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March 26 2008

(SPOILER) Moline returns to the 'Fray': News and Spoilers for Buffy #16. "There are going to be definite character evolutions that people will not expect and people will be thrilled, hopefully, by everything Joss hands them. Personally, I am thrilled getting these scripts."

Oh yeah, and that nameless inker he mentions passing the artwork off to? That's my buddy. Yup... I know him... I'm cool like that. ;)

(And his inks SMOKE on those preview pages!!)

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Before finishing reading this article, I must say:
Again with the "battle between good and battle".
Ooh! Yay, Karl! Yay, Fray! Be still, my heart. If I were Numfar, I would be doing the dance of joy. Actually, if I weren't sitting and injured I would be doing said dance. Got excited...BUT...had to quit reading because I didn't want to be even more spoiled!

I actually remained unspoiled for 8.12; I was so proud of myself and my self-restraint! I have to keep this streak alive, plus it makes the comics that much better when I get them. Time to go restrain self by watching Commander in Chief on DVD...

Props to your bud, Haunt!
Thos preview pages are amazing! I can't wait for this! And Erin! Yay!

Time of Your Life. I like the title.
Okay... so I'm excited. That much is undeniable. But on a small aside, if anyone bitches about Jeanty's likenesses again after seeing Moline's Buffy, maybe it's time to rewatch old eps, or take a look at pictures of Buffy.
But do I really care about likenesses? Not really... although I think Jeanty's fabulous in balancing likenesses with his own style.
Loved the opening line.
And Buffy... why are you reverting to your Season 1 wardrobe of short dresses and go-go boots? I get that you weren't expecting to fight, but still...
Also, ponytail in NYC? That's two strikes against you, and it doesn't look like Fray's holding back.
Brilliant. Loving Moline's interpretation of Buffy. These are seriously some of THE best pages we've gotten out of Season Eight.
Picking on Buffy's clothes? Maybe she's cutting back on the shopping, as using stolen diamonds to fund the operation must make one feel guilty about wearing Prada and leather pants all the time (I want her old wardrobe, though!)
I've always wondered why the Buffster hasn't used one of her wooden heels to stake a vamp....
I can't wait for this to start.
Can't wait to return to Haddyn. Which is why I'm probably gonna reread Fray: Future Slayer while waiting.
Very awesome. I just finished 'Fray' for the first time a couple days ago, and I thought it was great, one of the better graphic novel/comic books/one hundred pieces of shiny paper with colorful pictures and words insdie and two soft yet hard pieces of a plastic-y material covering them that I've ever read. I've gotta say, probably my favorite thing about 'Fray' was the art, so, understandably, I'm psyched to see Moline back on the job for this.
BandofBuggered: I was just being a snide twat. Having said that, my wardrobe preference for the leading lady has always been from Season 6 onwards. Not a fan of the leather pants, and I think that may have died post-Season 4. Hair however... you seriously cannot argue that a good do beats the hell out of a ponytail. That's just awkward when wearing a dress like that; one foot in practical slay mode, the other in erm... come hither mode? Once more, go-go boots?!
As for why she hasn't used a wooden heel yet, I think it's because she hardly wears heels when she's in slay mode. Lots of sensible shoes, at least in parts of Season 4. Also, lots of wedges (if I'm not mistaken *shudder*) which are not so good for the staking.
But why am I discussing wardrobe anyway? Giddy as anything that there are some preview pages out, and I'm glad to see Moline's art style back too. For a world that's supposed to almost be post-apocalyse-y, Fray's world is almost hypersaturated with color.
Aren't this headline and description defeating the purpose of putting a Spoiler warning there?
Umm... nope. I don't think it's really a spoiler anymore that Karl Moline (and Melaka Fray) are showing up in Season 8... it's been referenced often enough at this point. And there's absolutely nothing spoilery in the quote I pulled for the description. Nothing to see there but a vague mention of Joss writing cool and exciting stuff.

