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March 29 2008

Amber & James perform at San Diego Indie Music Festival. James Marsters plays his music on the Main Stage at 6pm and Amber Benson has a Q&A on the Indie Film Stage at 4pm today!

Best of luck to James. Kudos for going outside of his comfort zone to present his music to a broader public.
Gosh, these two are a natural together! Wishing the best for these two talents. Trust me, they're break out soon.
Ohh, I love them both. Is anyone here going to be attending? Wouldn't say "no" to a report about Amber's Q&A.
Why don't they have things like this in the woods in Oregon? Oh well, I'll be there in spirit rooting James on. Break a leg James, I love ya!!!
I'm deeply envious of those who will be there and I'm looking forward to reports about James and Amber's performances :)

Best of luck to both of them
When is someone going to perfect transporter technology? I would love to see both of them!
i feel like and idiot but can someone tell me how to get to the form for the front page post? i think i'm missing something really obvious...
yo-saff-bridge. You'll need to really clean up your spelling and punctuation, and go to "Post story" on the top navigation bar.
I really wish I could have gone. It was my mom's birthday today and I couldn't even dream of going.
Easy, everyone isn't as savor with the langage so please be kind.
hey thanks for the tips on my spelling. but for some reason the "post story" link is not there for me. does anybody have an idea why?
yo-saff-bridge, as a new member you have to wait a few days before you have front page posting rights. You should see the link shortly. (And, while your spelling seems fine, please try to capitalize per our site rules. Thanks!)
SoddingNancyTribe, smiling ear to ear upon your return. We really missed you, big guy:)
Both Amber and James were great. I had a chance to buy a DVD from Amber and get her autograph and she was so nice and friendly. And the movie was hilarious. James' performance was a lot of fun. And Amber was there with Adam Busch. He is very nice, too, but I have a hard time not thinking he is creepy. Guess that just means he is a good actor.
Nah. He really is creepy.
Catty comments about our Mutual Goddess's boyfriend from the happily married guy? As Bucolic Buffalo would say, "Sigh-um" :-).

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