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March 30 2008

James Gunn/Nathan Fillion "Cut!" event tickets available. "Slither" filmmaker James Gunn posts on his myspace page that tickets will be available at the door for the "Cut!" event "Slither" screening/Q&A today (Sun. Mar. 30) -- featuring him, Nathan Fillion and other "Slither" personnel -- in Los Angeles at the New Beverly Cinema.

emailed So Cal Browncoats! PM Dan Regal at
It's been confirmed to me that although "Cut!" is technically sold out, they *will* be selling tickets at the door tomorrow, so people who want to go to the James Gunn/Nathan Fillion/et al panel can purchase tickets.
posted on our favorite myspace.
Just read on that this is a charity organization. Didn't know that. I think this might be the very first charity SLiTHER screening!

Do you know what time today people can get tickets? Can they just drive by now and get them. Or do they have to wait until a certain time.

Chindi posted this schedule on
Times are California times.


* 9:30: Doors open
* 10:00: Riding the Bullet Screening
* 11:45: Garris Q&A
* 1:00: Lunch
* 2:15: Surpise Screening TBA
* 3:45 Break
* 4:00: Slither Screening
* 5:45: Slither Panel
* 6:45: Break
* 7:00: Auction"
emailed James Gunn congratulations on the first SLiTHER Charity screening. And mentioned the over $160,000 raised for Joss' fav charity and the 2008's goal is to raise $150,000 with 55 cities participating.

Just in case his fans want to show more appreciation Warning may be offensive not safe for work
Grrr... I always miss everything.

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