I put the spoiler warning up because of other stuff that is discussed in a little more detail in the full-length interview.
Awesome first line to this arc :)

Awesome TITLE to this arc :)

I'm spoilerphobic, so I won't read the story or the comments here, but I did click the link (thinking it would be a new Fray comic, so no current context to really spoil) and all I can say is, after seeing that Jo Chen cover, I have to go change my pants.

p.s. I'm not sure where it's been referenced before, but this is news to me. Not complaining, just saying for the sake of information. I imagine as this gets nearer, it will be nigh impossible to not know it's coming. Until then, I'm just gonna try to avoid spoilers about the story (aside from staring at that gorgeous cover.)
Oh no! What's wrong with Dawn!? I'm distressed.
What's wrong with Dawn? "Such a good question." Sorry, that always makes me think of Giles' reaction in "Something Blue." --to Buffy, that is (obviously, as Dawnie didn't exist!).

Over my quotiness now.

I really, really, hope that there will be some correllation between Buffy and Melaka and their respective relationships with their sisters.
I also can't wait for the two to interact, cuz, awesome! They're just sooo different, and it's going to be fun to see the overlaps and clashes of personality.

That said, I am a spoilerphobe as well, so I don't want to know anything in advance!
I'm not sure how I will feel if the *whole* arc is overcolored a'la' Andy Owens in Fray. That was fantastic for Fray, as the whole future, comic-y thing, but I think it might be overmuch.

As for go go boots, I have a weak spot for them, having bought some at the age of 11 and then wearing them to the Sarah Brightman "Eden" concert. With no irony, I might add!
The only Buffy outfit I ever had screaming fits over was the outfit in "The Replacement" which DID NOT match. I'm colorblind, and I could tell!
I like the leather pants, because I want to own some. I do like her outfits in the later stuff.
As for her hair, Buffy herself said that she thinks she needs a new 'do. That's Satsu's territory...there could be some fun, there!

Edit: Oh, no...unintentional innuendo. Perhaps it's a Freudian slip? I can't believe I didn't catch that, but it will remain unchanged for my own embarrassment.

[ edited by BandofBuggered on 2008-03-27 04:54 ]
I'm not sure how I will feel if the *whole* arc is overcolored a'la' Andy Owens in Fray.

Andy is the inker, not the colorist.
This is going to be awesome. Love Buffy's outfit.. actually it's one of my outfits, don't go putting it down people :p
Added an explanatory line to the link title in response to jam2's comment.
Those preview pages are excellent!
Oh hah. I didn't even see the link to the preview pages.
I'm being optimistic and hoping that Dawn is just having shrinking pains.
Shrinking pains? I usually associate that with guys on 'roids. Sorry, baseball opening day approacheth.

I think that girl has a lot of things going on, only the surface having been scratched. After all, it's been over a year, and we know just how much can happen in one week in the 'verse, let alone a year. We already know a little about her recent sex-with-the-roommate thing, but we don't even know how she got through with high school! Plus that thing about her abandonment issues having abandonment issues, and how Willow--not Buffy--is like a mom to her?

I forsee this poor girl being up to her neck in adolescent/post-adolescent issues. With all the metaphorical fun that only our Joss can bring to it all. At least we know she'll never go on Oprah.
Sorry, baseball opening day approacheth.

Blasphemy! The season's already started, with the two Red Sox/Athletics games in Japan.
Sorry, I'm thinking of my Yankees, who open on 3/31. I have no time to pay attention to even them, let alone the Sox/A's. Curse my 20 credit hours! As a true baseball fan, though, I do apologize...a little.

Still, Buffy would be a Yankees fan, anyway. And, I do run much of my life by WWBD? That's the reason I bought a new leather jacket during July in Arizona.
I meant the opposite of growing pains, not...that other thing.
I should hope so...'cause Dawn doesn't have that other thing.

Does she?

