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March 29 2008

Happy Birthday to Max Perlich! Whistler, from BTVS turns 40 today.

Always wished we had seen more of Whistler. Very interesting character.

*cough* Doyle *cough*

Wished we'd have seen more of him too.
He's been keeping busy, that's one long resume on IMDB.
As a sidenote, RIP Glenn Quinn :(
I've loved Max Perlich since Drugstore Cowboy. Over the years I'd be watching some dud like Cliffhanger and Max would appear for five minutes and completely steal the movie. I was so happy to see him on BTVS!

Happy birthday Max!
Whistler was definitely one of my favorite one-off characters.

Happy birthday, Max!
I don't miss Whistler or Doyle. But surviving another year is definitely a thing. We can all only do that so many times. It's a finite number of times.
Wouldn't be great to see him popping up in Hell LA? :D I always thought he was the kind of character that can come out of nowhere and be believable. Oooh, and Willy, I miss Willy. (Whatever really happened to him?) Whistler and Willy should so meet.

Happy B-Day Mr. P!

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