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"I mock you with my monkey pants."
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March 26 2008

Michelle filming Gossip Girl. The first pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg filming Gossip Girl!

My God, those pants! She's lookin' good. I haven't really given this show a shot. At best I'd be open to add it to my guilty pleasure shows.
Oh my... (yeah, the pants)

For those who haven't seen the show, I'd say it's worth checking out. The writing is lively (pun not intended, I swear), the cast is good(-looking) and there are occasional standout moments (usually involving the Chuck and Blair characters, I find). Not must-see-tv, but a solid show, imho.
She's supposed to be the beyotch on that show, and they definitely dressed her correctly. Those pants: Mee-Yow!
Those pants...

Faith would be SO proud.

(no need to sign your posts -ed.)

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What are those pants made of?
I just want to know the designer of the shoes. Those are hot!
She looks totally catty. Awesome!
Maybe it's because I'm a guy, but I just can't imagine how, in a universe governed by the normal physical laws of nature, a person would be able to get into those pants. And how do they get her out again, do they like, cut the pants off her? If so, I'm volunteering for the job.
She's wearing nylon leggings not pants.

They can be found at American Apparel.
She's such a beauty! Not my cuppa tea this show but I wish her the best and hope she's a scene stealer!! This girl should seriously be doing skin care commercials with her flawless skin!
Those can't possibly be leather, they're too tight! She'd wouldn't be able to bend her knees! She looks amazing though...
Oh, Lordy, and I already felt like a Dirty Old Man following these actresses' careers, now Michelle. Sigh-um
I was just admiring how pretty the makeup was. When did she get so beautiful? I must not've been watching...
Hah...thinking of those pants as leather just makes me think of the Friends (bugger the little periods after each letter) episode where Ross gets stuck in his leather pants.
Nope, those are lycra, but mee-yow is right! (I'm thinking about how Willow said to Dawn that guys like her for her legs, not those itty-bitty breasts.)

Why am I having such a hard time believing that MT is only 22? Maybe it's because all actresses lie about their ages...But damn, that girl is beautiful, and I wish I had her hair!

Edit: fixed punctuation, because it was bugging the Grammar Nazi inside of me!

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Only 22? Michelle looks younger than 22, especially next to Blake Lively, who is younger but looks older.
Always wanted to check out the show when it's aired here in Italy, now I have an excuse:-)
Michelle finally gets to wear heels in a tv show!

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