And...I dress like Oz. A lesbian Oz. Or, just a lesbian.
A lesbian Oz? Is that a possible spoiler for S8? Would definitely add tension to the Willow/Kennedy/Buffy/Satsu thing.

I don't think Dawn has that other thing. 'Cause I think guys might not mind being a giant as much...because of...that.

Gah! I was actually being serious for a while; darn dovetailing! But really; I'm quite excited for the Dawn stuff, if for no other reason, because it will be great fodder for my upcoming thesis on BtVS.
I meant I hope that Dawn is shrinking back to her normal size. Not before she destroys Tokyo, of course, since that has already been foretold.
There's a Willow/Kennedy/Buffy/Satsu thing? Did I miss an issue? Can I buy that issue?

dreamlogic, yeah I kinda figured that's what you meant. I wasn't sure...what I saw...I thought she maybe had cramps....or a stomach ache...or an alien's gonna pop out and sing "Hello My Baby"
Oh hah. I didn't even see the link to the preview pages.

Neither did I. I might create a new entry for that one.
or an alien's gonna pop out and sing "Hello My Baby"

What was that? I remember it but I can't place it.
What was that? I remember it but I can't place it.

Oh, yeah. Underrated movie.
OK, I'm gonna nitpick here... as fantastic as the preview pages are, there's a coloring problem on the two-page spread. Either that, or Buffy has bat-like membranes on her right thigh that connect it to her side.

As far as Dawn, I agree that it's probably cramps. But being a guy, I will not say that definitively. Wouldn't it be far more entertaining to see them deal with a giant with appendicitis? Oh, the complications... Willow and the other Wiccans can only do so much.

"Doctor, could you come with us for a little whiile? We need you to treat our friend. But first, you need to bone this Thricewise..."

[ edited by Jay Tea on 2008-03-27 09:36 ]
One thing that nobody picked up on so far: Kennedy is in the arc (maybe to snatch Satsu from Buffy after getting fed up with Willow ?).
I've created a new entry for those who just want to chat about the preview pages.
OK, I'm gonna nitpick here... as fantastic as the preview pages are, there's a coloring problem on the two-page spread. Either that, or Buffy has bat-like membranes on her right thigh that connect it to her side.

I think Buffy's leg is just at a weird angle, there hasn't been any obvious miscolouring.

But I do agree: Giant Dawn Surgery = comedy. Unless it ends in tragedy.

Joss Whedon gives a shout out to the original Fray miniseries:
"Bad day; Started bad; Stayed that way." It's like he's given a little shout out to himself.

Seems like a really nice way to start the story, no prelude, no calm before the storm, just falling past flying cars fighting with a complete stranger.

The possibility that Fray might show up in "the present" makes me smile...she'd totally dis all our outmoded stuff, and maybe see a horizon...perhaps a sunset!?
Londinium, I'm looking at it on another monitor, and it isn't as odd as I first thought. It depends on how you interpret the black on her right thigh. It looks like the creases of the inside of her dress, but it's flesh-toned. If it's just shadows, though, then it's OK.

I guess I'm too much in touch with my inner Xander, if I'm spending that much time staring at and studying Buffy's inner thigh...

Off to think about some linoleum or something.
"And Buffy... why are you reverting to your Season 1 wardrobe of short dresses and go-go boots? I get that you weren't expecting to fight, but still...
Also, ponytail in NYC? That's two strikes against you"

This is the same Buffy who once wore green suede pants, brown leather boots, a pink blouse and a black leather coat. Buffy's fashion sense not always on the mark.

Also I have to give Jo Chen props for the return of her excellent cover art! EEEE!
Actually, I'm looking forward to the shiny, hyper-colored future we saw in Fray (plus the weird darkness). Buffy's usually in real time, so it'll be nice to see her placed in the future scheme- she's out of place, even with the color (& the outfit), as it should be. :)

I like the idea of Dawn being in pain because of this "rift" in time... maybe Dawn explodes, key-like, and brings the apocolypse that will end the slayer line... except for Fray. That would be... cool. *muses*

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