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March 30 2008

Fan pictures of James Marsters in concert. James in concert at the San Diego Indie Music Festival.

Oh no! Not without teeth! Jaaaaaames D:
Oh no! Not without teeth! Jaaaaaames D:
septopus | March 31, 08:50 CET

Um .... WTF???
The comments above the pictures say that James has lost a couple of teeth due to doing stunts in Dragonball Z.
Oh .... thanks, leaf. Message to James: me thinks you're far too accident prone to continue doing your own stunts ;-)
Did anyone attend? I'd be curious to hear how many people were in that audience. Judging by the pics, there might have been a mob scene or just a few young ladies.
I found some video on youtube as well, and by the screams I would say a good amount of people.
There are lots of photos around too

Looked like a good sized crowd and a real mix , great to see James branching out and playing events like this

And doing really well by all accounts
I went. It was a good show, with a good crowd, and James looked absolutely gorgeous. None of the tiredness he had at the Paley fest.
Here is a link to my photobucket, pictures taken by Kimrae1977.

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