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March 26 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan Fillion! Elsewhere, there are pages and pages of Birthday wishes on our favorite myspace.

More Birthday wishes here

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Cappy birthday, Nathan! Don't hurt Doogie too much.

Somewhat for the occasion (in the sense of trying to finish in time for it), I almost completely rewrote my Mal filk song, to the tune of Ricky Martin's "Livin' la Vida Loca."

"Look Out, Our Leader's Loco"

Thanks for that second link, Anonymous1. From that fan site I found out Nathan is rumored (rumored rumored) to be in a movie with Renée Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. (Chilled in Miami), where she might be leaving "Minnesota Ryan" in Miami to return to Minnesota for a while.

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Sigh. Mal. Sigh. Eep!

Happy Birthday Nathan!
Happiest of birthdays, my captain! I hope it was all you wanted.
It's no simple rumour about Nathan being in Chilled in Miami - he's already done filming. THere's also a video floating around of him online somewhere (from a recent con) where he says himself he's in the movie.
A very very happy to our Cap'n :)
Tryed and failed to come up with a funny way of saying this.

Happy birthday Nathan!
Happy birthday Nathan, many more.

(if you're working today then kick back, relax, let the hair take the acting strain ;)
Happy Birthday to a beautiful, talented man (and our own Captain Tightpants ;)
Happy birthday cake day, Nathan! Enjoy it!
Happy birthday, Nathan.
Happy Birthday, Nathan!
Damn shiny, happy birthday Nathan!
Happy birthday, Capt'n.

Happy birthday O Captain, our Captain!
I would have included Nathan's characters names from Trucker and Chilled in Miami in the tags, but still no names on

Didn't include Caleb cause I didn't want to wish him Happy Birthday. And we think Caleb is dead...but you never know...and he could always come back as the First like he did in Buffy Season 7.

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Happy happy, Nathan!
I will never forget Nathan's Birthday, because it's also my brother's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Captain Hammerpants!

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