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March 30 2008

Happy Birthday to Juliet Landau! Juliet celebrates her 36th birthday today!

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Happy Birthday to one of my very very favorite Buffyverse stars! (and my wife's, too!)
Happy Birthday to someone awesome from the 'verse! May this year bring you everything you deserve.
To the best, happy birthday Juliet!
Happy Birthday, Juliet!
And IMDB screws up again ! Jeez, can't they get anything right ? There's no way she's 43.


Happy birthday Ms Juliet Landau, and many more.
A very Happy Birthday to the lovely Juliet, a real scene stealer on both BtS and AtS.
Such a fine actress!! Happy Birthday, Juliet!!!
"STOP SAYING JAMES LOOKS GOOD FOR HIS AGE!!!". Oops, sorry wrong thread ;) Juliet is fantastic, and I hope that we see more of her in the future.
Happy Birthday! (I'm rewatching season 2 of BtVS and she's just so marvelous).
There's no way she's 43.

According to her account she is 36, and according to Myspace she is 35, so I'm going to go ahead and change the article description. I just checked these, sorry.
*grumble* I liked her better when she was only two years younger than me. :-P

Happy birthday anyway, Juliet! :-)
The King of Cups expects a picnic...but this is not his birthday.
You rocked Buffy season two and Angel season two awfully hard, and here's hoping the rumor that you're a Dollhouse possibility is true. Happy Birthday, Juliet!
Hmm, the weirdness about her age continues. I just attempted to update her imdb page to reflect that she was born in 1972, NOT 1965, like they claim. But when I attempt to submit the change, I get this message:

"This date of birth has been verified and cannot be changed."

It says it's locked and won't accept any changes. Does imdb know something we don't or is this just another case of them being stupidly stubborn? How could they have verified her date of birth as 1965 when her official site bio and myspace say otherwise?

Anyway, regardless, happy birthday Juliet! I can't think of a better occasion to mark my first post on this site!
For once I tend to believe IMDB.

"Yah vell," Happy Birthday, gorgeous!
Well, if she's 43 then they made excellent choices when it came to casting Spike and Dru because neither James or Juliet look close to their true age. Nothing like planning ahead. :)

I'd tend to go with the 36 option for her age but you never can tell, I guess.
I'm sticking with 36 as well myself. I'd put more trust in her own official site than I would imdb, which constantly seems to have incorrect information.
"Does imdb know something we don't"

Apparently ;-)

I did a search on Google news archive (a great resource) and found references to newspaper articles from 1967/8 that talk about Barbara Bain and her two daughters (with Martin Landau), Susan and Juliet, aged 6 and 2.

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