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March 27 2008

Dr Horrible has a lair! A report from filming of Dr Horrible from the person whose house was used as the evil supervillain lair.

Cool guy with a cool blog. The anticipation is building...
that is so cool! I am so jealous!!
35 crew members, two cameras, proper rigs - the scale of this thing is much bigger than I had initially imagined. So cool.
What does it say about me that I want to live there?

Ooh! So excited! It's like, after this period of Whedon-less-ness in my life, things are coming back together to give meaning to my life. Screw the economy; I've got Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse to look forward to!
That's really nifty. What a lucky dude!
And, once again, I've got They Might Be Giants "Mr Horrible" song stuck in my head. It's gotten to the point where I read anything about Joss, Dollhouse or anything else vaguely related and that song starts playing in my head. Fortunately it's not quite to the point of be as annoying as the songs from Little Shop of Horrors, but it's getting close.
Hah. gt0163c, I am a massive They Might Be Giants fanboi. The song is called They Keep Moving My Chair from the album Flood, and it's fantastic.

We're not done with you yet Mr. Horrible
You have to try on these pants so the Ugliness Men
Can decide if they're just as embarrassing as we think
We have to be sure about this
But Mr. Horrible says, I don't mind
The thing that bothers me is
Someone keeps moving my chair

[ edited by gossi on 2008-03-27 19:53 ]
Ha! I totally had that in my head too!
That report was the nads. As were the reporter, his home, and his dog.

. . . after this period of Whedon-less-ness in my life . . .

2008 is acquiring a stimulating Whedon-tensity.

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He needs to put a photo of his dog up. Er, like this one.

[ edited by gossi on 2008-03-27 20:54 ]
He needs to put a photo of his dog up.

You should make a fansite for his dog.

ETA: Er, like this one.

That loaded so slowly that I thought I was going to have to post asking why you were calling that person a dog.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-03-27 20:56 ]
That dog is the nads and the dog's. Plus it has the dog's and, i'd imagine, thinks they're the mutt's.

Nice account. Maybe in years to come there'll be a plaque up saying "NPH slept here - 2008". Hell, screw years to come, i'd be making one up right now if I were him ;).
S'funny Gossi, if you saw the size of their camera package. Might be the smallest 2-camera prep I've ever seen...

But yes, I think a lot of people were thinking this was a much smaller shoot.

I got a shot of the slate when I went too, damn my geekiness! |-)~

Before anyone asks, I took no other pictures of the shoot (though I did take some of the universal backlot) so no dice from me.
"What would NPH do? Sleep! Here!"
Now that's a personal philosophy I could really get behind. Wise man that NPH, wise man.
"What would NPH do? Sleep! Here!"

I'm picturing a hand-written sign with a NPH photo that has little hearts drawn on it in marker.
And I thought I was the only one who had the TMBG song stuck in my head everytime I saw it. Must be geeks of a feather...

Or something.
One of my friends suggested making a plaque akin to George Washington Slept Here and putting it on the front door. "Joss Whedon filmed Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog in this place in March of 2008" and then making the place a historic landmark.

My response was that I thought it was a bit much. I'll probably just see if I can get a few of the production stills, frame them and put them on the wall. That would work for me.

That Mad Scientist Guy
OMG. He linked to something that quoted me.

I want to hide...
So it is said that there are pictures floating out on the web of this house. How come I can't see them? The dog is sweet and all, but the talk about that house has made me terribly curious. Is there a link, anybody? Jonathan? Or would that now be spoilers?

ETA: love the tag

[ edited by Harpy on 2008-03-28 00:47 ]
Somebody suggested I make a fan site for your dog, Jonathan. I thought "That's a bit much".

But I was tempted.


Is that all I am to you people.

Or, I guess, to gossi.

And as if having the song stuck in your head isn't enough, did you all know that our own Common Rotation boys are good pals of the TMBG guys? They've opened for them a couple of times, even!

And psst... if you want to edit the subject, it's "WHOSE house..." Sorry... the grammar goddess in me couldn't resist. It's still a wicked awesome link!!! :-D
I did not realise that, OzLady. Common Rotation played on my friends' radio station a few years ago in the UK. My friend introduced me to They Might Be Giants. I don't know what this means, but probably something.
"And the truth is, we don't know anything."
Of all the awesomeness of this report, the words "watching Joss direct" were the most. I just stared at that sentence for a while (OK, that's pathetic).

Next on the awesomeness list is the total commitment to no spoilers, then the very cool dog.

Dying of envy here, thanks for sharing.

edited to get the quote right

[ edited by Shey on 2008-03-28 12:04 ]
So if Amanda is the girlfriend, and the dog is Rocky, who is Mindy?
Amanda is the roommate, Mindy is the Girlfriend. :)
My sister is friends with this guy.

She dropped that seriously hugely exponentially awesome bomb when we were walking away from the reunion at the Paley Fest last week.

Lucky, lucky, lucky...
... and Jonathan Reilly is the Lair-Owner, yes? Welcome to the site, JR - looking forward to your spillage - when you can spill.
OzLady I'd wondered a bit about the TMBG covers the Common Rotation guys did. I liked them. I wish they'd been the opener for TMBG any of the times I've seen them, how cool would that be?

Maybe we could hope for a special Dr. Horrible tour, with NPH, and Joss, and special guests CoRo and TMBG! Yeah. I'll, uh, stop counting those unhatched eggs in my refrigerator.
Yes. That's me. Mad Scientist Lair owner. :)
Did someone say Common Rotation? My friend Debbie introduced me to them (literally and figuratively- and I can't thank her enough) and it was a fantastic experience.
Whoo-hoo! whedonesque has it's first Mad Scientist Lair owner. Or at least the first Mad Scientist Lair owner to admit it...
OzLady I'd wondered a bit about the TMBG covers the Common Rotation guys did. I liked them. I wish they'd been the opener for TMBG any of the times I've seen them, how cool would that be?

They were for a while :)

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