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March 30 2008

Loads of pics of Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk at the Halo 3 event. These are really good.

Excellent find! Thank you, Simon.
Soon Simon shall be joining the Halo 3 Whedonesque elite.

This lady is very pretty.
Just to be clear...Halo 3 is a video game, and these guys did the voices. Correct?

I agree, there are some great pictures of Nathan and Alan!

Yes. Halo 3 is a video game. Nathan, Alan and Adam Baldwin did voice work in the game. I've never played it either.

I read that Halo 3 had $170 million in sales in the first 24 hours.

Nathan's character is Sgt. Reynolds. Alan and Adam are marines.
Adam has a gun called Vera.

You can see pics of their characters here

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Thanks for linking these Simon, and for the compliment. Lynn and I (and all the other Browncoats) had a great time. Alan and Nathan are really gamer geeks when it comes to Halo, and video games in general.

gossi - the lady in question, Leeni, can be heard on Nathan's Myspace page. He bought one of her CD's and uploaded a song. It's the same song she sang live at the event.

Harmalicious - They did the voices because not only were they very vocal about their love of Halo, but the folks at Bungie Studios are Firefly fans. Bungie Studios created the game. Alan and Nathan invited Adam along to do the voices because "Adam will do anything". :)
And just to clarify further ...

Harmalicious - The other guests are all members of the same Halo 3 team. To my knowledge, none of the others have voiced any Halo characters, aside from our 3 BDHs.

gossi - Leeni also has a MySpace page so you can listen to/download her songs or friend her there.

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Thanks, everyone! I'm totally showing my non-geek coolness....apologies :)

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