwetel pays a martial arts teacher who will find himself competing in the ring

How much does he pay? ;)

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