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March 31 2008

(SPOILER) Six page preview for Serenity: Better Days #2. Shiny!

I can't wait to read them: I pre-ordered them but I am in France at the moment so I won't get my paws on them till I get back to the States, at the end of the semester! It's ok, waiting is just building anticipation.
Shiny indeed. Looks much better than the BUFFY/ANGEL comics.
Heh. Jayne's Mom has a first name. Shiny. Loved the single-panel pic of the ship coming in. This just keeps getting better'n better. :)
Oh, Joss. Haven't you broken my heart enough for one universe?
didn't we see this before somewhere? I know I did. or I have very vivid firefly dreams that are also prophetic - not entirely impossible
Was that Slave-1?!
Harpy, we saw 5 of the 6 pages in an earlier post, yes.
I thought issue one was ok, but it didn't blow me away. This issue, however, looks like it's going to be great! I love that we get to see them as a family again, all sitting 'round the table telling stories. It just feels right. I do like action, but I was worried that we wouldn't get any moments like this in the comics. I'm glad I was wrong. Can't wait for the issue!

And yes, Wash thinking about his future children with Zoe is totally heart-wrenching! :-(
Looks much better than the BUFFY/ANGEL comics

That would be good news indeed, given that those comics have been absolutely outstanding IMO. Looking for it to be an improvement over the first installment, about which I share ShanshuBugaboo's opinion.
I am happy about the prospects of this vacation, also gutwrenchingly sad over the imagi-baby.

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