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"Sorry Agent Ballard, you don't get the girl."
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June 11 2003

"One of the most perfect little jewels I got to create". Joss on 'Hush'.

I bought the dvds last night and promptly showed Hush to my roommate who hadn't seen the episode before. She's not a big buffy fan (only watches it when bored and I'm watching it already) but she enjoyed the episode and jumped at the appropriate moments. Sharing Buffy is fun. :)
I also bought the DVD set yesterday. Then I watched "Hush" with headphones on. It was glorious experience to be able to hear little sonic nuances that get lost on a bad VHS copy and inexpensive TV speakers.
When I got the DVD's a few months ago, my roommate was ready to condemn "Hush" as a gimmick. But after seeing it (with all the eery moments and hysterically obscene gestures) he was forced to eat his words!

What great film-making!

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