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March 31 2008

Buffy on Radio National Australia. A nifty podcast about BtVS and its relation to philosophy.

I stumbled across this today driving somewhere, and it's an interesting look at the show from an academic angle.

Awesome! I can't wait to listen. Just for clarity purposes it's a podcast episode - not a podcast (that can be confusing - I got confused myself when I read the information). Saying it's a podcast would mean all the episodes are about BtVS.
Thank you! That will do nicely for the train ride home.
Nice use of the word 'nifty'...
Nice podcast as well.
Thanks for the link. All that wonderful stuff the pod cast dips it's big toe into is the reason of course that we are yet again watching S1-7...all that lovely fodder for our dinner conversations. (What? Like there's something more important to discuss than what it really means to be a vampire, what the hell is a soul and just what IS the true essence of The Slayer as opposed to Buffy? Sheeyeah right.)

Has anyone read James South's book BtVS and Philosophy? Been on my reading list for some time now and haven't gotten around to it yet. Is it worth my time?
I have such mixed feelings about these sorts of things - it's really interesting to see people discussing Buffy like this, and yet at the same time it's as though Buffy is validated as a text only by putting it through the accepted lenses of the traditional canon of philosophy (Plato's Cave, for example). I believe Buffy is already a sufficiently rich and complex text that it doesn't need Plato to be considered serious - and sometimes by forcing Buffy to be read through these other lenses, you force its complexities to the side instead of opening them up (like fitting a cylindrical peg into a square hole - it'll work, in a sense, but... in the same way, is Buffy responsible for answering to traditional Christian philosophical definitions of evil as the privation of good, for example? and I'm saying this as someone with a degree in philosophy!) If you've ever listened to the commentary on Pleasantville, for example, the writer says that people forcing the story into an Edenic paradigm are missing a lot of the point. I had that feeling over and over again while listening to this podcast episode...

Hehe, my first posting on Whedonesque. I've been lurking here for over a year - thanks to everyone who made these conversations so interesting to follow!

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